The Gyro Captain

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The Gyro Captain


The Gyro Captain ambushes and robs travelers in the wasteland of Australia.

During the events of The Road Warrior (1981) played by Bruce Spence

Max pulls over and sees a snake coiled on a gyrocopter. As Max grabs the snake, The Gyro Captain climbs out of a hiding spot and points a crossbow at Max. The Gyro Captain taunts Max about stealing his gas, and Max warns him the tanks on his vehicle are booby trapped. The Gyro Captain makes Max turn off the explosives trigger on the bottom of his vehicle, but is then attacked by Dog. Max pulls a knife on The Gyro Captain who makes a deal to spare his life in exchange for telling Max the location of a working oil refinery. They drive to a hill near the refinery and park before climbing towards the top of the hill. Max chains The Gyro Captain to a dead tree and continues to monitor the refinery. One evening, The Humungus and The Humungus' Gang drive away from the refinery. In the morning, a group of vehicles leave the refinery and drive in different directions. They are quickly followed and overtaken by The Humungus' Gang. Max watches the progress of one vehicle and sees it crash. Max leaves and The Gyro Captain continues to watch what is happening and sees Grinning Mohawker kill Victim with a crossbow bolt. Days later, Max finds The Gyro Captain dragging the log he was chained to. Max then forces The Gyro Captain to carry diesel jugs. They go to where the gyrocopter is and find a dead member of The Humungus' Gang bitten by The Gyro Captain's snake. They fly in the gyrocopter to a semi and Max leaves after giving The Gyro Captain the key to his handcuffs. He follows Max and as Max is being chased by The Humungus' Gang, The Gyro Captain throws his dead snake on a Gang member who shoots the driver in the back. The Gyro Captain lands inside of the refinery and is greeted by The Refinery Settlers. During the night, The Gyro Captain tries to convince The Captain's Girl to leave with him, but she refuses to leave the others. Max drives away after The Gyro Captain tries to convince him to stay. The Gyro Captain sees a large plume of smoke and picks up an injured Max. When everyone is ready to leave, Max drives out of the refinery followed by Pappagallo in his own vehicle and The Gyro Captain in his gyrocopter. A battle erupts between Max and those in the semi and The Humungus and his Gang. The Gyro Captain drops a Molotov Cocktail on The Humungus, and a Gang member shoots the gyrocopter down. The Humungus rams the semi, causing it to crash and killing him, Wez and Bearclaw Mohawk. An injured Max climbs out of the wreckage with The Feral Kid and The Gyro Captain drives up. The Gyro Captain brings The Feral Kid and Max to the rendezvous. The Gyro Captain eventually becomes the chief of the Great Northern Tribe.

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