Steel Dawn (1987)

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A wandering fighter helps a farmer as she struggles against a greedy land baron.


Post-Apocalyptic, Environmental


Nomad - Patrick Swayze

Kasha - Lisa Niemi

Damnil - Anthony Zerbe

Sho - Christopher Neame

Tark - Brion James

Cord - John Fujioka

Jux - Brett Hool

Lann - Marcel Van Heerden

Makker - Arnold Vosloo

Tooey - James Whyle

Off - Russell Savadier

Cali - Joe Ribeiro

Priest - Alex Heyns

Bluto - Brad Morris

Henchman - Tullio Moneta

Merchant - David Sherwood



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Detailed Synopsis

Nomad is doing a headstand in the desert when he hears something nearby. A group of Half-Men crawl from underneath the sand and they attack him and try to steal his backpack. Nomad fights them off and they crawl back into the sand. A Half-Man suddenly grabs his leg while another one grabs his backpack. Nomad frees himself and is able to get his backpack back, but then must fight a large group of Half-Men. He kills all but one of them who asks for mercy and drags away a fellow Half-Man. Nomad continues on his way and starts to walk towards a tavern. He senses someone following him and it turns out to be Cord. They briefly fight and Cord beats Nomad. They then go into the tavern. Cord shows Nomad a piece of paper declaring Cord a Peacemaker for the town of Meridian and Cord tells Nomad he should stop roaming the wasteland and not blame himself for his families' deaths. The bartender gives them their drinks and after Nomad takes a drink of his, he notices something is wrong and knocks the drink out of Cord's hand. The bartender pulls a knife out and a group of men, including Sho, Lann and Bluto enter the tavern. Cord and Sho start to fight and Sho uses a knife on his knee to stab and kill Cord. Sho and the others then leave.

Nomad takes Cord's necklace and then cremates Cord's body. He follows the direction to Meridian and finds the body of a rattlesnake, and later the body of the bartender with the head of the snake attached to his leg. As he is walking he comes across a Dog who joins him. He crests a hill and sees a purification farm and walks towards it, but the Dog doesn't follow him. He asks Kasha for some water and she sends Jux to get him some. She offers him a job and he accepts. Kasha introduces Nomad to Tark and then Tooey and Off. Tooey takes Nomad to his sleeping tent and shortly after, Tark walks in and warns Nomad not to start any trouble. Jux watches Nomad work and tells him that he is building a wind racer. Cali goes to the farm and gives Kasha a letter from the city. Jux teaches Nomad how to properly plant and Nomad offers to teach him how to make a wind racer. Kasha, Tark, Jux and Nomad go to the community meeting. A Priest tells the locals that they should stick together. Kasha goes to the podium and tells the others that she received a letter from the Council of the Order that a Peacemaker is on their way. Damnil and his henchmen ride up and he tells the locals that he is the authority in the valley.

The next day, Nomad, Kasha, Tark, and Jux go to the market. Kasha gets a valve from a Merchant. Some of Damnil's men arrive including, Makker, Lann, Bluto, and another Henchman. They pick a fight with Tark. Jux and Kasha try to help him, but are easily brushed away. Nomad then sees the fight and beats up Damnil's men. Afterwards Kasha and Tark go through Nomad's things and Kasha takes his sword. Jux asks Nomad to teach him how to fight. During the night, Nomad wakes up to some of Damnil's men trying to sabotage the farm and knocks them unconscious and ties them up. In the morning, Kasha shows Nomad the secret of her farm, that it sits on top of a spring. She tells him that she plans on building an aqueduct that will provide water to the other farms. While Nomad is taking a bath, Damnil and his men ride up and Damnil offers a job to Nomad and warns him that if doesn't then a lot of people will die. Tark, Tooey and Off get drunk and sing about the apocalypse which happened in the year 2003. Kasha and Nomad have sex and in the morning, they find that Damnil's men have sabotaged the windmill and pump. That night Nomad and Tark sneak onto Danmnil's property and steal a pump and also a wagon. Damnil is told about the theft and tells his men to find Sho.

Nomad and Tark attach the pump, but Nomad gets all the credit. That night, Tark packs his things and leaves. The next day, Nomad and Jux go to the market and Nomad finds Tark drunk inside. Tark tries to fight him, but is too drunk. As they are about to leave with Jux, Sho and Damnil's men walk up. Sho and Nomad fight and when Nomad knocks Sho to the ground, Lann hits Nomad in the back of the head with a shovel and Nomad collapses to the ground. Tark charges at Sho and is stabbed in the chest and dies. Lann tells Sho to kill Nomad and Sho threatens to cut off Lann's head if he ever interferes in one of his fights again. Sho and Damnil's men leave and Makker grabs Jux and takes him with him. Nomad tells Kasha what happened and she shows him where she hid his sword. As he steps into the storage room, she locks him inside and rides away. Jux is brought to Damnil and later, Kasha is brought to Damnil. Dog hears Nomad struggling to get out of the storage room and runs onto the farm. Nomad manages to break the door down and puts his armor on and he and Dog head towards Damnil's property. Damnil tells Kasha that he is going to have Sho murder her and Jux and she tells him about the spring. Kasha starts to crawl and beg to Damnil and then grabs him and puts a knife to his throat. She tells Jux to run away, but as she is trying to escape, Sho grabs her.

Jux gets onto a wind racer and starts to drive away and Makker and Bluto chase after him on their own wind racers. Jux crashes and when Makker is about to stab him, Makker and Bluto see Nomad and Dog coming their way. Makker flees with Jux in a wind racer and Dog chases after Bluto. Nomad gets into the other wind racer and chases after Makker and then impales him with a spear. Jux tells Nomad that they have Kasha and Dog returns with Bluto's weapon. They make it to Damnil's base and Nomad and Sho fight. During the fight Damnil's property is damaged and he tells Lann to kill Nomad. Lann and the remaining members of Damnil's men surround Nomad and when Lann attacks Nomad, Sho cuts Lann's head off. Nomad and Sho continue to fight and Nomad stabs Sho in the stomach. Damnil orders his henchmen to kill Nomad and he fights one and the others run away. Damnil orders Nomad to drop his swords and Nomad pulls a knife and throws it through Damnil's throat. Kasha and Dog run to Nomad and Jux runs to Kasha. Nomad brings Sho his swords and tells Sho he wanted revenge for Cord and pulls out his sword from Sho's chest. Later, Tooey and Off welcome a new group of laborers. Nomad tells Kesha he is leaving and as he is starting to leave, Jux runs after him and asks to go with him. Nomad tells him to help his mother and then leaves with Dog.