Technician 2 (X-Virus)

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Technician 2


Technician 2 is a research technician at Bar-Med Pharmaceuticals.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 12 X-Virus played by R.G. Miller

Professor Barton Saunders tells St. John his plan to release the X-Virus and then offer the vaccine. He continues that Dr. Shimizu wanted to give the vaccine to the government. Barton tells Technician 1 that he wants another, more concentrated does of the X-Virus administered to St. John. St. John tries to escape, but is caught and is then injected by Technician 1. Technician 1 tells Barton that St. John has a natural immunity due to once having an extreme case of malaria. Barton tells Technician 2 to get the canisters full of the X-Virus to the warehouse. Barton tells Price to kill St. John and Jo and as Price opens the door, St. John pushes cages of lab rats on him. Jo is shot by Barton with a dart and Technician 1 tells St. John that extreme heat is the only thing that will kill the virus and gives St. John the vaccine. Price is bit by the rats and dies and St. John administers the vaccine to Jo and escapes the lab which is then blown up.