The Fog (1980)

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The dead come back for revenge 100 years after a group of townspeople stole their gold.


Horror, Supernatural


Stevie Wayne - Adrienne Barbeau

Elizabeth Solley - Jamie Lee Curtis

Kathy Williams - Janet Leigh

Mr. Machen - John Houseman

Nick Castle - Tom Atkins

Dick Baxter - James Canning

Dan O'Bannon - Charles Cyphers

Sandy Fadel - Nancy Loomis

Andy - Ty Mitchell

Father Malone - Hal Holbrook

Al Williams - John Goff

Tommy Wallace - George "Buck" Flower

Mrs. Kobritz - Regina Waldon

Dockmaster - Jim Haynie

Mel - Darrow Igus

Sheriff Simms - John Vic

Mayor - Jay Jacobs

Ashcroft - Fred Franklyn

Stunt Driver - James Windburn

Ghosts - Ric Moreno, Lee Sacks and Tommy Wallace

Bartender - Bill Taylor

Blake - Rob Bottin

Blake's Voice - Charles Nicklin

Dr. Phibes - Darwin Joston

Children - Laurie Arent, Lindsey Arent. Shari Jacoby, and Christopher Cundey

Grocery Clerk - John Strobel

Bennett - John Carpenter

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Detailed Synopsis

At 11:55 p.m., Mr. Machen tells a group of Children, including Andy, a story of an event that happened 100 years ago on the soon to be same day on the 21st of April in the waters near Spivey Point in Antonio Bay. He continues that a small clipper ship named the Elizabeth Dane floated towards the shore when a fog rolled in. They steered a course towards a light they saw, which turned out to be just a campfire and the ship crashed against the rocks. The ship then sank along with everyone on board. He says that through generations, fisherman have told the tale that someday, the dead will rise up and search for the campfire that led to their deaths. The church bell rings at midnight and Bennett is listening to the radio as he is working in the church. The DJ, Stevie Wayne, notes it is midnight, the beginning of the witching hour and Bennett tells Father Malone that he is done for the day. Bennett asks if he can get paid and Father Malone tells him to show up two hours later the next day. A piece of the church wall falls down and Father Malone finds a journal inside from Father Patrick Malone written in 1880. He starts to read it starting on the day of 30 April. Stevie wishes the town of Antonio Bay a happy 100th birthday over the radio.

Sheriff Simms is listening to the police radio and the pay phones start ringing all over town. A Grocery Clerk is sweeping up the store when he hears something break. The bottles start shaking in the store and at the service station, a gas pump falls out and starts leaking gasoline and cars horns start suddenly blaring. Sandy Fadel walks over to her window and the horns stop, but her tv turns on suddenly. Nick Castle is driving his truck when he comes across Elizabeth Solley hitchhiking. He pulls over and lets Elizabeth in. She tells him that he is her 13th ride and as they are driving through town, the windshield and windows on his truck suddenly shatter. At the radio station, the phone rings and Stevie answers it. Dan O'Bannon tells her the position of a trawler called the Sea Grass which is nearing a fog bank. Stevie gets back on the radio and warns the Sea Grass about the fog bank. Al Williams, who is listening on the radio on the Sea Grass, tells Tommy Wallace and Dick Baxter that he would like to meet Stevie some day. Tommy tells them he can't see any fog bank, but then a fog bank suddenly appears. Lights appear within the fog and Dick goes to the radio room. He sees what appears to be a ship in the fog and Al and Tommy come over and their generator goes out when fog enters it. Al and Tommy go on deck and see a clipper ship pass by. They see some shadows in the fog and Al is stabbed in the chest with a sword multiple times while Tommy is killed with a fish hook. A Ghost goes into the radio room and stabs Dick in the eyeball over and over.

