The Breed (2006)

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A group of college friends head to a seemingly deserted island.


Horror, Animal


Nicki - Michelle Rodriguez

John - Oliver Hudson

Sara - Taryn Manning

Matt - Eric Lively

Noah - Hill Harper

Luke - Nick Boraine

Jenny - Lisa-Marie Schneider

The Breed

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Detailed Synopsis

Luke and Jenny are on a sail boat when they see an island. They sail to the island and Jenny goes ashore to explore. She comes across a fenced compound which appears to be abandoned. She hears a noise in the trees and starts to run back towards the boat. As she is running, members of The Breed start chasing her. They grab her and start eating her alive.

John flies his seaplane, along with Nicki, Sara, Matt and Noah to the same island. They land at the dock and walk to John and Matt's uncle's house. Noah finds the wine cellar and Sara pulls out a bottle of tequila. John and Matt go into the garage and find that their uncle's car still works. The power goes in and out in the house and Sara and Noah go into the basement to look at the fuse box. They replace a fuse and the power comes back on. John tries out the zip-line, which still works and they all go swimming. While they are on the front porch, a Breed puppy walks up to Sara. She keeps the puppy with her and during the evening, Noah goes to the kitchen to get some wine. The puppy runs into the kitchen and when Noah tells it that he is a cat person, the puppy growls at him. The puppy runs out of the house and Sara and John go outside to look for it. They find the puppy and its mother suddenly lunges at Sara. John runs over to help Sara and the dog bites her leg and then runs away. Matt cleans up her wound and tells her that she should treat any dog bite as possibly being exposed to rabies. Nicki and Matt think they should leave in the morning, but John tells Sara that you don't have to start treatment immediately.

While they are in bed, Matt tells Nicki about a company that leased land on the island which trained seeing eye dogs. He continues that a year ago, one of the dogs got rabies, which spread to other dogs, and all of the dogs were put down. While John is getting a drink, he sees Sara staring out the window. She walks over and kisses him and bites his lip and then tells him to go away. During breakfast the next morning, Sara continues to act weird, Noah, Matt and John go exploring while Nicki stays with Sara. Nicki asks Sara if she is feeling alright and Sara tells her that she feels great. While in the woods, a Breed dog comes out from the woods and stares at Noah. As Noah starts to walk away, another dog comes out of the woods and stares at him, and yet another. Noah runs away and finds John and Matt and tells them about the dogs. A bloody Luke walks up to them and tells them that the dogs don't want them there and is then attacked and dragged away by a bunch of dogs. Matt, Noah and John run back towards the house and yell at Sara and Nicki to run to the house. As they are running to the house, a dog grabs onto Nicki's leg and John shoots an arrow at it, which goes through Nicki's leg. Matt removes the arrow from Nicki's leg and tells the others the facility on the island may have been training attack dogs and not seeing eye dogs. Nicki tells them that they need to get off the island and there is something wrong with Sara. A dog crashes through the window and lunges at Sara. John grabs it and Matt kills it with a fire pit stoker.

As they are about to leave for the plane, Matt sees it surrounded by dogs. Noah looks outside the window and sees the plane floating away. They go outside again when they don't see any dogs and John jumps in the water to get the plane. Nicki looks at the rope that was tied to the plane and sees that it is chewed on. As John gets closer to the plane, he sees two dogs on it, which then jump in the water after him. Noah kills one dog with a baseball bat and he and the others run back into the house. They board up the windows and come up with a plan to go to the compound to look for communication equipment. Matt goes and gets the zip-line trolley and connects it to a power line leading to the garage. Nicki uses the trolley to make it to the garage and gets inside the car, but it won't start. The dogs break into the garage and Nicki is forced to climb to the roof of the garage. John shoots an arrow with fishing line attached and Nicki pulls the electric line across and makes her way back to the house. In the evening, Matt blames John for everything that happened. The power goes out and as Noah goes to change the fuses out, he is attacked and killed by some dogs. Another group of dogs attack the house and Sara, Nicki, Matt and John run to the attic. Matt is bitten by a dog and the dogs howl during the night. Sara starts to get aggressive and Matt finds paperwork in the attic detailing work by the Army Mountain Combat School, confirming the dogs were being trained as attack dogs. In the morning they come out from the attic and Matt and John go to the garage and manage to get the car started, but Matt loses the bow and arrows.

They get to the house and Nicki tells them that Sara won't leave the house. John goes to talk with Sara and she tells him that she is too sick to leave. A dog starts snarling at them and Sara knocks John out of the window. The dog attacks Sara and they fall out the window and get impaled on a broken piece of wood. The others get into the car and they drive towards the compound. They climb the fence and go inside. They discover evidence that the compound was genetically manipulating the dogs in the facility. They find a radio, but it has no power to it. They get the power back on and John attaches Matt's cell phone to the radio antenna. John goes to attach a cable that is disconnected from the radio tower. Matt senses that the dogs have returned to the compound. As John is attaching the cable he sees Luke and Jenny's boat. A short causes John to fall off the tower and the building starts to catch on fire. John is attacked by dogs and Matt goes out to help him. Nicki opens the door to the compound building and lets in a group of dogs who are then killed when she opens the door to the fire next to a leaking propane tank. She drives the car up to Matt and John and picks them up and they drive to the boat. They get on the boat and leave the island. As they are sailing on the ocean, John goes to open the cabin door and a dog jumps out at him.