Snowmageddon (2011)

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A mysterious snow globe causes natural disasters for a small town in Alaska.


Apocalyptic, Environmental



John Miller - David Cubitt

Beth Miller - Laura Harris

Rudy Miller - Dylan Matzke

Jennifer Miller - Magda Apanowicz

Derrick Reed - Jeff C. Ballard

Larry - Lorne Cardinal

Fred Baker - Michael Hogan

Tully - Donavon Stinson

Greg - Amitai Marmorstein

Sheriff Grant - Teach Grant

Mary - Leanne Lapp

Norm - Haig Sutherland


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Detailed Synopsis

A station wagon drives up to the home of John Miller, Beth Miller, Rudy Miller, Jennifer Miller and Mo and drops off a wrapped present. Rudy is playing Dragon of the Crown while Jennifer is telling a friend that Beth is going to be taking Derrick Reed on a helicopter flight. The doorbell rings and Rudy picks up the package and brings it inside. John goes to Fred Baker's store and picks up gifts for needy people to be dropped off by Beth. John asks if the Dragon of the Crown expansion set came in for Rudy, but Fred tells him it is still on backorder. When he gets home, John suggests they open the mystery gift and after Rudy opens it, they discover it to be a snow globe which has a perfect representation of their town Normal, Alaska in it. The doorbell rings and Rudy turns the gear key on the bottom of the snow globe. Within the snow globe, a fissure suddenly appears in the center of town. Within the town of Normal, the ground starts to shake and Sheriff Grant runs outside of the sheriff's office. Fissures appear with flames ejecting from them and Sheriff Grant yells at people to move. The town Christmas tree catches fire and falls on Sheriff Grant and knocks him unconscious. Tully calls John and tells him something happened downtown and John goes to investigate.

John arrives in town and he and Tully find Sheriff Grant burned to death under the Christmas tree. Rudy has a hard time falling asleep and notices the fissures in the snow globe. The next morning, John helps put the gifts into Beth's vehicle and Jennifer begs Beth to let her go with her. After some prodding by John, Beth agrees to let Jennifer help her. Rudy asks John if the ground in town broke last night and Mary shows up. When John asks Rudy how he knew how the ground broke, Rudy tells him he saw it in the snow globe. Beth tells Jennifer when Derrick arrives, she is to act professional and no ogling. Derrick and Greg arrive and introduce themselves to Beth and Jennifer and Beth gets upset with Jennifer for flirting with Derrick. John goes back to town and Tully tells him the state of things and that none of the neighboring towns experienced the tremors. Beth drops off Derrick and Greg and they go snowboarding down the mountain. Mo starts to bark and lunge at the snow globe and as Rudy pulls it away, he accidentally presses one of the buttons on it which causes the gears to start moving again, and the mountains within the snow globe start to expand and contract. The helicopter starts to shudder and Beth sees a storm front and starts to turn around. The clock in the center of downtown starts to move and Fred tells John it shouldn't move due to him removing all of its parts to fix it. Large ice shrapnel begin to fly out of the clouds and Jennifer sends out a mayday call which John receives. Some ice shrapnel hits Greg in the arm and he and Derrick hurry down the mountain. Ice shrapnel hits Beth's helicopter causing it to crash. Ice shrapnel starts to hit downtown Normal, killing a resident and a power line falls on the school bus, trapping Larry and Norm inside the bus.

John gets into a snowcat and drives it toward the mountain. The ice shrapnel stop and Tully and Fred see Larry and Norm trapped in the bus. Larry tells Tully that Norm is injured and Tully goes to get help. Beth wakes up from the crash and barely saves Jennifer before the helicopter explodes. John reaches Beth and Jennifer in the snowcat. Tully tries to knock out the power with a sledgehammer and knocks himself unconscious. Rudy starts to put the snow globe back into its box and tells Mary the snow globe makes bad things happen. As Mary is holding the snow globe the gears start to move and Mo runs out of the house. All of a sudden an avalanche erupts and engulfs Greg and the snowcat. Larry forces his way out of the bus and causes an explosion when a spark ignites the fuel in the bus, killing Norm. Mary goes looking for Rudy and finds him missing and a note saying he ruined everything. Derrick finds Jennifer, Beth and John trapped in the snowcat and frees them. Tully uses the radio to try and communicate with other towns, but can't reach anyone and tells Fred. Derrick, Beth, Jennifer and John find a vehicle with a radio and tell Tully they are on their way back to town after they find Rudy. Mary sees John and the others riding in the vehicle and flags them down and tells them Rudy is missing and hands them the note he left. They split up to look for Rudy and John and Beth go in the vehicle, Mary goes by herself, while Jennifer and Derrick go together.

Rudy shows up at Fred's store, shows him the snow globe and tells him how everything that happens in the snow globe happens in Normal, Alaska. Fred doesn't believe Rudy until he notices the time on the town clock in the snow globe matches the one in town. Jennifer and Derrick go into the entrance of an abandoned mine that Rudy plays in, but don't find him. Rudy blames the snow globe curse on himself, but Fred tells him it isn't his fault. As Larry is yelling that everyone in town needs to leave to Tully, John and Beth arrive in town. Tully tells them Rudy is with Fred and they go over and Beth hugs Rudy. Derrick finds an official Dragon of the Crown sword in Rudy's mine entrance. Tully goes to look for Jennifer and Derrick, while John tells the townspeople that the snow globe is responsible for what is happening in town. Larry doesn't believe it and tries to destroy the snow globe, but it remains undamaged. The clock strikes 12 again and Mary is suddenly killed by stone stalagmites suddenly shooting from the earth. As Derrick is running away, he is struck and killed by a stone stalagmite. Rudy suggests they throw the snow globe into the volcano like in the Dragon of the Crown game. John tells Larry, Mt. Thoburg is becoming active again and John decides to try and throw the snow globe into Mt. Thoburg, while Larry and the rest of the residents flee.

As Larry is leaving town, stalagmites continue to erupt near his vehicle and he is eventually impaled by one. Jennifer walks into town and Tully gives John his key to the snowmobile while Rudy gives him the talisman sword from the game. The remaining members of town except Fred start to drive out of town, but are forced to turn back after the clock strikes 12 again and fire erupts from fissures in the ground. John crashes in the snowmobile, and is forced to go on foot until he finds the buried snowcat. Fissures filled with lava open up blocking his path and John accidentally loses his satchel with the snow globe. He ties a rope around himself and then jumps across a fissure to the satchel. John reaches the satchel, but is then pulled when the snow cat is dragged into the flaming fissure and has to quickly untie himself. He grabs the snow globe and throws it into the fissure and the snow globe is consumed in the lava and the natural disasters stop. Mo runs into town with John not far behind. John hugs his family and Fred congratulates him with Tully. Later, as Fred is cleaning up he comes across another snow globe in his store's Christmas tree and throws it into the wall, shattering it.