The Giant Spider Invasion (1975)

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A meteor crashes and spiders erupt from the ground and grow to enormous size.


Horror, Monster


Dr. Vance - Steve Brodie

Dr. Jenny Langer - Barbara Hale

Kester - Robert Easton

Ev - Leslie Parrish

Sheriff - Alan Hale

Dutch - Bill Williams

Perkins - Kevin Brodie

Terry - Dianne Lee Hart

Preacher - Tain Bodkin

Billy - Paul Bentzen

Deputy - J. Stewart Taylor

Helga - Christiana Schmidtmer

Rider - William W. Gillett, Jr.

Giant Spider

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Detailed Synopsis

A meteor heads towards Earth. At the sheriff's office, Perkins walks in to greet the Sheriff to see if he has news for the local paper. Perkins then tells the Sheriff that he has a date with Terry and the Sheriff tells him to watch out for Kester. Kester walks out of the house and Ev asks him where he is going and he tells her to the revival in town. The Preacher tells the audience that his revival will change their life. Perkins walks up to the Kester place and Ev offers him a drink of liquor as he waits for Terry. Perkins tells Ev that good looks run in her family and she tells him if he was older she would have sex with him. Terry goes outside and she and Perkins leave. A local calls the Sheriff and asks if he can arrest the Preacher for disturbing the peace, but he tells them it isn't an arrest able offence. The Preacher talks about fire and brimstone. Ev calls Dutch and asks him to bring her some liquor and she'll reward him later. Kester leaves Helga's place and tells her he will be back again. He gets home and tells Ev, who asks him what the revival was about, that the Preacher was against sin. Suddenly the meteor hits behind the Kester house. Perkins and Terry see it, and afterwards his car won't start. A person on a motorcycle crashes when the meteor hits. Ev wants Kester to investigate the meteor, but Kester tells her he will check it out in the morning.

At the United States Air Force Headquarters of Strategic Air Command, the radar starts malfunctioning. Someone calls into the Sheriff's office and tells him their radio won't work and their car won't start. Terry gets home and tells Kester she had to walk home because Perkins' car wouldn't start, but he tells her that was just Perkins tricking her and threatens to spank her. Dr. Jenny Langer calls NASA and tells them she has a gamma ray burst reading and the barometer has dropped tremendously. Rider walks into Dr. Vance's office and tells him odd stuff is happening in northern Wisconsin. Dr. Vance recalls that there was a foul up on a B-52 in the same area. Rider then tells Dr. Vance to go to Wisconsin. Rider calls Dr. Vance in the morning and tells him some seaman saw a plane crash, but he doesn't know if it was the B-52. In the morning Ev asks Kester when he is going to check out the meteor. but he tells her to let him eat his breakfast in peace. After giving a lecture on stars, Dr. Jenny Langer goes to the observatory. Dr. Vance arrives and after assuming he is there to see either her father, brother or husband, she tells him, he is here to see her. She tells him about the readings she had collected and they go to her lab. They look at some readings and they are still not normal. While searching for the source of the light last night, Ev falls down next to a cow head. Dr. Langer tells Dr. Vance that due to the radiation levels, anyone living near the meteor crash site would be in great danger and Dr. Vance suggests they try and find the crash site. Kester and Ev continue to search their ranch and find dead cow after dead cow. Kester then tells Ev he will just butcher the meat and sell it to Dutch's cafe.

Dr. Vance asks Dr. Langer if she thinks the Sheriff will help them search for the site using a Geiger Counter. Kester continues to search the ranch and Ev finds a rock and then they find a lot more near a hole in the ground. While Kester is trying to break open a rock with a hammer and chisel, the rock falls onto the ground and breaks open and a spider climbs out. Kester picks up one half of the rock and inside are what Ev and Kester think are diamonds. Kester uses the gem to cut a dollar sign in the window, which makes him and Ev think they are diamonds even more. Dr. Langer introduces Dr. Vance to the Sheriff. Perkins walks into Dutch's cafe and greets Dr. Langer and the Sheriff and is introduced to Dr. Vance. Perkins then tells them about what happened to him and Terry the other night. Mrs. Cooper calls the Sheriff and tells him, her husband is missing. Kester goes out with a shovel and pail to find more rocks and as he does, he finds the dead body of Mr. Cooper, which he then buries. He walks back home and tells Ev he found a body. Ev wants to tell the Sheriff, but Kester tells her that he would then find the diamonds and the marijuana they are growing. Kester gathers more rocks and then goes to see Helga. Ev goes to lay in bed and as she gets up and looks in a drawer for some sleeping pills, a large spider is in the drawer. She runs outside and into the shed and is attacked and killed by a bigger spider.

