Steve Christy

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Steve Christy


Steve Christy is the owner of Camp Crystal Lake in New Jersey, which he inherited from his parents. His parents eventually went bankrupt and crazy after a series of murders and mishaps at the camp.

During the events of Friday the 13th (1980) played by Peter Brouwer

Jack, Marcie and Ned make it to Camp Crystal Lake, and help Steve remove a tree stump. Alice comes over and everyone introduces themselves. Christy helps Alice replace a gutter and then tells her she is talented and pretty after he looks at her drawing pad. Before leaving, Steve tells everyone, including Brenda and Bill what he wants them to work on while he is gone. Later, Steve pays Sandy for his dinner and then leaves in his jeep. Steve's jeep stalls and he is forced to walk back to Camp Crystal Lake. Sgt. Tierney sees Steve and gives him a lift towards Camp Crystal Lake. While they are driving, Sgt. Tierney tells Steve that not only is it bad enough that it is Friday the 13th, but also that there is a full moon. He goes on to tell him that during these times there are more rapes, robberies and homicides. Sgt. Tierney gets a call from dispatch and drops Steve off. As Steve makes it to the entrance to Camp Crystal Lake, someone flashes a flashlight into his face, and as he walks towards them, is stabbed to death.

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