Tales of Halloween (2015)

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Ten stories of Halloween mayhem.


Horror, Anthology


The Radio DJ - Adrienne Barbeau

Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth - Hunter Smit

Timothy Blake - Cameron Easton

Mrs. Blake - Caroline Williams

Mr. Blake - Robert Rusler

Lt. Brandt-Mathis - Clare Kramer

Alex Mathis - Greg Grunberg

Mikey - Daniel DiMaggio

Kyle - Austin Falk

Lizzy - Madison Iseman

The Night Billy Raised Hell

Mr. Abbadon - Barry Bostwick

Billy - Marcus Eckert

Mordecai/The Little Devil - Christophe Zajac-Denek

Todd - Ben Stillwell

Britney - Natalie Castillo

The Dentist - Adam Pascal

Adrianne Curry - Adrianne Curry


James - John F. Beach

Maria - Tiffany Shepis

Catlyn - Casey Elizabeth Ruggieri

Nelson - Trent Haaga

Princess - Marnie McKendry

Mother - Rebekah McKendry

Girl - Witch - Mia Page

Alien - Clayton Keller

"Gypsy" AKA "Cinderella" - Kennedy Fuselier

Devil - Sage Stewart

Little Girl - Bianca Miller

Grim Grinning Ghost

Lynn - Alex Essoe

Lynn's Mother - Lin Shaye

Mary Bailey - V Nixie and Liesel Hanson

The Witch - Barbara Crampton

The Victorian Widow - Lisa Marie

The Phantom - Mick Garris

Sherlock Holmes - Stuart Gordon

Baby - Anubis

Ding Dong

Jack - Marc Senter

Bobbie - Pollyanna McIntosh

Gretel - Lilly Von Woodenshoe

Lone Child's Mother - Vanessa Menendez

Lone Child - Lucas Armendariz

Rusty Rex - Ben Woolf

Mikey - Daniel DiMaggio

Witch/Bobbie's Hand/Arm Double - Mo Meinhart

Child Astronaut - Hart Keathley

Child Fireman - Aidan Gail

Child Jake Gyllenhall - Gavin Keathley

Parent - Felissa Rose

Little Girl - River Keathley

Little Girl's Mom - Lexi Brandt

Child Witch - Mia Page

Devil Girl - Sage Stewart

Alien - Gloria Bradbury

Parent - Steven Gonzales

Parent - Michelle Parkman

The Weak and the Wicked

The Stranger - Keir Gilchrist

Alice - Grace Phipps

Isaac - Booboo Stewart

Bart - Noah Segan

Young Stranger - Jack Dylan Grazer

Young Alice - Katie Silverman

The Demon - Matt Merchant

This Means War

Boris - Dana Gould

Dante - James Duval

Dante's Crew

Velma - Elissa Dowling

Ziggy - Graham Denman

Axl - Thomas Blake Jr.

Tytan - Sean Clark

Danzy - Buz Wallick

Butch - Joshua Lou Friedman

Vicki - Jennifer Wenger

Goober - Michael Monterastelli

Cops - Adam Green, Graham Skipper


Gambling Neighbor - Lombardo Boyar

Drunken Neighbor - Cody Goodfellow

Judge Mustache - Frank Blocker

Friday the 31st

Dorothy - Amanda Moyer

Possessed Dorothy - Jennifer Wenger

Killer - Nick Principe


The Ransom of Rusty Rex

Rusty Rex - Ben Woolf

Jebediah Rex - John Landis

Dutch - Jose Pablo Cantillo

Hank - Sam Witwer

Bad Seed

McNally - Kristina Klebe

Forensic Bob - Pat Healy

Ray Bishop - Greg McLean

Ellen Bishop - Cerina Vincent

Captain Zimmerman - John Savage

Hellman (Cop 1) - Graham Skipper

Carlo (Cop 2) - Adam Green

Coroner 1 - Dana Renee Ashmore

Coroner 2 - Dylan Struzan

Rembrandt - Drew Struzan

Kevin - Aidan Gail

Cheryl - Nicole Laino

Cheerleader Girl - Monette Moio

Cheerleader Boyfriend - Noah Nevins

Prof. Milo Gottlieb - Joe Dante

Clover Corporation Super Pumpkin

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Detailed Synopsis

The Radio DJ tells the audience it is time to get their ghoul on as it is Halloween, a day their town really comes alive.

