The Evictors (1979)

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A couple move into their house in the country and are soon stalked by an unknown assailant.


Horror, Slasher


Jake Rudd - Vic Morrow

Ben Watkins - Michael Parks

Ruth Watkins - Jessica Harper

Olie Gibson - Sue Ane Langdon

Mr. Bumford - Dennis Fimple

Preacher Higgins - Bill Thurman

Mr. Buckner - Jimmy Clem

Mr. Wheeler - Harry Thomasson

Mrs. Bumford - Twyla Taylor

Mrs. Mullins - Mary Branch

Mr. Mullins - John Meyer

Mr. Rhinehart - John Milam

Mrs. Rhinehart - Roxanne Harter

Sheriff - Foster Litton

G-Man - Owen Guthrie

G-Man - Ron White

G-Man - Thomas Ham

Deputies - Donald Hodge, Raymond Meyers, Ervin Reed, William Rexon, Robert Sibley, and Stanley Taylor

Peddler - Lucius Farris

Banker - Jesse Cagle

Lady at Party - Marilyn Gorsylowsky

Dwayne Monroe - Glen Roberts

Man at Store - S.F. Vaughan

Doctor - John Fertitta

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Detailed Synopsis

During the summer of 1928, a car full G-Men meets up with a car driven by Deputies. A deputy confirms with the Banker that the owners of the house they are driving to shot at him. The wife tells Dwayne Monroe there is no way they can get away with killing people. The wife wants to leave and give up the house, but Dwayne refuses. The car with the G-Men, deputies and Banker parks in front of the house and the Banker gets out. The Banker pulls out an eviction notice which is then shot out of his hand. A gunfight erupts and three more vehicles full of deputies and G-Men arrive. During the gunfight, the wife is shot in the legs and screams.

In northern Louisiana in the autumn of 1942, Jake Rudd shows Ben Watkins and Ruth Watkins the same house from 1928. After the tour around the house, Jake hands them the keys to the house and tells them he will try and push the mortgage paperwork as soon as possible. A few days later Jake sees them again and congratulates them on buying the house. He gives Ruth an extra key and tells them good luck. They find a note inside welcoming them from Olie Gibson. Mr. Wheeler tells Ben, Mr. Buckner wanted him to invite Ben to the annual employee picnic. Ruth walks into town and tells Jake the locals aren't very friendly. As she is walking home she sees the mailman dropping off mail. She finds a note in the mailbox with the words "I want you to move". Ben comes home and he tells her about the picnic and she asks if they can go to church and then shows him the note from the mailbox. A Peddler stops by the house and tries to sell some things to Ruth. He tells her the house had been abandoned for a long time and that multiple people had been killed in the house. He then tells her the story of Mrs. Mullins who was supposedly kicked to death by a mule and Mr. Mullins who was dragged to death by the mule.

On 16 June 1934, Mrs. Mullins is in the kitchen while Mr. Mullins is out in the fields with Linus the mule. Mrs. Mullins calls out for Mr. Mullins and when he doesn't answer she goes into the barn and is killed by a man with a horseshoe.

Ben buys some chickens from the Peddler and also offers him work chopping wood. Jake says hello to Ben and Ruth after church service with Preacher Higgins and then Olie introduces herself to them. She invites them over for food and tells Ruth if she ever gets lonely to come and visit her. At the employee picnic, Mr. Wheeler introduces Ben and Ruth to Mr. Buckner. Lady at Party introduces Ruth to Mrs. Bland and her daughter, Barbara. Mr. Buckner tells Ben he can't afford to buy new machines and tells him he will try and get him a draft deferment. The maid tells Lady at Party that someone is calling for her and Jake approaches Ruth. Ruth asks him about what happened in 1934 and accuses him of knowingly not telling her and Ben about the incident. She tells Ben all the woman keep on talking about the house and none of them will come over even when they are invited. Before they leave, Lady at Party gives them a pie to take with them. As Ruth is cutting Ben a piece of pie, she sees a man standing outside staring at her. She screams and calls for Ben, but when he comes downstairs the man is gone. Ben goes on a business trip and Ruth goes to visit Olie. Olie tells her about her past and the death of her husband. Ruth brings up the incident in 1934, and Olie tells her about something that happened in 1939 at the house.

