The Cabin in the Woods (2011)

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Five friends are hunted by a zombie family while on a vacation in a cabin in the woods.


Horror, Supernatural


The Director - Sigourney Weaver

Dana - Kristen Connolly

Curt - Chris Hemsworth

Jules - Anna Hutchison

Marty - Fran Kranz

Holden - Jesse Williams

Sitterson - Richard Jenkins

Hadley - Bradley Whitford

Truman - Brian White

Lin - Amy Acker

Mordecai - Tim DeZarn

Ronald the Intern - Tom Lenk

Matthew Buckner - Dan Payne

Patience Buckner - Jodelle Ferland

Father Buckner - Dan Shea

Mother Buckner - Maya Massar

Judah Buckner - Matt Drake

Clean Man - Nels Lennarson

Labcoat Girl - Rukiya Bernard

Demo Guys - Peter Kelamis and Adrian Holmes

Demo Girl - Chelah Horsdal

Operations Guy - Terry Chen

Accountant - Heather Doerksen

Elevator Guard - Patrick Sabongui

Lead Guard - Phillip Mitchell

Japanese Floaty Girl - Naomi Dane

Military Liaison - Ellie Harvie

Werewolf Wrangler - Patrick Gilmore

Chem Department Guy - Brad Dryborough

Japanese Frog Girl - Emili Kawashima

Japanese School Girls - Aya Furokawa, Maria Go, Serena Akane Chi, Abbey Imai, Marina Ishibashi, Miku Katsuura, Alicia Takase Lui, Jodi Tabuchi, Sara Taira and Alyssandra Yamamoto

Werewolf and Merman - Richard Cetrone

Sugarplum Fairy - Phoebe Galvan

Dismemberment Goblins - Simon Pidgeon and Matt Phillips

Floating Witch - Lori Stewart

Fornicus Lord of Bondage and Pain - Gregory Zach


Giant Bat

Creepy Clown

The Scarecrow Folk

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Detailed Synopsis

Hadley is telling Sitterson about his issues with his wife at home when Lin tells them that Stockholm failed and now it is up to either Japan or their team. Sitterson asks Lin if she is going to join the betting pool and then Hadley insults Lin by bringing up that the scenario has only failed once, which was the Chem Department's fault, which Lin belongs to. Dana is looking over her notebook from economics class when Jules comes in and Dana notices Jules dyed her hair blonde. Jules tries to burn a drawing Dana made of the economics teacher she was sleeping with, but Dana isn't over him yet. Curt walks into the room and throws a football out the window, which Holden catches. Curt sees the books Dana is bringing to read on their upcoming vacation and he suggests another book that he read when he took Economics. They pack their things in Curt's father's RV and see Marty drive up smoking from a giant bong that collapses into a coffee mug. They then drive towards Curtis' cousin's cabin and Clean Man notifies headquarters that they are on their way. Jules tells Curt that the road they are on isn't on the GPS and Marty rambles about society needing to crumble. Hadley and Sitterson enter their office and have their identities checked by Truman. Hadley asks Truman if he knows what is about to happen and Truman tells him, he has been told what to expect. Curt pulls over to get gas and Holden goes inside and is surprised by Mordecai, who gets upset about them stopping by when the sign says closed. Curt asks if they can get some gas and Holden asks for directions. Mordecai tells them that the road dead ends at the Buckner home. Marty insults Mordecai after Mordecai has insulted the other members of the group and Mordecai insults Jules and calls her a whore. They drive off after getting their gas and drive through a tunnel carved into a mountain and an eagle explodes when it runs into an invisible energy field.