Sweet Tooth

The Radio DJ warns listeners to not forget to check their candy.

Mikey is inspecting and eating his candy haul when Lizzy tells him he is going to give himself a stomach ache. Kyle jumps up from the couch and scares Lizzy and then warns Mikey to save some candy for Sweet Tooth. When Mikey asks who Sweet Tooth is, Kyle tells him the story of Timothy Blake who lived on the same street 50 years ago. Timothy loved Halloween but his parents Mr. Blake and Mrs. Blake would take his candy when he got home. One Halloween Timothy snuck downstairs and found his parents eating all of his candy and having sex on top of it. That night Timothy murdered his parents with a cleaver. After eating the candy in wrappers, he ate the candy inside of his parents stomachs. Now every Halloween he comes back and if he finds a person that doesn't give him a piece of candy, he will take it from them.

That night, Mikey asks Lizzy if the story is true and she tells him it is just a story. Mikey then gets out of bed and puts a candy bar by his door. Lizzy and Kyle then watch Night of the Living Dead and eat some of Mikey's candy. Mikey hears a noise and hides under the covers. Lizzy tells Kyle she can't believe they ate all of the candy and she goes to get pepto bismol. Kyle lays down and wakes up to Sweet Tooth telling him Trick or Treat and Sweet Tooth kills him. Lizzy goes back to the couch and finds Kyle dead and is then killed by Sweet Tooth. Sweet Tooth then goes into Mikey's room and takes the candy bar. Lt. Brandt-Mathis and Alex Mathis come home and find the bodies of Lizzy and Kyle on the couch and Mikey tells them Lizzy and Kyle ate all of his candy.

The Night Billy Raised Hell

Todd and Britney are taking Billy Trick or Treating, when Todd starts to complain. Todd asks Billy if his mom is wearing a slutty costume that year, which upsets Britney. Todd suggests to Billy that he experience Halloween like the big kids by pulling pranks. Todd then points out that Billy's neighbor never celebrates Halloween and suggests he egg his house. Todd threatens Billy that if he doesn't do it then he will tell everyone he peed his pants, even if he didn't. Billy is about to egg the door when Mr. Abbadon opens it and grabs Billy's hand. Mr. Abbadon then takes the egg and hits Todd with it as he is running away with Britney. Mr. Abbadon tells Billy nice costume sarcastically and brings him into his house. Mr. Abbadon then tells Billy he is going to learn what a real Halloween prank is. Mr. Abbadon then asks if Billy's mom is dressing up this year.

Mr. Abbadon and what appears to be Billy in his costume then leave the house. They go to a house where The Dentist lives and who hands out a toothbrush. Mr. Abbadon rolls his eyes and uses a knife to shave the toothbrush into a shiv. Billy then uses the shiv to stab The Dentist in the crotch. Billy then goes to Britney's house and puts gasoline on the ghost decorations and lights them on fire after pelting Britney in the face with something. They then steal candy from kids and rob stores and steal Adrianne Curry's car. They then use the car to hit and run people. The night continues as they spray paint a garage and put a flaming poop bag sitting in a bear trap outside the house of The Dentist who then catches his foot in the bear trap. They return to Mr. Abbadon's house and when Billy removes his mask, it is revealed the person in costume is Mordecai, while Billy has been tied up the entire time. Mr. Abbadon then puts Billy's devil mask back on and sends him home. As Billy leaves the house, he is arrested by police officers.


