Stryker (1983)

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Two armies fight over an underground spring in the post apocalypse.


Post-Apocalyptic, Environmental


Stryker - Steve Sandor

Dielha - Andria Savio

Bandit - William Ostrander

Kardis - Michael Lane

Laurenz - Julie Gray

Circe - Monique St. Pierre

Oiric - Jon Harris III

Trun - Ken Metcalfe

Bazil - Joe Zucchero

Trun's Soldier 1 - Michael de Mesa

Catherine Schroeder

Beet - Tony Carreon

Trun's Captor - Pete Cooper

Corey Casey

Camille Ships



Little People Leader

Kardis' Jailer - Don Gordon Bell

Kardis' Soldier 1 - Biff Yeager

Kardis' Torturer

Kardis' Lieutenant


Kardis Mohawker

Kardis' Troops


Trun's Fighters

Little People

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Detailed Synopsis

"The last war began in error. Whose error, nobody knows nor does it matter anymore. Nothing matters now other than survival. The nuclear holocaust wiped out all semblance of rhyme and reason. Cities obliterated, farmlands devastated, the ecology imbalanced, and all that is left is a parched and arid wasteland. A scorched and seething earth, where what little water there is, is hoarded and kept under heavy guard. For water is power and whoever controls the water controls the world."

On a lonely desert road, Dielha is riding her trike trying to escape from a group of Kardis' men who are following her in a car. They pass Stryker in his car and he quickly turns around and follows them. Dielha pulls over and Kardis' men run after her. She goes inside a tent and pulls out a bow and arrows, but is grabbed and asked by Henna where she got her water from. Goggles tells Henna they have found some more water buried in the sand. Dielha stabs the man who was holding her and runs away. Bandit appears and starts shooting at Kardis' men and Stryker also starts shooting at them. Googles is shot in the back by Bandit when Goggles runs towards a leaking water skin, while Henna runs back to his car and escapes. The last remaining of Kardis' men takes Dielha hostage. Stryker shoots him dead and Bandit grabs Dielha and asks her where the water came from but leaves her when Stryker starts drinking from the water skins. Bandit asks Stryker if they are going to share the water and after filling his canteen, Stryker tosses Bandit the water skin and smiles. Dielha runs and takes Stryker's car and drives away while also running into Bandit's motorcycle disabling it.

Stryker starts walking and Bandit follows him. They are soon surrounded by Little People who beg them for water. The Little People Leader asks Styker for water and Stryker allows him to drink from the water skin. Little People Leader wants to trade a whistle for the water skin, but Stryker refuses instead pouring some into their canteen. Stryker's vehicle runs out of gas and Dielha starts to walk. She is spotted by Henna and some more of Kardis' men and they chase her. Stryker and Bandit see Dielha being taken away, but Stryker holds back Bandit. Bandit tells Stryker he is following Dielha so he can take her back to Trun. A group of Amazons including Laurenz and Circe arrive in dune buggies and trikes. Stryker and Bandit get into his vehicle and Stryker switches fuel tanks and drives away. At Kardis' base a prisoner is being beaten by Kardis' Jailer and asked where the water is when Kardis and Oiric walk up. Kardis pulls out a revolver and shoots the prisoner in the mouth. Henna and Kardis' Soldier 1 bring Dielha to Kardis. Kardis' Soldier 1 tells Kardis she was found with water however Stryker and his men stopped them before they could further question her. Stryker and Bandit ambush a Kardis water convoy and kill all of Kardis' men. Kardis is told by Kardis' Jailer that one of the wells has run dry and Kardis orders rations to be cut by a third. Kardis' Torturer and Henna are beating Dielha and ask her where the water is. Stryker and Bandit use the water tanker they stole to ram into Kardis' camp. The locals run to the water truck causing mass confusion. Kardis’ Torturer, Henna and another of Kardis' men are raping Dielha when Stryker kills them and frees her while also stabbing Oiric in the stomach. Stryker, Bandit and Dielha escape from Kardis' base by stealing a jeep.

