The Master: Season 1 Episode 10 The Java Tiger

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John and Max get involved in the search for an artifact.

Series Index

The Master (1984)


John Peter McAllister - Lee Van Cleef

Max Keller - Timothy Van Patten

Okasa - Sho Kosugi

Kruger - Kabir Bedi

Shelley Fairchild - Cynthia Cypert

Draper - Anthony De Longis

Leo Fairchild - Dick O'Neil

Tanehama - Muni Zano

Hawaiian Girl - Linda Standaart

Waitress - Gina Bolton

Thug 1 - David Cadiente

Finley - Charlie Picerni

Thug 2


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Detailed Synopsis

Leo Fairchild is walking through the jungle when he pulls out half of a map. He sees the Kahani Cave entrance and makes a recording on his tape recorder. He enters the cave and finds an area filled with skeletal remains and idols, but triggers a trap and is hit with darts in his back. He stumbles back out of the cave and asks Tanehama to help him. Tanehama runs to him and when Leo collapses, checks his pulse. Tanehama then searches Leo's pockets, finds half of a map and leaves. As Leo's body falls to the side, his hand clutches the other half of the map. In Honolulu, Hawaii, John Peter McAllister and Max Keller arrive at their hotel. When they get out of the taxi, a Hawaiian Girl gives Max a lei and he flirts with her. Max notices an advertisement for Shelley Fairchild. Shelley is searching through Leo's office when Draper breaks in with Thug 1 and Thug 2. Shelley tries to call the police, but the phone is disconnected. Draper asks her for the other half of the map and pulls out a knife. Max and John get dropped off by a taxi and hear Shelley scream and save her. They introduce themselves to Shelley and she tells them that Leo was killed four days ago. They walk on Waikiki Beach and she tells them that he left her a deed to Pali Kai island that he won in a poker game. She continues that the deed came with a map that shows where a valuable treasure is hidden. She tells them about Kruger who wanted the map and that she found Leo dead with one half of the map. John suggests he meets with his old friend Kito Harris of the Honolulu police.

Kruger is practicing karate when Draper tells him about John and Max. Kruger grabs Draper by the throat for failing to get the other half of the map and tells him to do what is necessary to get the map piece. Max tells Shelley about how he met John and she kisses him. As they are walking, Draper, Thug 1 and Thug 2 confront them and Draper pulls out a gun and threatens to shoot Max if Shelley doesn't tell him where the map piece is. John shows up and helps Max, but is knocked unconscious by Draper. As Draper is about to shoot John and Max, a man drives by and starts shooting at Draper, who then runs away along with Thug 1 and Thug 2. In the evening John and Max go to a luau and listen to Shelley sing. A Waitress asks Max and John if they want any champagne and John flirts with her. Max and John borrow Shelley's car and drive to Kruger's rented house. Kruger asks Tanehama where the other half of the map is and starts to choke him, but in the end trusts that he doesn't have the other half. John and Max break into the house, but they are caught by Draper and the two Thugs. Max manages to escape, but John is captured by Kruger. Kruger tells John the history of the Java Tiger which Kruger and Leo are searching for. Max goes back to the hotel and tells Shelley what happened to John. Draper tells Kruger that no matter how much he tortures John, he won't talk.

Shelley drives to Kruger's house and tells Thug 1 that she brought the map piece. Max sneaks onto the property. John manages to get himself free and meets up with Max. As they are about to be captured again, Leo drives up and saves them again and they all get into his vehicle and drive away. Leo pulls a gun on John and orders him to help him get the Java Tiger. Leo drives them to his office and he retrieves the half of the map. They go to Pali Kai island and Finley warns Kruger that they are coming. John ambushes Finley and knocks him unconscious. Max ambushes Thug 1 and Thug 2, but has to be helped by John. Kruger and Draper pull guns on them, but Leo saves them. Kruger gets away and the volcano on the island starts to erupt. John and the others go into the cave. They find the Java Tiger, but Kruger takes the gun from Leo. The volcano further erupts and John and Kruger fight while Max leads Shelley and Leo out of the cave. As Kruger is about to shoot John, he sets off a trap and is killed. John drags Kruger's body out of the cave and tells Leo he didn't grab the Java Tiger. Leo tries to run back into the cave as it collapses, but is dragged away by John and Max. At the beach, Leo tells John that since he helped take down Kruger, people have been offering him jobs.