They arrive at the cabin and go inside and everyone picks their room. Holden's room has a painting of a group of men and dogs graphically slaughtering a lamb. Holden removes the painting and finds a two way mirror with Dana on the other side of it. When Dana starts to take off her shirt, Holden knocks on the wall and then he shows the others the mirror. Holden offers to switch rooms with Dana and when Holden starts to get undressed, Dana puts the picture back over the mirror, but puts a blanket over it. Sitterson tells everyone the project is live and Hadley tells the engineering department about the room change. Lin tells Sitterson that she recommends a boost to Jule's libido and tells Sitterson they put a chemical in the hair dye Jules used to lower her cognition. Mordecai calls and gets upset when he realizes he is on speaker phone and is being made fun of by the others. Sitterson sets up the betting pool on what creature or creatures will be chosen to kill the college students. Ronald the Intern is told by Hadley that his pick has already been picked by maintenance. Lin notices Truman's dislike of the betting process and Hadley tells him The Director doesn't care ask long as everything goes okay. Hadley and Sitterson explain to Truman that while they get the victims to go into the cellar, the victims choose how they die. At the cabin, they start to play Truth or Dare. The door to the cellar suddenly flies open and Jules dares Dana to go into the cellar. She screams and the others go into the cellar and find it full of artifacts. Dana finds a journal written by Patience Buckner in 1903 and starts to read from it. It describes the torture of people by the Buckner family. At the end of the journal is a phrase in Latin that Dana reads, despite Marty's misgivings.

Suddenly the Buckner zombies rise from the ground. Sitterson declares a winner and the maintenance department and Ronald the Intern wins the pot. Labcoat Girl tells Sitterson she should win too as she picked zombies as the killers, but he points out Dana picked the Zombie Redneck Torture Family, which is different. Lin tells Truman that the creatures are made from old world tales and haunts. Hadley complains to Sitterson that Curt almost called forth the Merman and he is worried he will never see a Merman. Curt and Jules leave the cabin to have sex and Marty tells Dana he thinks something is going on due to the way people are acting uncharacteristic of themselves. Hadley and Sitterson change the temperature of the area Jules and Curt are in and add a pheromone mist. As Jules and Curt are kissing, Jules has a trowel stabbed into her hand by Judah Buckner. Curt tackles Mother Buckner, but is stabbed in the back by Judah Buckner. Matthew Buckner hits Curt in the head with a bear trap, which he then throws at Jules. Curt is grabbed by Father Buckner and forced to watch as Jules has her head sawed off by Judah and Mother Buckner. Sitterson says a prayer and blood is drained from the ground into an effigy. Marty hears someone whispering and leaves to go for a walk. As Marty is peeing, Curt runs up to him and tells him to run and they run into the cabin after Curt clotheslines Patience Buckner. Dana opens the cabin door to look for Jules and Matthew Buckner is standing outside the door and throws Jules' head to Dana. When Curt suggests they stay together, Sitterson releases a gas and Curt suddenly suggests they should split up. Marty knocks over a lamp and finds a small camera inside of it and thinks he is on a reality television show. Judah Buckner attacks him and throws his trowel into Marty's back. Marty is dragged into a pit and Sitterson pulls a handle that drains blood into a different effigy.

Holden breaks the mirror leading to Dana's room and Dana finds a cellar door which they use. Dana realizes the room they are in is the black room where people were tortured. Matthew Buckner uses the bear trap to grab Holden and Dana takes a hook and shoves it through Matthew's eye. She then repeatedly stabs Matthew with a knife, but drops her weapon when Sitterson presses a button which gives a slight shock to her hand. Curt finds them and they run to the RV and Curt tells Dana the Buckners got Marty. In Kyoto, Japan the Japanese School Girls are able to transform Japanese Floaty Girl into a frog by standing in a circle and singing. Japanese Frog Girl picks up the frog and shows the others and tells them the evil is defeated and Japanese Floaty Girl will live as the happy frog. Lin video calls Sitterson and he gets upset that the Japanese team failed. Other screens show feeds from Stockholm and Buenos Aires, which shows a dead horned gorilla, which have also failed. Hadley notices the tunnel away from the cabin is still open. Sitterson runs to the demolition department and asks them why the tunnel isn't destroyed and one of the Demo Guys tells him their was a glitch. Sitterson manages to hotwire the console next to Demo Girl and causes the tunnel to blow up. Curt, Dana and Holden get out of the RV and look at the chasm and Curt decides to try and jump it in his dirt bike. As Curt is halfway across the gorge, he hits the invisible barrier and plummets to his death. Dana realizes Marty was right and she and Holden get back into the RV. Holden tells Dana they can drive until they have to abandon the RV and then walk, and is suddenly killed by Father Buckner and the RV plunges into the water.