Before leaving Helga's, Kester gives her a gem from the rock. He goes to Billy's store and shows him the gems and Billy tells him they aren't diamonds, but a pail of them might be worth some money. Kester goes looking for Ev, but Terry tells him she doesn't know where Ev is. He offers to give Terry a diamond if she treats him "nice". The Sheriff stops by and asks Kester if has seen Mr. Cooper, but Kester and Terry tell him they haven't. A helicopter pilot tells Dr. Vance that he has identified a highly radioactive area near the Kester place and Dr. Langer asks him if he could take a photo. Dr. Vance and Dr. Langer look at the photo and decide it matches a space warp, or miniature black hole. As Kester is looking for more rocks, he is attacked by a Giant Spider and killed. Helga tries to get off work early at Dutch's, but Dutch figures out she is lying about seeing an Aunt who is visiting. Billy goes to Kester's house and asks Terry where Kester is. He propositions her, but she kicks him out. As he is driving back into town, he runs into a giant spider web and is attacked by a Giant Spider. He manages to drive away, but crashes his car into a car mechanic shop, which explodes, killing him. Terry is in the house when she is attacked by large and Giant Spiders. Dutch tells Perkins that he just heard Billy died in a car accident. Dr. Langer and Dr. Vance go searching for the location of the high radiation. Perkins calls the Kester house but their phone is dead and he tells Dutch he is going to their house.

Dutch calls Bob, Carl, Jack and Peter and tells them to listen. The Giant Spider continues to terrorize Terry. Perkins arrives at the Kester house and finds it demolished and starts shooting at the Giant Spider. He sees Terry and picks her up and drives her away to the hospital. Dr. Vance and Dr. Langer are still searching for the radiation, when the Giant Spider comes across them and they run away. Dr. Vance and Dr. Langer go to the Sheriff's office and the Sheriff tells them he just found the remains of Joe Cooper and they tell him there is a fifty foot spider on the loose. The Sheriff shows them some rocks he found near Mr. Cooper and they ask him if they can run some tests on them. Perkins calls the Sheriff and tells him about the attack on Terry. Dr. Langer and Dr. Vance try to figure out how to close the black hole and Dr. Vance comes up with the idea of pumping it full of extra mass. Dr. Vance calls Rider and tells him to send him a machine that can send a charge of neutrons. Dutch holds a meeting with locals to plan an attack on the Giant Spiders. The Deputy arrives at Dutch's Cafe and tells the mob to disperse, but they drive away. At Swanson's Amusements and the local baseball park, the Giant Spider starts attacking.

The Sheriff gets a call about a Giant Spider attack in Gleason, Wisconsin. The sheriff calls the National Guard and asks for help. The device is delivered from NASA and flown inside a helicopter. Dr. Vance tells Dr. Langer that once the device hits the meteorite hole, the spiders will be destroyed, and while walking around they find the skeletal remains of Ev. They call the Sheriff and tell him to bring the spider towards the black hole. A large group of people gather around Dutch when the Sheriff arrives and the Sheriff orders the people to leave. The Giant Spider invades the town and starts attacking the people, wounding or killing some of them. The crowd disperses and Dutch is found dead. The Deputy arrives and tells Dr. Vance and Dr. Langer that the Giant Spider is heading their way. The Deputy tries to keep the Giant Spider away from the black hole until the neutrino gadget is ready, but is killed. The Giant Spider walks towards the black hole and Dr. Vance fires a flare gun and the black hole collapses and the Giant Spider starts to melt. A group of people run towards the melting Giant Spider and Dr. Vance and Dr. Lander hug.