The Amazing Bulk (2012)

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A scientist is transformed into a giant humanoid when he injects himself with a barely tested serum.




Henry "Hank" Howard - Jordan Lawson

Hannah Darwin - Shevaun Kastl

General Darwin - Terence Lording

Dr. Werner von Kantlove - Randal Malone

Lolita Kantlove - Juliette Angeli

Det. Ray Garton - Jed Rowen

Det. Lisa Tuttle - Diedre Lyons

Sam - Mark Fletcher

Scully - Mike Toto

Hooker - Meghan Falcone

Guard 1 - Matthew Barnard

Guard 2 - Mandell Anthony

Henchman 1 - Mark Stuver

Henchman 2 - Read MacGuirtose

News Chopper Cameraman - Ford Austin

News Chopper Pilot - Julianne Bianchi

Doctor - Art Roberts

Military Pilot - Marc Chamberlain

Door Guard 1 - Derek Lui

Door Guard 2 - J. Matthew Welker

Jet Pilot - Mark Todd

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Detailed Synopsis

Hooker is walking down the street when she stops to smoke a cigarette in the alley. She is suddenly grabbed by Scully who puts a gun in her mouth and the shoots her in the head. Scully hears a noise and looks up and sees the Amazing Bulk standing over him and shoots at the Amazing Bulk, who steps on Scully and runs away. That night, Det. Lisa Tuttle and Det. Ray Garton investigate the murder scene. They find purple blood and Lisa hands Ray a driver's license belonging to Henry Howard that was found at the scene.

One day earlier, Henry and Sam are in their lab. Henry complains about the progress of their research on a serum and Sam brings up that at least his research brought him together with Hannah Darwin. Henry tells Sam that he is going to ask Hannah to marry him, but wants to ask their research benefactor, General Darwin's, permission first. They apply the serum to a lab rat, and the rat disappears in a puff of purple smoke. Hannah walks into the lab and tries to lift Henry's spirits by taking him to lunch. They go running in the park and Hannah brings up their dinner that night and how excited she is. They talk about having children in the future and he asks Hannah to just give him time. Henry returns to the lab and he and Sam try another version of the serum on a rat, which also fails. Henry goes to General Darwin and Hannah's house for dinner. Henry speaks with Darwin and tells him that he wants to marry Hannah and Darwin assumes it is because Hannah is pregnant. He then tells Henry that he won't allow him to marry Hannah until the experiment is successful.

Lolita Kantlove dances in front of Guard 1 and Guard 2. Dr. Werner von Kantlove walks into the room and chastises Lolita for leaving her cosmetics on his antique table. She tells him she is bored and he also reminds her not to gyrate in front of the Guards. Werner walks over to Guard 1 and asks him if there is something amusing and when he catches Guard 2 making a face when Guard 2 thinks Werner's back is turned, Werner zaps and kills Guard 2. Lolita asks Werner if they received the ransom money and they walk to a control panel where they launch a missile that blows up the Institute of German Scientists. They then launch missiles against various world landmarks. Henry and Hannah go to the carnival and as they are riding the subway home, Scully puts a gun up to Henry and mugs Henry and Hannah and takes the engagement ring Henry was going to give Hannah. Henry tells Hannah that he needs to work on the serum some more and goes back to the lab. He drops some on a dead plant which rejuvenates it and decides to use it on himself. He walks around town and the events depicted with Scully and the Hooker are repeated.

Werner looks at Henry's engagement ring given to him by Henchman 1 and Henchman 2. He asks where they got it from and they tell him, Scully gave it to them after they threatened him about his unpaid debt to Werner. Werner then makes Henchman 1 and Henchman 2 take a swim. Henry gets a knock on his door and Ray and Lisa enter his apartment. They give Henry his wallet back and then question him about the mugging. After they leave, Ray shows Lisa the purple smear on his hand he got from Henry and believes Henry murdered Scully. They catch Henry returning to the crime scene. They threaten to take him in for questioning and he changes into the Amazing Bulk. Ray and Lisa start shooting at him and Henry runs away. News Chopper Cameraman and News Chopper Pilot follow along as Henry leaves a path of destruction in the city. Lisa is killed when Henry flips a car onto her. News Chopper Cameraman and News Chopper Pilot are killed when they fly too low and their helicopter is grabbed and crushed by Henry. Henry transforms from the Amazing Bulk back to Henry and is arrested by Ray and put in prison. Right before Henry is about to be shot by Ray, General Darwin appears and has Henry transferred to a top secret government facility. As he is being transported by Darwin and Doctor, Darwin reminds the Doctor to keep Henry sedated so he doesn't transform into the the Amazing Bulk.

Werner gives Lolita, Henry's engagement ring. He tells her that he is going to send a rocket to blow up the moon. Darwin orders Henry to kill Werner in exchange for an antidote. Henry agrees to the mission and is dropped off near Werner's castle by a Military Pilot. The rocket lands on the moon, but doesn't explode and instead a monkey gets out. On his way to the castle, Hank passes by someone playing golf and a leprechaun. He arrives at the castle and uses a photo of Darwin to make him angry enough to transform into the Amazing Bulk. He bursts into the castle and Door Guard 2 is killed when Werner releases a large rock to crush Henry, but it crushes Door Guard 2. Henry steps on Door Guard 1, crushing him. Lolita walks into Henry and Henry punches her and takes back his ring. Henry finds Werner and steps on him and then calls Darwin and tells him the mission is accomplished. Darwin tells Henry there is no antidote and Werner was the real one funding the project towards the end as a cure for his erectile dysfunction. Henry runs out of Werner's castle and is chased and shot at by jets as he runs by geckos on laptops and boomerang throwing koalas. Jet Pilot drops a nuclear bomb on Henry, which appears to kill him. Darwin tells Hannah that Hank died during his mission to kill Werner. That night at Darwin's house, Hannah wakes up to Hank in her room. He asks her to marry him and then tells her how Darwin tried to kill him. Darwin attacks Hank and they both fall off the balcony.

Later Hannah visits Hank's grave and leaves him a flower after saying goodbye. After she leaves, a drunk Ray walks up to Hank's grave and tells Hank he hopes he is in hell. Ray pees on Hank's grave, and Hank as the Amazing Bulk bursts through the ground and kills Ray.