Supernova (2000)

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A medical ship receives an SOS signal from an old mining colony.


Horror, Science Fiction


Nick Vanzant - James Spader

Kaela Evers - Angela Bassett

A.J. Marley - Robert Forster

Yerzy Penalosa - Lou Diamond Phillips

Karl Larson - Peter Facinelli

Danika Lund - Robin Tunney

Benj Sotomejor - Wilson Cruz

Flyboy - Eddy Rice Jr.

Troy Larson - Knox Grantham White

Voice of Troy Larson - Kerrigan Mahan

Sweetie - Vanessa Marshall

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Detailed Synopsis

On the Trans Soma emergency medical rescue vessel Nightingale 229, Sweetie wakes up Benj Sotomejor to play chess with her. Yerzy Penalosa and Danika Lund are having sex, while Nick Vanzant and A.J. Marley play ping-pong. Later, Marley makes a recording for his doctoral dissertation on old Tom and Jerry cartoons. While getting a neuroscan from Kaela Evers, Nick comments on Flyboy and she tells him that Marley is big on 20th century cultural artifacts so they dressed him as a World War I pilot. Kaela comments on Nick not associating with the rest of the crew and then asks him about his background. She gives him a bottle of Zyracon to help him get over his Hazen addiction. While Benj and Nick are playing cards, Sweetie warns him that he has a losing hand. Benj tells Nick that he illegally added human traits to Sweetie and after Sweetie tells him that Nick is likely to turn him in to the authorities, Nick assures him that he won't. While Kaela is studying up on medical equipment, Nick sits down next to her and she tells him that she was in a relationship once with a Hazen abuser. An emergency distress signal is received and Nick tells them that the signal is five days old and is a direct call specifically to the Nightingale. Nick continues that the signal is from Pohl 6822, specifically the mining operation of Titan 37.

Sweetie tells them that Pohl 6822 was expelled from its orbit and is now a rogue body. Marley tells them that due to the distance they will have to make a dimension drive jump. Sweetie then tells them that the sender of the SOS is Karl Larson, which Kaela recognizes. Before the dimensional jump, Marley has Kaela switch dimensional stabilization units with him. They arrive at their location and find Marley's unit has malfunctioned causing him to partially fuse with the polyglass window. The Nightingale is hit by a debris storm and their fuel tanks are breached. Marley asks Kaela to kill him and she uses her laser cauterizer to kill him. Nick manages to keep the Nightingale from crashing and Sweetie tells him that they have lost 82% of their fuel and the dimensional drive will have to recharge. Kaela tells Nick that Marley is dead and later Nick offers Kaela some pear brandy. Yerzy shows Danika an application for the Planetary Population Commission in order to have a baby. Nick explains the situation to the crew and a ship from the Titan operation starts heading towards the Nightingale. Benj tries to communicate with the pilot, but the ship is set to autopilot. The spaceship docks with the Nightingale and Karl staggers on board. Kaela doesn't think Karl is the Karl she knew as he appears to be in his early 20's. While he is getting a body scan, Kaela notes that Karl's body has a growth on his bones like they are strengthening themselves.

Kaela tells Nick that she thinks Karl is actually his son, Troy Larson. Karl introduces himself to Danika as Troy and starts flirting with her. Nick tells Kaela and Benj that due to them only having five functioning jump units, that he will stay in the shuttle when they do the jump. Karl tells Kaela that he was the last one on Titan and that Karl was his dad, but died three years ago. He continues that Karl told him to call Kaela if he ever needed help and that he regretted not being able to tell her that he was sorry. Nick asks Karl questions and Karl tells him that he was scavenging when his associates backstabbed him and abandoned him. He tells Nick that there is plenty of fuel left in the mine. Nick tells Yerzy to check Karl's ship to see if there is anything suspicious. Karl thinks Kaela and Nick are in a relationship and Yerzy watches as Karl continues to flirt with Danika. While searching Karl's ship, Yerzy finds a glowing orb and tells Nick about it. Yerzy then puts his hand in the glowing orb. Kaela uses Flyboy to transfer the orb to quarantine. Karl tells the others that he heard a signal that ice miners had found something on a rogue moon and then he and his friends found the Titan colony. He tries to make a deal with the crew to sell it, but Nick makes the decision to get rid of it once they are in deep space.

Before leaving, Nick tells Kaela that he wants a return ship on the shuttle in case he runs into trouble. Nick lands on the Titan and has the rescue return shuttle deployed under the main shuttle. Karl continues to flirt with Danika and they have sex while Yerzy is interacting with the orb. Sweetie tells Kaela that the object is made of extra-dimensional isotopic matter and is ninth-dimensional in nature. She says that dispersal of the matter would create new three-dimensional matter at the expense of current matter. Kaela tells Benj that the object is made to get rid of rival advanced species. Yerzy appears to have reversed his aging and is building large amounts of muscle mass from the orb. Nick finds a large amount of bodies in the mine and then finds Troy, who looks like a large fetus, who tells him that he and Karl found the orb, but Karl took it and abandoned him. Troy asks Nick to take him to the orb and then dies. Nick tries to contact Sweetie, but Karl cuts the signal and tells him that he killed his associates when they wanted a larger cut and sets the equipment to kill Nick. As Nick is about to reach the shuttle, Karl remotely controls it to take off and fly away.

Danika catches Karl putting the shuttle on an infinite loop and he throws her into the expulsion area and shoots Danika into space. Yerzy goes to interact with the orb again, but the code has been changed. Karl walks up to him and destroys the keypad and then attacks him. Yerzy repeatedly hits Karl in the face with a piece of metal, but it doesn't hurt Karl and Karl kills him and flushes him into space. Benj tries to locate Yerzy and Danika, but Sweetie tells him that they are not onboard. Benj fires a harpoon at Karl and he and Kaela get weapons. Karl pulls out the harpoon and starts to mutate. Benj finds Karl, but is then killed. Karl goes to the control room and admits to Kaela that he is Karl and that they are made of stardust and everyone is part of the natural process of death and rebirth. Nick radios the ship and taunts Karl. Kaela uses the laser cauterizer to injure Karl and escapes, but Karl manages to make it to the return shuttle and shoots a harpoon gun at what he thinks is Nick, but turns out to be the body of Troy. He and Nick start to fight, but Karl easily overpowers Nick. Kaela cuts off one of Karl's arms and Nick pushes him into a cargo cage and locks him in. Nick and Kaela run to the orb and Sweetie tells them that Karl has escaped and the orb has become unstable. Karl reattaches his arm and destroys all but one of the dimension stabilization units. Karl goes after the orb which is being held by Flyboy and Nick detonates a bomb in it. Kaela and Nick run to the stabilization units and Sweetie tells them that the object will cause a supernova that will reach Earth in 51 years and either destroy life or create a new form of life. Nick and Kaela get into the stabilization unit and after the dimensional jump, Sweetie tells them that they have exchanged 2% of their DNA and Kaela is pregnant with a daughter.