On 18 December 1939, the same man that Ruth saw turns off the power to Mr. Rhinehart and Mrs. Rhinehart's home. When Mr. Rhinehart and Mrs. Rhinehart return from shopping they notice the electricity is off and Mrs. Rhinehart calls Olie to see if her electricity is out too. Olie tells her that her power is still on. As Mr. Rhinehart is checking the fuses, the man turns the power back on and Mr. Rhinehart is electrocuted to death. Mrs. Rhinehart goes outside to check on Mr. Rhinehart and is then grabbed by the man, locked in the shed and then burned alive when the man sets the shed on fire.

The Peddler stops by and starts to chop wood when he finds Ben and Ruth gone. As he returns from stacking the cut wood on the porch, he is attacked and killed by the man wielding an ax. As the man is driving the Peddler's vehicle away, Ruth sees him. Ruth goes inside and finds the fireplace going and a note on the ax "thanks pay later Roy Lee". As she is putting away books, she hears a creaking noise coming from upstairs. Ben calls and tells her he is coming home early and she tells him she thinks someone is in the house, but he can't hear her and hangs up. The man appears at the top of the stairs and when Ruth tries to open the door, it is jammed by a piece of wood. She uses a pan to break a window and manages to run away. She goes to Olie's house and tells her what happened. Ben arrives at Olie's house and Ruth tells him what happened. Ben asks Olie if he can borrow a shotgun and she also gives him a box of shells. Ben and Ruth return home and they search the house for the man, but don't find him. Ruth tells Ben she wants to go back to New Orleans, but he tells her they can't afford to. They go into town and as Ruth buys bacon from Man at Store, Ben talks to the Sheriff who tells him they will be able to visit their house twice during the day and twice during the night. Ben buys a gun and teaches Ruth how to use it. He calls Ruth and tells her he is going to have to work late, but Olie said she could stay with her. Ruth goes to Olie's house, but she doesn't answer the door. Ben tells Mr. Wheeler that no one is answering at his house or at Olie's house and he is going to leave. Ruth returns home and notices the phone won't work. She sees the man and tries to shoot him, but misses. The man breaks into the house, but walks out again when he sees Ben driving up. Ben walks into the house and Ruth shoots him. The man then walks into the house and attacks Ruth with a large knife, but is shot by Ben and crawls away. The Doctor tells Ruth there was nothing they could do and Ben is dead. Preacher Higgins presides over Ben's funeral. When Olie gets home, she finds the man in her bed. He pulls a knife on Olie who takes off her wig, revealing her to be the woman that originally lived in the house and the man to be Dwayne. She tells him that their plan has always worked. Dwayne stabs Olie and Jake drives Ruth to Olie's house to say goodbye. Dwayne attacks Ruth and Jake runs into the house and shoots Dwayne to death.

Five years later in 1947, Mr. Bumford and Mrs. Bumford go to Jake's office. They tell him that the houses he told them about were junk, but they saw a house they liked, which turns out to be Ben and Ruth's old house. Jake accepts their offer and pulls out his glasses, which match those of Dwayne's brother. Ruth walks in and Jake introduces her as his wife. Mr. Bumford and Mrs. Bumford leave and after Ruth finds out that they are going to buy her old house, she tells Jake she doesn't want anyone else to live in the house.

"On Tuesday June 3rd, 1948, Mrs. Bumford was found in an old well at the back of the house. Death ruled accidental. Three months later on September the eighth, Mr. Bumford was found hanging in the front room, Coroner's Office ruled suicide. Today, this house remains vacant."