The team starts to celebrate and Hadley tells Truman Dana's death is optional. Dana makes it to the dock and is attacked by Matthew Buckner. At the party, Accountant is standing next to Operations Guy and tells Hadley she wishes she could do what he does and Operations Guy tells Hadley it was a classic when the RV hit the lake. Military Liaison asks Labcoat Girl and Werewolf Wrangler if they know if they will be getting an overtime bonus. Ronald the Intern tells the Military Liaison he is an intern so he can't get the bonus. Chem Department Guy tries to flirt with someone in his department, but she walks away. Sitterson walks up to Demo Guys and Demo Girl and they tell him their was a glitch from upstairs. The phone starts to ring and Hadley tells someone on the other end that everything should have gone as planned. As Dana is about to be killed by Matthew Buckner, Marty helps her and they manage to get away. Marty runs towards the gravesite and he and Dana go down into a tunnel. Dana finds Judah Buckner in pieces in a pile and Marty tells her he had to dismember him with a trowel. Dana tells Marty everyone else is dead and that he figured everything out about what was going on. Marty shows Dana the elevator that took the Buckner family to the cabin. He hotwires the elevator and they take it down. As the elevator progresses they come across a cube with a Werewolf inside. The elevator continues on and they pass cubes with a Ghost, the Sugarplum Fairy, and Fornicus Lord of Bondage and Pain, and during it, Dana realizes they chose how they were to die. Hadley tells security to kill Marty first and Lin tells him the weed Marty has been smoking has immunized him to their chemicals.

The elevator stops and Elevator Guard tells Dana and Marty to step out of the elevator by gunpoint. The Elevator Guard is grabbed by Judah Buckner's arm and Marty and Dana smash his head into the elevator, knocking him unconscious and Judah's hand latches onto his face. After Dana and Marty step out of the elevator they hear The Director tell them that they shouldn't be there and their fate is part of something bigger. She explains their fate is to be offered to the Great Old Ones. Dana and Marty run into an office as they are being shot at by security and Dana presses the system purge button. The Lead Guard then curses as the elevators open up and the room is flooded with monsters including a Floating Witch, the Werewolf and Dismemberment Goblins. The entire building is then attacked by the monsters. A Giant Bat breaks into the office and Dana and Marty run out. The Military Liaison is killed by a Creepy Clown and another person is stabbed through the chest by a Unicorn. The elevator comes down and Patience Buckner gets out. Truman is attacked by The Scarecrow Folk and he uses a grenade, which kills them and him. Hadley is knocked to the ground by the blast and killed by a Merman. Lin is grabbed by a giant octopus tentacle and Sitterson escapes into a tunnel. As he is running down the tunnel, he is accidentally impaled by Dana who is holding the trowel. Before dying he tells Dana to kill Marty. Dana and Marty walk into a room surrounded by effigies and a central pit. The Director appears and explains to them that every year there must be at least five given up for sacrifice, the whore, the athlete, the scholar, the fool and the virgin. The Director tells Dana she must kill Marty in order to save the world. Dana points a gun at Marty, but before she can shoot him, she is attacked by the Werewolf. Marty and The Director wrestle for the gun and Marty gets it and shoots at the Werewolf which runs away. Marty and The Director wrestle for the gun again and The Director is killed when Patience Buckner puts an ax into her skull. Marty then kicks The Director's body and Patience into the pit. He goes over to Dana and she tells him she doesn't think Curt even has a cousin. Dana apologizes for almost shooting Marty and he forgives her. They smoke a joint and Marty apologizes for ending the world and the building starts to collapse. They hold hands and a giant arm forces itself through the building.