James and Maria are sitting on their couch watching Night of the Living Dead with Catlyn and Nelson. Someone knocks on the door and when Catlyn answers the door, Nelson wonders why their are so many Trick or Treaters dressed as pirates. James comments, maybe there are a lot kids missing eyes. There is another knock and Nelson goes to answer the door. A girl dressed as a Princess and her Mother are at the door and Nelson offers the Mother rum and cider. He answers the door again and a Girl in a witch costume starts stabbing him in the stomach and then runs away. He stumbles into the house and when James suggests they call 911, Maria calls him an idiot and goes to get her car keys to drive Nelson to the hospital. Maria is struggling to find her keys near her van, when she is grabbed by the leg and has her Achilles Tendon slashed. She is then surrounded by the Witch, an Alien, "Gypsy" AKA "Cinderella", and a Devil who stab her. James looks outside the sliding door and sees Maria fall into the pool. He walks into a room and is set on fire by the Devil using a spray can. The Devil then puts rat killer poison in his mouth and tapes it shut with duct tape. Catlyn runs away and dials 911. She then starts deleting photos of her and the others bloody and holding body parts from her cell phone album. The kids open the door and turn on the light revealing a Little Girl strapped down on a table with one eye removed. They cut her loose and the Little Girl takes an ax and slams it into Catlyn's head.

The Weak and the Wicked

The Radio DJ mentions the next tale is set in the section of town on the wrong side of the tracks.

A trick or treater is eating his Halloween candy when he is grabbed by Isaac and Bart and shoved against a wall. Alice walks up and is about to burn the bottom of the Trick or Treater's foot when The Stranger walks into the alley. The Trick or Treater runs away and Alice and her gang walk up to The Stranger. The Stranger hands Alice a piece of paper with a drawing of a demon on it. The Stranger then tells Alice, the demon spills the blood of the wicked where the wicked have harmed the weak. She throws her cigar at him and has Isaac knock off the horned helmet The Stranger was wearing. The Stranger then runs away. Alice has Isaac and Bart get on their bicycles and the three of them chase The Stranger. The Stranger makes it to an alley where a dilapidated trailer is located. He has a flashback of when Alice, Isaac and Bart burned down the trailer with his parents still inside of it. Alice and her gang arrive and she remembers who The Stranger is and has Isaac and Bart grab him. They start kicking The Stranger and Alice takes a bottle of liquor and pours it on The Stranger. As she flicks on her lighter, Isaac and Bart suddenly disappear. Alice turns around and sees The Demon standing in front of her. It roars and then kills Alice while The Stranger smiles.

Grim Grinning Ghost

Lynn's Mother tells a story during her party to The Victorian Widow, Sherlock Holmes, The Witch, The Phantom, and Lynn that people wear costumes during Halloween so the dead will know who is alive. She then tells the tale of Mary Bailey who had been picked on her entire life and died unloved and now is a ghost that hates to be seen. Now she comes back every Halloween to taunt the living and laugh behind their back. She warns that if anyone hears a laugh behind their back, not to turn around or Mary Bailey will get you and steal your eyes. The Witch then grabs Lynn and scares her. The party ends and Lynn gets into her car and starts to drive home. A car almost hits her and after she slams on her breaks, her car stalls. She opens the hood and the smoke billows out. She slams the hood back down before remembering that she had put her cellphone on the engine compartment, smashing her cellphone. She starts walking home and hears laughing behind her. She runs home and right before she is about to enter her house, she looks behind her and sees nothing. As she is brushing her teeth, the bathroom door opens, but it is just Baby, her dog. She sits down to watch Carnival of Souls and while she does, Baby runs away. She turns around and Mary Bailey smiles at her.

Ding Dong

At Jack and Bobbie's house during last Halloween, Bobbie sits crying on a chair as Trick or Treaters come ringing the doorbell. Jack tries to comfort her by showing their dog dressed as Gretel. Bobbie screams and punches Jack and then turns into a witch and screams where is her child.

