The Children

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The Children


The Children are residents of Hillsboro, New Mexico.

During the events of The Brotherhood of Satan (1971) played by Kevin McEveety, Alyson Moore, Cindy Holden, Debbie Judith, Sheila McEveety, Scott Agular, Grant McGregor, Jonathan Eisley, Brian McEveety, Robyn Grei, Linda Tiffany

A toy tank suddenly grows to full size and crushes the occupants of a car. A Child picks up the now once again toy tank and brings it to the other Children. As Ben is driving, he swerves to avoid hitting a Child. Later, Stuart and Billie Joe walk in a trance out of their house and meet with other Children. They walk to the dilapidated house and Doc Duncan lets them inside.

K.T. appears at the dilapidated house and joins the other Children in a room. Doc Duncan stands nearby as a robed person brings The Children a cake and The Children play with birthday horns. Joey in a trance goes outside and meets with the other Children. The children take their place on the 13 pedestals and Doc Duncan prays for Satan to transfer The Witches souls to The Children's bodies. The Witches are all in turn set on fire with burning swords and killed, including Doc Duncan. The Sheriff, Tobey, Ben, and Nicky break open the door to the ritual room and finds a room full of only The Children, including K.T. that just stare at them.

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