They switch vehicles and drive to Trun's camp in Stryker's car. Stryker is greeted by Bazil and Sam. Bazil tells Bandit, Stryker is Trun's brother. Trun's Soldier 1 drives into camp and tells them Kardis' men have ambushed Trun's convoy and captured Trun. Trun's Captor is questioning Trun who is buried up to his neck in sand. Trun’s Captor asks Trun who Dielha is and where she came from. Trun asks for water and Trun’s Captor pisses on his face. Trun's men have also captured some little people including Little People Leader. Stryker, Bandit and Trun's Soldier 1 attack the camp and free the little people and Trun. Trun’s Captor is killed when Bandit throws a knife into his back. As Stryker, Bandit, Trun and Trun's Soldier 1 are escaping they are helped by the Amazons and Laurenz tells Bandit to go ahead. Stryker with Trun and Bandit with Trun's Soldier 1 drive away as do the Amazons. More of Kardis' men arrive where Trun was held and Kardis' Jailer tells Kardis' Lieutenant, Trun was rescued by Stryker. Dielha and Trun speak in a tent with Bazil and Trun's Soldier 1. Dielha tells Trun she came to take him to Beet. Trun is excited as him and Beet had an agreement to tell the other when they found water, but Bazil points out Beet waited a long time to tell them as they found it seven years ago. The Amazons sneak into Trun's camp and kidnap Dielha while knocking Trun's Soldier 1 unconscious. Trun's Soldier 1 tells Trun Dielha was captured.

The Amazons are spotted by Kardis' Jailer and Kardis Mohawker. Laurenz takes Dielha away while Circe and another Amazon stay to fight. Circe slashes Kardis' Jailer in the neck with his own sword killing him. Kardis Mohawker follows Laurenz and Dielha and then corner them in a quarry. Trun's troops arrive and help Laurenz and Dielha and Kardis Mohawker is shot and killed by Trun. Dielha and Laurenz argue about her leaving. Dielha thinks it isn't right to hoard the water, while Laurenz thinks by leaving she put the entire colony at risk because now Kardis knows about the water. Circe returns to Beet's camp. Circe wants to close off the camp to everyone including Dialha while Beet believes it is time to speak with Trun. Bandit and Laurenz make hesitant eye contact. Dielha approaches Stryker and they talk about how people don't communicate anymore. Trun's army leaves camp for Beet's camp while Kardis and his men follow behind. Trun and Beet greet each other and Trun has Sam set up machine gun nests. Beet shows Trun the spring and Dielha tells Beet she doesn't feel guilty for leaving. Trun holds a meeting where he gives a series of new rules and Circe angrily walks out. Stryker decides to leave and tells Trun it is because he is becoming like Kardis and trying to control the people. Bandit and Laurenz go to a secluded cave and make love. Bazil drives to where Kardis is and tells him the location of Beet's camp and has him follow him. Dielha sees Stryker leaving and tells him thanks and gives him a kiss. As Stryker is leaving Bandit runs to him and Stryker tells him bye.

Once Stryker leaves Beet's camp a group of Kardis' men drop a net on him. Sam tells Trun, Bazil is still missing. Stryker is brought before Kardis. Kardis and his men leave camp towards Beet's camp while Stryker is left in camp where he is beaten. Little People Leader and his people kill Stryker's guards and free him. Kardis begins his attack on Beet's camp. Dielha joins in the defense while Laurenz looks for Bandit. Oiric is killed by a large group of little people. Stryker kills Kardis' Lieutenant. The little people hand Stryker a SAW and Stryker begins mowing down Kardis' men. Stryker follows Kardis into the cave and they fight hand to hand. Bazil is climbing up a ladder when he is confronted by Trun and shot in the face. Laurenz finally finds Bandit but she is shot in the back and killed by one of Kardis' men who Bandit then shoots. Stryker grabs the SAW and then shoots Kardis multiple times, killing him. Stryker finds an abandoned baby in the cave and walks out to it raining outside. The fighting has stopped as both sides enjoy the rain and throw down their weapons. Most celebrate except Bandit and Circe who are saddened by Laurenz' death.