At Jack and Bobbie's house this Halloween, Jack is dressed like Hansel and stares in the mirror as he relates how he couldn't get Bobbie pregnant. The doorbell rings and Devil, Alien and Girl - Witch are at the door. Bobbie tells them she has been using candy to fatten Hansel up and that she ate his sister Gretel. Bobbie then pulls a wig piece that belonged to Gretel out of her mouth. The doorbell rings and Mikey shows up with a Child Astronaut. The doorbell continues to ring and more kids arrive including Rusty Rex, Child Fireman, Child Jake Gyllenhall, and a Little Girl. Jack starts to see Bobbie focusing on the children and when he suggests they go to bed, one of her extra arms slaps him. She tells him the kids are so cute, she could just eat them up. The doorbell rings again and when Bobbie answers it, there is only a Lone Child dressed as Hansel. Bobbie tries to get the Lone Child to go inside of the house with her and Jack quickly calls out to the Lone Child's Mother, who comes and gets the Lone Child. Bobbie goes into the house and starts crying and Jack tells her maybe they shouldn't have kids and then admits that he had vasectomy. Bobby then transforms into her witch form and sticks Jack inside of the oven. Bobbie continues to cry and then melts.

This Means War

Boris is putting out his Halloween decorations when he sees a Red Hot Burnin' Skulz semi pull up at his neighbor Dante's house. Dante stands outside staring at Boris and Velma comes over and hugs him. Dante, Ziggy and Axl put up more and more decorations as Boris watches. In the evening, Devil and Child Fireman are standing in front of a skeleton being talked to them by a headset Boris is wearing when loud music starts to play and the Devil and Child Fireman walk away. Boris angrily walks over and asks Dante to turn his music down, but Dante refuses. Boris tells him he understands that Dante just moved into the neighborhood, and tells him how he has had the same Halloween display for twenty years. Boris then tells Velma to cover her chest. Dante makes fun of Boris' display and Boris starts destroying Dante's display. Boris comes out from ripping out Dante's sound system and Dante tells him this means war and starts destroying Boris' display. Boris and Dante start to fight after a Drunken Neighbor yells fight, as Ziggy, Axl, Tytan, Danzy and Butch cheer them on. A Gambling Neighbor then bets twenty dollars on Dante. They continue to fight as more people start to watch including Girl - Witch and Princess and Mother. The Cops arrive as more and more people gather to watch. Boris stares at the crowd and then charges at Dante and they both fall and impale themselves onto a broken piece of wood, causing members in the crowd including Dorothy and Alien to scream in shock. The Cops walk up to the scene and one of them vomits and the crowd starts to walk towards the bodies.

Friday the 31st

The Radio DJ tells her listeners that it was believed that Halloween was when the barrier to the spirit world was at its thinnest, and to be careful for no matter who you are, there is always something worse.

Dorothy is running from the Killer who is following her carrying a head. She runs into a barn and discovers it full of bodies. The Killer breaks into the barn and Dorothy stabs him with a pitchfork. She uses a wrench to knock off its mask and runs out of the barn. As she is running, the Killer grabs a spear and impales Dorothy. Suddenly a bright light flashes and an Alien teleports to the ground wearing a costume and holding a pumpkin pail. The Alien tells the Killer Trick or Treat and after the Alien repeats it a few times, the Killer steps on the Alien and walks away. The Alien remains go into Dorothy's mouth and makes Possessed Dorothy. The Killer runs into the barn as the Possessed Dorothy follows him. The Killer looks for a weapon, passing over a head in a pumpkin and the Necronomicon. The Possessed Dorothy and Killer start attacking each other with weapons, gradually lopping off limbs and each others head. The Alien eventually pops out of the Possessed Dorothy's mouth and says Trick or Treat and beams back into its spaceship.

The Ransom of Rusty Rex

The Radio DJ asks if her listeners are still awake and warns them the night isn't over.

