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TJ is an assistant to John Bradford Horn.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 1 The Horn of Plenty played by Blake Marion

Dr. Gastner and Dr. Fairling take Stringfellow Hawke to a room full of men in suits, including TJ, with a large painting of Horn hanging from the wall. Horn asks Hawke if he knows who the man in the painting is and Hawke tells him he does and he owes him his allegiance. Angelica Bolotin Horn asks Hawke how he feels about her and how she deceived him and she tells him he owes her many thanks for bringing him to see Horn. Horn, disguised as "Neal" removes his disguise and reveals himself to Hawke and says he needs Hawke's help. After capturing Dominic and Airwolf, Horn, Angelica and TJ go inside of a lab. Dr. Fairling tells Horn it won't be until morning until Dominic wakes up from the sleep pellets he was shot with in Hawke's gun and Horn tells her he wants Dominic brainwashed as soon as he wakes up. Later, Hawke is brought to Horn by Dr. Fairling and Dr. Gastner. Horn tells Hawke his plan is to take over a country in the Caribbean called Moro, for men like him who believe intelligence makes right. Horn tells him his mission is to destroy a rebel outpost on the island and then radio back. TJ gives Hawke a map with a rendezvous location. In the morning Hawke takes off in Airwolf but attacks Horn's base instead. TJ picks up Horn and Angelica in a car and they drive away. He drops them off and continues in the car so Hawke will follow him and then kills himself.