The phone rings and Dan tells Stevie that the fog bank is moving west, while the winds are moving east. Elizabeth shows Nick her drawings and tells him she plans to hitchhike all the way to Vancouver. A shadow knocks on the front door, but leaves before Nick answers it, at exactly one o'clock. The next day, Andy is walking down the beach when he sees a gold coin. He runs over to collect it and when it gets covered by the surf, it is then replaced by a piece of wood with the word Dane. He takes it and shows it to Stevie. Nick and Elizabeth walk to the dock and Nick asks the Dockmaster where Al is. Kathy Williams tells Sandy the schedule for the anniversary events. Elizabeth and Nick go out on Ashcroft's boat and they find the Sea Grass. Kathy tells Sandy that Al didn't come home the night before. They drive to the church and Kathy says her next project is restoring the Morgantown Road Cemetery. Kathy finds Father Malone and he shows her the journal and reads to her and Sandy the contents, starting from December 9. Nick notices that all the glass on Al's boat has been shattered. The journal talks about how Blake offered to give money to the town if they would allow him and other members of his leper colony to move near the town of Antonio Bay. It continues that the father and five other town members planned the deaths of Blake and his fellow lepers.

As Nick is telling Elizabeth the story of the Resa Jane ship, the eyeless body of Dick falls on Elizabeth. Father Malone continues to read from the journal which details the night Blake and the others died off the rocks of Spivey Point. Salt water starts seeping from the wood plank from the Elizabeth Dane Andy gave Stevie and when she looks at the wood, the words 6 must die appears on it then disappears. The body of Dick is brought back on Ashcroft's boat. Stevie calls home and asks Andy where he got the driftwood from and she makes him promise her that he won't leave the house. Andy notices the fog and tells Mrs. Kobritz about it. Dr. Phibes examines Dick's body and notes the lungs are full of salt water. He tells Nick that Dick's body is full of algae and silt. Dick's body rises from the table and writes the number 3 on the ground before collapsing. During the anniversary celebration, the Mayor gives a speech. Sheriff Simms tells Kathy that the Coast Guard is still searching for Al and Tommy. Nick takes his drink the Bartender had poured and calls Stevie, who had just mentioned a fog rolling in, and asks her about it. She tells him she saw the same fog yesterday and it appeared to be glowing. Dan gets to the weather station and greets Mel before taking over his shift. He calls Stevie and tells her of a fog bank moving inland. She goes on the radio to tell her listeners and Nick drives his truck, along with Elizabeth in that direction.

The lights go out at the weather station and Dan opens the door and is killed by a Ghost. Kathy gives her speech and Stevie goes on the radio and asks Sheriff Simms to contact her. He calls her, but the fog rolls over the phone lines and they are cut. The fog rolls over the Tri-County Power Co. Substation, and it malfunctions and the power goes out. Stevie goes on the radio and asks anyone to help Andy. Mrs. Kobritz tells Andy to go to his room and then opens the front door. The Ghosts kill Mrs. Kobritz and start to beat on Andy's bedroom door. Nick drives up to the house with Elizabeth and saves Andy and they drive away. Sheriff Simms tells the Mayor and Kathy that they should end the celebration early, but Kathy thinks they should continue. Stevie continues to relay the path of the fog over the radio. She tells people to drive to the old church, which Nick and Sandy, who is driving Kathy home, do. Nick, Elizabeth, Andy, Kathy, Sandy and Father Malone go to the basement. The fog rolls towards the light house where Stevie's radio station is at. Father Malone reads the journal further and finds out that his ancestor stole the gold from the townspeople and used it to make a golden cross, which he finds in the church wall near where the journal fell out. Father Malone walks towards the Ghosts carrying the golden cross and calls for Blake. Stevie climbs to the roof of the lighthouse and is stabbed in the shoulder with a fish hook. The Ghost of Blake grabs the golden cross and then he and the other Ghosts disappear and the fog slowly recedes. Later, Father Malone wonders why he wasn't killed, and then has his head cut off by Blake's Ghost.