Star Raiders: The Adventures of Saber Raine (2017)

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Saber Raine and his lizard warrior friend help a group of elite guards search for a pair of royalty.


Science Fiction


Saber Raine - Casper Van Dien

Sinjin - James Lew

Caliope - Sara N. Salazar

Tyr - Tyler Weaver Jr.

Fade - Brit Laree

Ryll - Will Beckingham

Commander Voss - Andy Hankins

Crotalus - Holly Westwood

Kandra'Syn - Cynthia Rothrock

Jax - Mike Grell

Control - Chariss Shugg

Lorthos - Chris Sik

Kor'Rok - Mark Steven Grove

Admiral Steele - Adam Lipsius

Andromeda - Sarah Sansoni

Orion - Ramin Delsouz

Cerci - Cordy McGowan

Atlas - David Oakeley

Draco - Steven Wayne Coker

Taylor - Sam Del Rio

Dane - Nico Feula

Nova - Melissa De Castro

Vega - Shilpi Talwar

Talos - Patrick Joel De Leon

Xorian - Kevin Sean Ryan

Quintari - Patrick Joel De Leon

Talozian - Tom Krueger

Zenite Miner 1 - Tori Dellwardt

Zenite Miner 2 - Matthew Adam White

Zenite Miner 3 - Tom Krueger

Granknight Guard - Monte M. Moore

Mutate 1 - Chris Sik

Mutate 2 - Tori Dellwardt

Mutate 3 - Sara N. Salazar

Mutate 4 - Tyler Weaver Jr.

Mutate 5 - Tom Krueger

Mutate 6 - Scott Sheely

Mutate 7 - Matt Feula

Mutate 8 - Nico Feula

Mutate 9 - Matthew Adam White

Mutate 10 - Becky Nutt

Skelion Guard 1 - Tom Krueger

Skelion Guard 2 - Scott Sheely

Skelion Guard 3 - Nico Feula

Skelion Guard 4 - Matt Feula

Skelion Guard 5 - Matthew Adam White

Skelion Guard 6 - Chuck Borden

Annelid Priestess - Sara N. Salazar

Annelid 1 - Tyler Weaver Jr.

Annelid 2 - Nico Feula

Annelid 3 - David Kirton

Annelid 4 - Tom Krueger

Annelid 5 - Matthew Adam White

Annelid 6 - Matt Feula

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Detailed Synopsis

During a space battle, a pilot notifies the others that a Saurian pilot has broken through their lines. Squadron X, consisting of Talos, Taylor, Nova, Vega, and Dane takes the lead and they attack Crotalus' spaceship. Crotalus avoids them, but her ship is disabled with an ion charge. As Squadron X is about to destroy Crotalus' ship, Saber Raine puts his ship in between the squadron and Crotalus. Taylor tells Saber that his orders are to destroy Crotalus, but Saber insists the orders are wrong. The squadron continues to go after Crotalus and Saber shoots Taylor's ship, disabling its shields. Admiral Steele tells Cerci to open a channel with Saber and then orders Saber to disengage. After Saber refuses, Steele orders Taylor to destroy Saber. Atlas tells Steele that the squadron's weapons can't get past Saber's shields. Steele orders Andromeda to fire a plasma torpedo at Saber and Orion warns Steele that Saber is heading right for them. Saber drops a plasma mine onto Steele's ship and Steele orders Circi to tell everyone to abandon ship.

Years later, Saber wakes up on the planet Goros Prime. He sees a ship land and makes his way towards the ship and he is watched by Crotalus. Fade, Ryll and Commander Voss exit the spaceship and are attacked by a creature. Voss asks Control to identify the creature , but Control cannot identify it. They are attacked by more creatures and Saber helps them fight the creatures, which Saber calls Mutates. Voss salutes Saber and then introduces him to Ryll and Fade. Saber tells them the history of the planet and in turn is told about Voss' mission to Goros Prime, which is to rescue Caliope and Tyr and a relic that was stolen. At the ruins, Sinjin speaks with Caliope in her prison cell. She asks where Tyr is and Tyr is thrown into the cell by a Skelion Guard. Caliope and Tyr attack the Skelion Guards, but are overpowered by Sinjin. Ryll has Control relate Saber's history, including that he was labeled a traitor and calls Saber's weapons inferior. Saber warns them that they are in Annelid territory and then takes them to meet Jax. Saber tells Jax he is looking for someone and Jax tells him there has been increased slaver activity, especially from a slaver named Lorthos. Jax asks for a power cylinder in exchange for information and when Ryll gives him one, Jax tells them he doesn't know anything. Saber shoots Granknight Guard and after he points his weapon at Jax, Jax tells them there has been a lot of activity in the Great Ruins lately.

