The Echo (2008)

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When a man moves into his deceased mother's apartment, he starts to hear domestic abuse coming from the nearby apartment.


Horror, Supernatural


Bobby Reynolds - Jesse Bradford

Alyssa - Amelia Warner

Hector Rodriguez - Carlos Leon

Gina - Iza Calzado

Walter - Kevin Durand

Katie - Louise Linton

Carly - Jamie Bloch

Joseph - Pruitt Taylor Vince

Old Man - Aron Tager

Max - Hrant Alianak

Lucille Jiminez - Jayne Eastwood

Officer Cole - Arnold Pinnock

Detective - Marvin Hinz

Manager - George Santino

Helen Davis - Paulette Sinclair

Old Russian Woman - Bathsheba Garnett

Student - Stacey Laberge

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Detailed Synopsis

In New York City, Bobby Reynolds is meeting with Lucille Jiminez on what jobs are available. She tells him that due to the terms of his parole he will have to inform her where he is going to live. He tells her that he is going to live at his mother's, Helen Davis, old apartment and she tells him that he needs to check in every Tuesday. Bobby walks into the apartment building and goes to the manager's office. He tells Max that he is Helen's son and Max gives him the keys to apartment 519. He rides the elevator and when the door opens to another floor, an Old Russian Woman just stands outside the door muttering to herself. He gets off on the fifth floor and as he is walking to the apartment he sees Carly playing on a musical toy. He goes inside the apartment and looks at a photo of Helen and the cassette tapes she made of him when he was young. He goes to the bedroom and finds blood on the pillow. He hears a scraping noise and sees a hole in the wall. Bobby then hears a couple arguing in the next door apartment and when he goes to the window he sees the shadow of a person looking towards his apartment. He walks to the Patrician Grill and speaks with Alyssa. He invites her to get coffee, but she tells him that she has to do school work.

During the night, Bobby has a dream where he hears a scraping noise and moaning coming from the other apartment and Helen asking him for help. The next day he goes to Houston Auto Repair and gets a job from Hector Rodriguez. Bobby goes back to the manager's office and an Old Man playing chess by himself tells him that it is supper time and Max won't answer the door. He gets on the elevator and Walter gets on the elevator with him. They get off the elevator and Walter walks to the apartment next door. He hears the scraping noise again and the piano plays a key. When Bobby opens the keyboard cover he finds bloody fingerprints on the keys. He opens the lid of the piano and finds a tissue full of fingernails. Bobby asks Max who else has been in the apartment, but Max tells him that Bobby has the only key. Max tells Bobby that Helen used to lock herself in her apartment for weeks. During the evening, Bobby hears Walter yelling again. Bobby knocks on the wall and asks if everything is alright and the arguing stops. At work, Bobby thinks he sees a woman crying, but she disappears. Bobby walks to where Alyssa is and gives her a cup of coffee. She tells him that she is upset that he stopped writing to her when he was in prison. He comes home and finds Joseph standing outside his apartment. Joseph asks him if the noises are coming from Bobby and then asks Bobby if he hears them too.

As Bobby is walking by Walter's apartment he hears Walter yelling at Gina and hitting her. Bobby listens next to the door and then runs inside his apartment when he hears the screaming stop. Walter then comes out of his apartment and walks to Bobby's door and stares at it before walking away. Bobby goes into Helen's closet and finds numerous discarded food cans and a tape recorder. He plays it and hears Helen raving about hearing noises and asking where Bobby is. Bobby gets on the elevator and the Old Russian Woman refuses to talk to him. Alyssa goes to see Bobby and asks Carly if Bobby is in his apartment. She goes inside his apartment and sees the neighbor across the way staring at her through the window, but Bobby isn't inside. Bobby comes back and she tells him that his door was open and his neighbor was staring at her. He tells her that Helen starved to death from not leaving her apartment and it feels like she is still in the apartment. She shows him some of her clothing designs and she asks him what it was like in prison. Before leaving, Alyssa gives Bobby a kiss. While taking a shower, Bobby hears Gina asking for help and when he goes to the door, she runs inside her apartment. He knocks on her door and asks her if she needs help and when he goes back to his apartment, Walter knocks on his door and tells him to mind his own business.

Alyssa goes to Bobby's apartment with a plant and sees Gina knocking on his door. At school, Katie tells Alyssa that her measurements are off and Alyssa tells her about seeing Gina crying at Bobby's door. Bobby again hears Walter beating Gina and sees bruises on Carly's arms. He asks Carly what is going on at her apartment and invites her to play Helen's piano. As Bobby is trying to clean off the blood from the keys, he notices they are on the same keys that Carly plays on her toy piano. Bobby calls 911 and tells them what is happening next door. Officer Cole arrives with another officer and when they go inside the apartment, it is empty. Bobby asks Max who lives next to him, and Max tells him no one lives there. While Alyssa and Katie are studying, Alyssa starts to hear a girl crying. Alyssa tells Katie that Bobby went to prison when he saved her from being raped and beat the rapist to death. At work Bobby starts to bleed from his ears and Hector tells him to go see a doctor. Bobby tells Alyssa that he is seeing and hearing things that aren't there. She tells him that he deserted her and Helen and maybe that is why Helen went crazy. The Manager then tells Alyssa to get back to work. As Joseph is making dinner, he starts to hear voices and when he goes to throw his trash in the trash chute two arms grab at him. He runs back to his apartment and a badly beaten Gina tells him to open the door. He runs to his bathroom and a badly beaten Carly grabs his legs and he screams.

A Detective knocks on Bobby's door and asks him how well he knew Joseph and where Bobby was last night. Bobby walks by Joseph's apartment and sees his body being taken away. At work, Hector accuses Bobby of stealing one of the cars and sends him home. Alyssa goes into the restroom at school and starts seeing images of a dead Carly. She runs out of the restroom and a Student asks her if she is okay. Bobby goes to the school to talk to Alyssa and Katie tells him that he is ruining Alyssa's life and Alyssa knows about Gina. Hector goes to Bobby's apartment to apologize after the missing car is returned and when he gets on the elevator to leave, Carly is on it. He sees blood on the back of her head and asks her if she is alright. She runs out of the elevator and Hector starts to follow her and finds her body in the dumpster. He screams for help and accidentally falls down the stairs and dies. Lucille calls Bobby and is upset that he didn't show up for their parole meeting.

Bobby goes to the apartment and starts seeing Carly appear and disappear and sees the neighbor staring at him in the window again. Alyssa calls Bobby and tells him that she is hearing the noises too and is coming to his apartment. Bobby bangs on the door of the Old Man that has been watching him and the Old Man tells the story of how Walter beat Gina and Carly to death and then shot himself in the head. Bobby tells the Old Man that he and the other neighbors are partly responsible for their deaths for not doing anything. Alyssa knocks on Gina's door and goes inside the apartment. The door locks behind her and as she tries to leave she is beaten by Walter's spirit. Bobby goes back to his apartment and hears Alyssa crying out. He finds her and brings her to his apartment and calls 911. The events of the day of the murders replay and Walter comes home from work to find Gina outside the apartment with suitcases. She tells him that she and Carly are leaving him and she starts screaming for help. Walter starts attacking Gina, but Bobby intervenes and this time Gina beats Walter to death. The spirits of Gina, Carly and Walter then disappear. Bobby then goes to comfort Alyssa.