The Exterminators of the Year 3000 (1983)

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A survivor of the post-apocalypse helps a young boy find water for a dying village for his own selfish reasons.


Post-Apocalyptic, Environmental

Post-Apocalyptic, War


Alien - Robert Iannucci

Trash - Alicia Moro

Papillon - Alan Collins

Senator - Eduardo Fajardo

Crazy Bull - Fred Harris

Shadow - Beryl Cunningham

Tommy - Luca Ventantini

Linda - Anna Orso

John - Venantino Venantini

Bill - Sergio Mioni

Water Tanker Driver and Unit 68B Cop - Roman Ariznavarreta

Jose' Chinchilla

Garcia Monserrat

Riccardo Mioni

Water Tanker Escort - Franco Salamon

Water Tanker Escort Driver - Goffredo Unger

Virgilio Daddi



The Exterminators

Mutant Water Cultists

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Detailed Synopsis

Unit 68B Cop and Bill are patrolling the area when control contacts them and tells them they have been deactivated and to return to base, but they ignore control. They pull over at the location of a broken down RV and as they are joking about giving the skeletons inside a ticket, they see a car driving quickly in their direction. Alien stops before reaching them and then drives directly at them. They try to run back to their car, but Unit 68B Cop is hit by Alien's vehicle and killed. Bill, runs as Alien chases him down a hill. Alien parks and then throws a pair of bolas at Bill, who falls down. He then takes Bill's canteen and drinks the water in it. As he is drinking water from a tank in Bill's car, Trash, who is disguised, runs and gets into Alien's car, the Exterminator, and steals it. Alien follows her in Bill's car but crashes and his car flips over and he is trapped in it.

Tommy is petting Jojo and looking out into the desert when some other kids walk up to him and one them invites Tommy to ride bikes with them. One of the kids tells Tommy that his father, who went to look for water, probably drank all of the water for himself. The kids then run off after calling Tommy's father a coward and traitor. Tommy runs to Linda who is giving temperature and humidity readings to Edward. Tommy asks Linda if his father is a traitor and Edward tells him the kids are saying that because they are scared about running out of water. Senator arrives with John and asks Linda what the humidity reading is. The Senator tells them if they don't get water soon then everything might be for nothing. John offers to go and get water, but the Senator tells him they have already talked about it and he doesn't want to lose anyone else. A man runs up to the Senator with an empty bucket and tells the Senator there isn't anymore water in the water tanks. The Senator tells a gathering crowd they must wait, but John tells him the ozone layer destroyed during the nuclear war won't return. John asks the Senator again to go and the Senator tells him he may go. The Senator asks John what he will need on his trip and then tells him he will tell Taylor to prepare a tanker and two armed trucks to go with him. Tommy asks to go, but John tells him it is too risky.

John tells the Water Tanker Driver what direction to go based on a map he has. He hears something and finds Tommy hiding in the truck. The Water Tanker Driver tells John it is too late to go back. Suddenly The Exterminators appear and start chasing the convoy. Crazy Bull urges his gang on and The Exterminators attack. John tells the Water Tanker Escort Drivers to cover them as they try to escape. A Water Tanker Escort lights a fuse and drops explosive barrels in the path of the Exterminators. The attack continues as both Water Tanker Escorts and members of The Exterminators are killed and a Water Tanker Escort Driver veers into an Exterminator car and crushes it. An Exterminator climbs onto the truck and then shoot and kills the Water Tanker Escort Driver. John gives Tommy the map to the water and tells him to stay hidden. The Water Tanker Driver is then impaled with a grappling hook and killed when an Exterminator forces the Water Tanker to stop suddenly. John is dragged from the truck and Crazy Bull jumps on the water truck to find it empty. Shadow goes to kill John, but Crazy Bull tells her he wants to talk with him. He asks John where the water is, but John refuses to tell him and Crazy Bull tells him Fred is dead. After John spits in Crazy Bull's face, Crazy Bull has Shadow stab John in the throat with her claws and he dies. Tommy leaves the Water Tanker and walks into the desert.

He finds a harmonica in an abandoned car and takes it and as he is playing it, he hears a noise. He sees Alien in the upturned vehicle and slowly approaches him and gives him a drop of water from his canteen. Alien asks for more water and then asks for the nearby jack. When Tommy asks what he will get in return, Alien grabs him and tells him he wont kill him slowly. Tommy demands something else and after he asks if Alien knows where a tanker is to fill with water, Alien lies and tells him he knows where there is a tanker. Alien gets free and then takes Tommy's canteen from him and drinks more water. When Tommy tells him he owes him his life, Alien drains the last of Tommy's water into his own canteen and tosses Tommy's canteen to him after telling him he doesn't make deals. Alien walks off and Tommy follows him. He finishes his water and asks Tommy if he really knows where water is. Alien offers to help Tommy, but demands something in return. When Tommy offers the chance to help society, Alien tells him none of that matters to him and he needs more. As they are about to head towards the water, Crazy Bull and his Exterminators arrive. Crazy Bull asks Alien where the Exterminator is, which Alien had stolen from Crazy Bull. Crazy Bull orders his gang to grab Alien and to tie him between two motorcycles to be drawn and quartered. Alien offers Crazy Bull a deal, if he lets him go and gives him a dirt bike, he will tell him where water is. Crazy Bull agrees and as Alien rides off he tells Crazy Bull to ask Tommy where the water is. Crazy Bull has his gang grab Tommy and when Tommy refuses to tell him where the water is, Crazy Bull has him tied between two dirt bikes. The dirt bikes then drive in opposite directions and Tommy's arm is ripped from his body.