In the ruins, Kor'Rok introduces himself to Tyr and tells him his spaceship crashed on the planet and he and two others were taken prisoner. Saber talks with Fade and she asks him why he betrayed Earth. He tells her, he only saved one Saurian, Crotalus who had provided him with information that helped them win the war. When Ryll notices they can't communicate with Control, Saber tells them they have entered the mire and power sources will not work. At the ruins, Sinjin has a meeting with a Talozian, Lorthos and a Quintari. He tells them the generator is almost complete, but their power source is unstable. The Quintari wants his hive to interrogate Caliope and Tyr, but Sinjin refuses. Lorthos reminds Sinjin that they are an alliance and do not serve him and the Talozian says that they are the ones that have provided the materials and technology. Sinjin demonstrates the power of his army by having one of his Skelion Guards attack Lorthos, who shoots it, but the Skelion Guard comes back to life. When Control can't get a hold of Voss, she initiates recovery protocol. Ryll hears a scream and Zenite Miner 1 and Zenite Miner 2 are attacked and killed by Annelids. Zenite Miner 3 is saved by Saber, Voss, Ryll and Fade, but Voss is stabbed in the chest by an Annelid's hollow harpoon. Voss tells Fade to continue the mission, then dies. They are all hit with centipede like creatures thrown by the Annelids which cause them to slowly go unconscious. As the Annelid Priestess is about to kill Saber, she is shot dead by Crotalus.

In the ruins, Caliope is returned to the cell with Tyr and Kor'Rok. She tells Tyr she didn't provide Sinjin with any information and tells him he can't tell them of the secret. Tyr tells her he will tell Sinjin the secret frequency that controls the mana stone in exchange for Caliope's freedom. Fade and Ryll wake up and Crotalus introduces herself. A Skelion Guard takes Kor'Rok away and another leaves with Tyr. A Skelion Guard notifies Sinjin of the funeral pyre that Ryll and Fade make and Sinjin tells the guard to investigate it. Tyr is brought before Sinjin and Sinjin tells him the mana stone was stolen from his planet and the Aresians are originally from Goros Prime. Sinjin tells Tyr he does not need him to tell him the secret of the mana stone and Caliope walks up to Tyr, revealing her betrayal. Caliope tells Tyr that she discovered the history gem which told her of their ancestors and she revived Sinjin from his sleep. She asks Tyr to join her, but he refuses. She tells Tyr of her plan to return home and after their father dies, she will take over the throne and will then unite Goros Prime and Ares.

Fade asks Crotalus if she is in a relationship with Saber, and Crotalus tells her they are incompatible. Crotalus takes them to the ruins and Ryll notices that the power to his weapons have been restored. Fade tries to contact Control, but still cannot reach it. Kor'Rok is put into a chair and has his right hand removed and replaced with a Skelion Guard hand. A Skelion Guard shoots at Ryll and a battle erupts between Saber and his group and Skelion Guards. Sinjin sees the battle through the eyes of a Skelion Guard and warns Caliope. Caliope tells the Talozian to go with some Quintari pilots to look for Saber and his group. Kor'Rok is brought back to his cell and gives Tyr the key he stole from the transformation room. Tyr takes the key and escapes from the cell. Sinjin turns off the mire barrier and Control initiates the recovery protocol once more and contacts Ryll. Caliope, Lorthos and a Quintari walks up to Fade, Ryll and Crotalus and Caliope tells them Tyr is dead. A group of Skelion Guards surround them and Tyr suddenly appears and kills a Skelion Guard and then runs off. Saber appears from hiding and kills the Quintari and a battle erupts.

Control launches the spaceship and starts to fly towards Ryll. Crotalus kills Lorthos and the Control drones start attacking the enemy spaceships. Saber and Caliope get into a sword duel. Tyr is saved by Kor'Rok. Sinjin initiates the launch of an underground rocket. The Talozian's spaceship is blown up by Control. Tyr and Kor'Rok run up to Saber and his group and tell them their mission is not yet over. Caliope runs back to Sinjin and he tells her they must flee. Control crashes into the ruins, but Caliope and Sinjin manage to fly away. Saber and the others leave Goros Prime and return to Ares. Tyr has a virtual meeting with Kandra'Syn, a Xorian and Steele, who is now an ambassador. Tyr proposes a military task force to protect not only the ambassadors' worlds, but all worlds from Sinjin. After the meeting, Steele asks for Saber to be returned to Earth as a prisoner, but Try refuses. Kor'Rok walks up to Tyr and tells him everything is prepared. Saber, who has been promoted by Tyr to lead his military vanguard, and Fade kiss and Crotalus and Ryll walk in and Saber launches his spaceship to hunt Caliope. Caliope and Sinjin walk on a planet and stare at an army of giant robots. Sinjin tells Caliope he will teach her how to control the mana stone, but she will go through some physical changes. Sinjin then reactivates the robot army.