Simon (A Bay of Blood)

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Simon is a watchman and fisherman at the Bay, Italy. His mother is Countessa Federica Donati.

During the events of A Bay of Blood (1971) played by Claudio Camaso

Paolo Fossati and Simon have a philosophical discussion on the morality of killing. Brunhilde, Denise, Duke and Bobby are driving their dune buggy when they drive to the Bay. They find the remains of a club and go inside as Simon watches from outside. Brunhilde walks to the Bay and starts skinny dipping. As Brunhilde is swimming her foot catches a rope. As she pulls at it, Count Filippo Donati's body rises to the surface and she runs away. As she runs to find the others, she is chased by Simon and then murdered when he slashes her throat with a billhook.

Bobby hears something outside and walks to the front door and is killed when Simon strikes him in the face with the billhook. As Denise and Duke are having sex, Simon takes a spear and shoves it through them. Frank Ventura is leaving Simon's house as Renata Donati and Albert walk down the path. Renata and Albert ask Simon about Filippo and Renata notices something squirming around on Simon's boat. She pulls back the canvas sheet and finds Filippo's body underneath with an octopus squirming around it. Renata starts to feel nauseous and Simon tells her and Albert about Frank's house nearby.

He carries Filippo's body and then dumps it in the Bay. Laura goes to his home and Simon accuses Laura and Frank of convincing Filippo to kill Federica. She tells him it was Frank's idea and that he wanted Federica dead, because she wouldn't sell the Bay. Simon threatens to kill Laura and she throws a pot of hot water on his face. He grabs her and strangles her to death. He picks up the billhook and walks to the ruined club. In a flashback, Simon has a meeting with Frank after killing Brunhilde and the others and Frank tells him to put their bodies in a room of his house and in the morning, to dump them in the Bay. Frank offers to give Simon money if he brings him Federica's will. In the present, Simon realizes he was tricked and as he is walking to Frank's house, Albert impales him with a spear, killing him.