Hank and Dutch are parked outside of the home of Jebediah Rex. Rusty Rex runs outside to go Trick or Treating and Jebediah waves to him goodbye. Dutch has second thoughts about kidnapping Rusty, but Hank convinces him to go ahead with it. Hank walks up to Rusty and shows him a gun and tells him not to scream or run. Rusty offers him his candy, and Dutch puts Rusty in a sack and he and Hank take him to their hideout. Hank explains to Rusty what he wants him to do when Hank calls Jebediah. Hank calls Jebediah and demands five million dollars to get Rusty back. Jebediah tells him, Hank has no idea what he has done and hangs up on him. Hank calls Jebediah back and Jebediah tells him he isn't interested in getting Rusty back and not to call again and hangs up. Hank and Dutch hear a noise and turn around to find Rusty has escaped. As Dutch is looking for Rusty, Rusty attacks him and Rusty is revealed to be a monster. Hank screams and shoots Rusty. Rusty gets back up and punches Hank in the crotch and then takes his gun. He shoots towards Dutch but misses and then runs away when he realizes there are no more bullets. Hank manages to knock Rusty unconscious with a chair and he and Dutch take Rusty to a swamp in a bag locked with chains. Dutch starts to feel bad for Rusty, but then throws him into the swamp when Rusty vomits on his face. They return to their hideout to see wet shoe prints walking inside. Hank turns around and stares at Dutch and Rusty lifts his head above Dutch's shoulder and licks his face. Hank calls Jebediah and begs him to take Rusty back, but Jebediah refuses and tells him Rusty showed up five years ago and wouldn't leave. Jebediah then warns them to feed Rusty or he will eat. They drag Rusty back to his house in a sack and drop him at the door. They then pour gasoline on him and light the sack on fire. Hank and Dutch then get back into their van and drive away. Later, Hank comes out of a convenience store and finds Rusty in the back seat who holds up Dutch's head and starts to eat it.

Bad Seed

Ray Bishop is carving a Clover Corporation Super Pumpkin, as Ellen Bishop watches. As Ray starts to clean up, he notices the Pumpkin move. Ellen comes downstairs and finds Ray being eaten by the Pumpkin. The Pumpkin grows root tendrils and runs away after biting Ray's head off. McNally arrives at the Bishop house and is greeted by Hellman (Cop 1) and Carlo (Cop 2). They tell her what has happened and she goes inside to see Coroner 1 and Coroner 2 putting the body in a bag. McNally goes to interview Ellen, who tells her she wouldn't believe what she saw. Rembrandt shows her the sketch of the assailant and McNally thinks he is joking. Kevin and Cheryl are walking when Cheryl stops to look at her cellphone and Kevin walks towards a pumpkin. He sticks his hand in the Pumpkin's mouth and it starts to eat him. Cheryl hears him scream and runs to find him being eaten. McNally gets back to the police station and Captain Zimmerman calls her into his office. He tells her every year on Halloween the town goes crazy and shows her reports about hysterical blindness, neighbors attacking each other, a kid looting a convenience store and UFOs. He tells McNally to go and fix what is going on and threatens to send her back to the Vice squad if she doesn't. Hellman (Cop 1) and Carlo (Cop 2) return to the station and tell McNally some kid ate a ton of chocolate and then ate his babysitters. Forensic Bob tells McNally he did a 3D printed model of the mouth that ate Ray and shows her a huge mouth which matches the sketch Rembrandt made.

The Radio DJ tells her listeners twelve bells means the witching hour is upon them, when things get really weird.

McNally responds to a call and Cheerleader Girl and Cheerleader Boyfriend almost run into her car. A Pumpkin climbs onto McNally's car hood and then runs away. She follows the Pumpkin into a backyard full of pumpkins. She shoots at the Pumpkin but runs out of bullets and is about to be eaten when Forensic Bob throws her a shotgun. She shoots the Pumpkin and it explodes. McNally looks at the remains of the Pumpkin and finds a Clover Corporation sticker on it. They go to the Clover Corporation and force their way into Prof. Milo Gottlieb's lab. He then takes them to the growing center where they see thousands of Pumpkins.

The Radio DJ tells her listeners the witching hour is over and until next year...