Squirm (1976)

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A tows is a attacked by electrically charged, carnivorous worms.


Horror, Animal


Mick - Don Scardino

Geri - Patricia Pearcy

Roger - R.A. Dow

Naomi - Jean Sullivan

Sheriff - Peter Mac Lean

Alma - Fran Higgins

Quigley - William Newman

Sheriff's Girl - Barbara Quinn

Willie Grimes - Carl Dagenhart

Millie - Angel Sande

Lizzie - Carol Jean Owens

Hank - Kim Iocouvozzi

Danny - Walter Dimmick

Bonnie - Leslie Thorsen

Mrs. Klopp - Julia Klopp

1st Man at Lunch Counter - Ralph Flanders

2nd Man at Lunch Counter - Albert Smith

3rd Man at Lunch Counter - Jim Shirah

Bus Driver - Harold Mumm

Power Line Repairman - W.A. Lindblatt

Mutant Electric Worms

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Detailed Synopsis

"Late in the evening of September 29, 1975, a sudden electrical storm struck a rural sea coast area of Georgia. Power lines, felled by high winds, sent hundreds of thousands of volts surging into the muddy ground, cutting off all electricity to the small, secluded town of Fly Creek. During the period that followed the storm, the citizens of Fly Creek experienced what scientists believe to be of the most bizarre freaks of nature ever recorded. This is the story..."

After a heavy storm, Roger, who is doing yard work, looks up at Geri as she changes in her room. Naomi invites Roger inside for a cold drink and then tells Geri, the fridge isn't running. Naomi asks Geri questions about Mick who is coming down to visit Geri. Naomi tries to use the water, but the well pump doesn't work. Alma comes downstairs and changes the radio from the news about the storm to music. Roger walks in and Geri asks him if she can borrow his truck and Alma loudly asks Naomi where Mick is going to sleep. Roger agrees to let Geri borrow his truck, but tells her to be careful as he has a full load of worms in crates in the back. The bus Mick is riding in comes to a stop in front of a downed tree and the Bus Driver tells the passengers they will have to turn around and go back to their last stop. Mick gets off the bus after getting directions to Fly Creek from the Bus Driver. Mick makes his way through the woods and as he does, he falls into a deep puddle. Geri sees him and they take Roger's truck into town.

While Geri goes to get ice, Mick walks into a cafe. Millie is talking to 1st Man at Lunch Counter asking him about the Cutter family. She asks the Sheriff if the power lines went down. Mick orders an egg cream drink and water. 2nd Man at Lunch Counter remarks that the storm was the worst one they had since he was a child. As Mick is drinking his egg cream drink, he drops it on the counter and a worm crawls out and 3rd Man at Lunch Counter shoos it with his hat. Millie accuses Mick of putting the worm in the drink and the Sheriff asks Mick what he is doing in Fly Creek. Mick goes back to the truck and Geri drives them back to her house. She introduces Mick to Naomi and Alma and after Mick puts the ice in the fridge, they quickly leave to go to Mr. Beardsley's antique shop. They pass by Roger and Willie Grimes arguing on their way to Naomi's car. As they are driving away, Roger runs up to them and tells them all of the worm crates are empty. Willie tells Roger he is going to have to find a new batch of 100,000 worms and then punches Roger in the shoulder. She tells Mick that the worms they get in town are bloodworms and sandworms and they bite. They arrive at Mr. Beardsley's, but find no one home. While looking around, Geri finds a skeleton in the dirt and Mick and Geri go to get the Sheriff. Naomi shows the Sheriff some items she has for sale and Geri and Mick tell the Sheriff about the skeleton they found. They show the Sheriff where the skeleton was, but it is gone and the Sheriff accuses Mick of playing a joke on him and tells him to leave Fly Creek.

Alma smokes a joint while Mick changes clothes. Alma goes to Quigley's along with Geri and Mick. While Alma drinks with Lizzie, Hank, Danny and Bonnie, Mick asks Quigley if he has seen Aaron Beardsley, but Quigley tells him he hasn't since the storm. Quigley then tries to sell Mick some antiques. Mick walks up to Roger and invites him to go fishing with him and Geri. Mick tells Geri about the worm he found in his egg cream drink and wonders if it came from Roger's truck. Mick and Geri go to Roger's truck and find a skeleton inside. They see Willie walking up and hide. They go fishing with Roger and Roger tells them he hates worms and thinks they are disgusting. While he is trying to bait his hook, Mick is bitten by a worm and Roger tells them Willie used electricity to attract worms, but they were vicious and bit the tip of Roger's thumb off. Roger drops off Mick so he can bandage his wound and then he and Geri continue fishing. Mick goes back to Roger's truck and takes the skull. Alma catches him with the skull and they go to find out whose it is. Roger offers to help Geri with her business and then forcefully kisses her. She pushes him away and he falls down onto some Mutant Electric Worms, which burrow into his skin. Roger and Geri fall into the water and Roger starts screaming and runs away.

Mick breaks into the dentist's office with Alma and he goes through the x-ray records and finds out the skeleton was Mr. Beardsley's. Geri tells Mick about Roger being attacked and Mick and Alma tells her the skull belonged to Mr. Beardsley. Geri and Mick drive to the worm farm and Mick goes to look for Roger. Mick finds Willie dead and when he opens his shirt, Willie's chest is full of Mutant Electric Worms. Mick runs back to the car and he tells her what he saw. They go into town and when they don't find the Sheriff, they ask Mrs. Klopp where he is at. They go to the restaurant where the Sheriff is having dinner with Sheriff's Girl. They tell him about the skull and that they found Willie dead and about Roger. The Sheriff doesn't believe them and threatens Mick. They go back to Mr. Beardsley's and Mick decides Roger is the one who took the skeleton and the Mutant Electric Worms killed Mr. Beardsley. During dinner, Naomi dresses up in anticipation for Roger coming for dinner. A tree crashes into the house and Mick shows Geri, the root pit is filled with Mutant Electric Worms. Mick figures out the electricity from the downed power lines are creating the Mutant Electric Worms and they won't go out in the sun. He goes to the rice mill to look for plywood while Geri and Alma stay to clean up. Alma goes to take a shower and Mutant Electric Worms pour out of the shower head. As Mick is returning with the plywood, he is attacked by Roger who throws him down a slope and then knocks him unconscious by throwing the plywood on him.

Alma goes back upstairs to start her shower and finds the bathroom full of Mutant Electric Worms. Mick wakes up and makes a torch out of his shirt to keep the Mutant Electric Worms away. After the Sheriff and Sheriff's Girl have sex, they are attacked by Mutant Electric Worms and killed. At Quigley's, Lizzie, Hank, Danny and Bonnie are attacked and killed along with Quigley. Roger breaks into her house and grabs Geri. Mick makes it back to the house, and finds Naomi covered in Mutant Electric Worms. He uses a candle to make a path through the Mutant Electric Worms. When he goes towards the attic, Mick is attacked by Roger. He manages to throw Roger into a giant pile of Mutant Electric Worms and the Worms start to consume Roger. Mick goes back to the attic and he and Geri climb out a window. Roger crawls his way up the stairs and bites Mick in the leg until Mick beats him to death. Geri and Mick fall asleep in a tree and are woken up the next morning by a Power Line Repairman who tells them the power is back on. Alma climbs out a trunk and calls out to Mick and Geri and they run to help her.