The Amityville Haunting (2011)

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A family moves to a new home and is haunted by the ghosts of the previous owners.


Horror, Supernatural


Douglas Benson - Jason Williams

Virginia Benson - Amy Van Horne

Tyler Benson - Devin Clark

Lori Benson - Nadine Crocker

Melanie Benson - Gracie Largent

Ronald DeFeo Jr. - Luke Barnett

Greg - Tyler Shamy

Brett - Jon Kondelik

Donny Reddit - Alex Rzechowicz

Detective - Casey Campbell

Kristen - Kristen Hager Meed

Ivy - Mary LeGault

Bri - Piper Kennedy

Officer Nathan - Jon Gale

Steve - Steven Dell

Mover 2 - Courtney Rice

Prunella Weldon


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Detailed Synopsis

"In 1974, in Amityville, Long Island Ronald "Butch" DeFeo, Jr. murdered his family. In 1975, The Lutz family moved into the house. Over the next two years, a terrifying paranormal presence drove them from their home. 32 years later, the presence has returned. What you are about to see is real."

Donny Reddit, Bri, Brett, and Ivy go to the Amityville house, which Donny films. They break into the house and Brett and Ivy think they see someone, but Donny and Bri just make fun of them. The couple split up and Donny and Bri go together while Brett and Ivy go together. Brett and Ivy are about to have sex when they are both killed, while Donny and Bri are killed while they are having sex.

Douglas Benson, Virginia Benson, Tyler Benson, Lori Benson, and Melanie Benson meet with Prunella Weldon to look at a home for sale. Tyler records the entire thing as the Benson's take a tour of the house. Douglas is excited about the house, but Virginia is hesitant due to the history of the house. They agree to purchase the house and when they go to tell Prunella, they find her lying dead on the driveway.

Day 1, June 12, 2008. The family moves in to the house and Melanie tells Lori that she was just talking to her friend John Matthews, but no one is there. They meet their neighbors Greg and Kristen. Tyler asks Steve, Mover 2 and the other mover if they know what house they are at, but neither of them have heard of the Amityville house. Tyler continues to film while hearing noises and getting in the way of the movers. While Steve is carrying a heavy box, he falls down the stairs and dies. During the evening, Virginia yells at Douglas that she doesn't want to live there. Tyler creeps on Lori when she is in her room wearing a towel and then catches Melanie showing her imaginary friend the contents of the fridge.

Day 2, June 13, 2008. Douglas complains to Virginia that he found the backdoor wide open and he accuses Lori of sneaking out. Douglas sends Virginia, Lori and Melanie out to see a movie while he and Tyler install security cameras inside the house. As Tyler is getting a screw driver, the ghost of Ronald DeFeo Jr. stares at him from outside. Tyler finds a phone and tells Douglas about the phone. He sets up a camcorder in his bedroom to record everything that happens. During the night, the backdoor opens at exactly 3:15 in the morning, setting off the house alarm. Douglas goes downstairs to check, but doesn't find anyone. He watches footage from the security camera he just installed and that also shows nothing. Tyler watches the video he found on the phone, which belonged to Brett, and the phone stops working.

Day 3, June 14, 2008. In the morning, Tyler shows Douglas, Virginia and Lori the cellphone video, but they don't believe anything happened. He and Douglas check around the house for any signs of a break in. Douglas hears Melanie talking to her make believe friend and asks her who told her about John Matthews. Virginia asks Tyler to stop filming everyone all the time. Douglas finds the backdoor open again. During the night, Douglas catches Greg sneaking into the house and throws him out. Tyler records as Greg is leaving and Greg is suddenly grabbed by something and screams. Douglas calls the cops and Officer Nathan arrives at the house and tells Douglas that Greg is a known troublemaker.

Day 4, June 15, 2008. The next day, Officer Nathan returns to the house and tells Douglas and Virginia that he found a torn shirt and blood on their property. A Detective comes to the house and tells Douglas and Virginia that the blood found was human. He tells them that the police received a letter stating that Ronald DeFeo Jr. wasn't the murderer of his family, but his sister was. Douglas calls his friend Cut, who installs heat sensors and new cameras in the house. As Cut is checking the cameras, Ronald DeFeo Jr. appears behind him, surprising Cut, but then disappears. As Cut is checking a camera outside, he is electrocuted to death by the electrical line. During the night, the house alarm goes off again. Tyler films while Douglas has a breakdown.

Day 5, June 16, 2008. Douglas takes notes while reading books on the occult. He catches Melanie talking to John Matthews and watches the video feed and sees the ghost of a boy sitting across from Melanie. He tells John Matthews to stay away from Melanie and punches and kicks at where John Matthews was.

Day 6, June 17, 2008. Virginia tells Tyler, Lori and Melanie that they are going to stay at Linda and Eddie's house. Douglas comes home with a large amount of religious items and places them all around the house and also uses them to try and cleanse the house. Tyler sees Melanie speaking to John Matthews and asks her to ask him what he wants. She tells him that John Matthews wants him, Douglas, Virginia and Lori to leave, but her to stay. Douglas has a family meeting and talks about the family being at war and the gates of hell. Between 3 and 4 a.m., almost all of the family is killed, Virginia is burned to death, Tyler is mutilated, and Lori's spine is broken, except for Melanie, who disappears after stabbing Douglas to death.