Alien attacks the camp and rescues Tommy and grabs his ripped off arm. Edward tells the Senator that they have run out of water in the well and the Senator says the only thing left is to hope that John returns soon with water, and Linda adds and with Tommy. Alien duct tapes Tommy's arm back on and they start walking when the dirt bike runs out of gas. Eventually Alien picks up Tommy and they reach the home of Papillon, who initially shoots at them. When Alien tells Papillon it's him, Papillon shoots at him again. Alien tells him he knows where there is water if Papillon helps him. As Alien is walking towards Papillon, he sees the Exterminator parked outside and Papillon tells him he repaired and improved it. Alien tells Papillon about Tommy's arm, but when Papillon tells him it is beyond his capabilities, Alien threatens to shoot Papillon in the arm if he doesn't help. Papillon takes Tommy into his workshop and after getting Tommy drunk on some beer, he works on Tommy's arm. He asks Tommy if he can modify it and then sends Alien outside so as not to bother him while he works. Alien gets into the Exterminator and Trash, who hides her voice, puts a mini crossbow to his head and tells him to walk outside. Alien stops when he sees a snake and when Trash shoots a crossbow bolt at the snake, Alien hits her across the face and when he sees it is her, kisses her. Trash knees him in the groin and reminds Alien that he abandoned her to a gang of marauders. Tommy passes out from drinking beer and Jojo walks across his chest. Alien tells Trash he knows where there is enough water to make them warlords. Alien goes into the workshop and discovers Tommy's new arm has super strength. Alien tells Tommy that after they eat they can leave in the Exterminator and Tommy tells him he is staying and Papillon offered to let him use his tanker and Trash would drive it. Tommy then tells him he told Trash where the water is and Alien gets mad that he didn't tell him where it is.

Trash and Alien leave and when they stop just short of the area, Trash tells Alien the water is in the Old Central Station. Alien walks over to Trash and tells her he has no intention of giving the water to Tommy and he suggests they take it and sell it to the highest bidder. When Trash refuses to betray Tommy, Alien throws her from the truck and tries to steal the water truck after chaining her up. When he realizes he doesn't know how to start it, he unchains Trash after she demands they continue and give the water to Tommy and his people. Tommy and Papillon test out Tommy's new arm and Papillon tells him what it was like before the apocalypse. Alien and Trash drive to the Old Central Station and Trash uses an ultrasonic key device to break in. As they walk into the building they see a large pump and as they walk towards it the doors shut on them. They are then attacked by Mutant Water Cultists who tell them they have profaned their hidden shrine. They shoot or kill all of the Cultists and then run to the tanks of water. Alien again tells Trash they can sell it, and tells her not to interfere with his plan. Trash starts to kiss Alien and then uses the ultrasonic key device to knock him unconscious. He wakes up and gets into the Exterminator to chase after Trash. As he is driving, Trash drives in his direction and tells him Crazy Bull is chasing her. Alien tells her to keep on going and he will take care of Crazy Bull.

Shadow tells Crazy Bull she will go after the water tanker and gets on a dirt bike and chases after it. Crazy Bull orders the Exterminators to attack and Alien kills them using the Exterminator one by one. Shadow uses a mini crossbow bolt to puncture one of the water tanker tires and the tanker crashes into a berm. As Shadow is about to kill Trash, Tommy and Papillon show up and Tommy kills the Exterminator holding Trash by throwing a rock into his forehead. Shadow grabs Trash and tells Tommy to hold still. Papillon uses a mirror to flash Shadow in the eyes and Trash runs away. Papillon run towards Shadow and she stabs him in the chest with her claws. Trash then uses a chain to choke Shadow and then runs to Papillon. Before dying Papillon tells Trash to tell Alien he is a big son of a bitch but he loves him like a son and then dies. Trash and Tommy then take Papillon's truck to help Alien. When they leave, Shadow opens the spigot to the water truck, releasing the water onto the ground and then dies. Tommy and Trash arrive and Tommy starts throwing dynamite sticks at the Exterminators. Crazy Bull jumps on the Exterminator and starts trying to stab Alien with a sword. Alien manages to throw him off and as Crazy Bull charges him, Alien shoots him with his pistol and kills him. Alien, Trash and Tommy return to the water tanker and find it empty. The Senator holds up a dead plant and crumples it in his hand and Linda inspects the dried remains of other plants. Alien, Trash and Tommy return to Old Central Station, but a Mutant Water Cultist causes a bomb to explode, destroying the complex. Alien, Trash and Tommy get out of the water truck and Trash notices water on Alien's face and thinks he is crying. He tells her he isn't and it starts to pour rain and they cheer and celebrate.