The Master: Season 1 Episode 11 Failure to Communicate

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Max goes to check on his father and he and John get mixed up in a couple of kidnappings.

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The Master (1984)


John Peter McAllister - Lee Van Cleef

Max Keller - Timothy Van Patten

Okasa - Sho Kosugi

Patrick T. Keller - Doug McClure

Lt. Ryan - Edd Byrnes

Paul Stillman - Mark Goddard

Straker - Marc Alaimo

Kathy Hunter - Ashley Ferrare

Gordon Hunter - J.D. Cannon

Laura Crane - Rebecca Holden


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Detailed Synopsis

John Peter McAllister is training Max Keller on how to fight using his senses. They drive in Max's van to visit Patrick T. Keller. They hear gunshots and see Kathy Hunter running across the road towards a cemetery. Straker and two other men continue to shoot at her and they eventually catch her. John and Max fight Straker and his men and rescue Kathy. They get into Max's van and Kathy introduces herself to John and Max. John introduces her to Max and Henry. Max goes to Patrick's law office and he meets Laura Crane, who is able to smell the scent of the cemetery on Max's clothes. She then continues to detect other activities he did, also based on smells. They introduce themselves and Max realizes that she is blind. She asks to touch his face and brings up that the day after his mom and brother's funeral, he abandoned his father. She tells him that Patrick missed his court appointment and is at the bar. Paul Stillman makes a phone call and tells Gordon Hunter that no one has seen Kathy. John drops Kathy off at Gordon's house and she introduces him to Paul and Gordon. At the bar, Straker tells Patrick that he will have to set up Kathy to get kidnapped again. Patrick tells him that he won't do it, but Straker brings up all the people Patrick represented who went to jail, because he was too drunk during court and the fake bonds he signed. Max and Laura walk into the bar and as Straker and his men are leaving, Max runs into them and a fight breaks out. Patrick tries to help Max and as John is walking to the bar, Patrick is thrown through the window.

Okasa watches as John helps Max beat up Straker and his men. John walks Laura home while Max talks with Patrick. Max and Patrick argue and Max chastises Patrick for his heavy drinking. Max offers to help Patrick, but Patrick brushes him off. Laura tells John that she can sense that Patrick is scared of something. She senses that someone is nearby and Okasa jumps in front of John and they fight. John manages to escape with Laura after he is wounded by Okasa. Laura touches John's face and tells him that he has a strong face. Max and John go to Kathy and Paul's wedding and a drunk Patrick walks up to them with Laura. Kathy walks up to John and open mouth kisses him and then they go to get a drink. Max goes outside with Laura. Patrick looks at his watch and then grabs Kathy and tells her that he needs her to go outside with him. A car pulls up and two men get out and grab Patrick and Kathy and then drive away with them. Max jumps on the car and sees a map with a circle drawn on it, before he is thrown off. An officer tells Lt. Ryan that the kidnappers disappeared. Ryan questions Laura and he decides to take her downtown to get a sworn statement from her. Patrick and Kathy are brought to Straker. Max describes the map he saw to Laura and John and they realize that Patrick and Kathy were brought to the cemetery church. Straker calls Gordon and tells him that he is calling from a payphone so it won't matter if Ryan traces it. He then demands 1 million dollars in ransom.

Straker breaks into Laura's apartment and finds out that she is blind. John and Max go to the church and beat up Straker's men and find Kathy and Patrick and escape. Paul yells at Straker and his men for letting Kathy get away. Straker calls Gordon and demands the same ransom for Laura. John tells Patrick that Max needs a father and accuses him of helping kidnap Patrick. Patrick tells him that Paul is the ringleader and where to find him. The next morning, Patrick admits to Max to his involvement in Kathy's kidnapping and asks to help rescue Laura. They sneak onto Paul's boat, but Okasa ambushes John. Straker sees Max sneaking around and Max and Patrick fight him and knock him unconscious. Okasa charges at John and accidentally throws himself overboard. Max and Patrick split up and Max rescues Laura. Someone turns off the lights and Laura leads Max out of the room. She senses two men in front of them and Max knocks them both unconscious. Paul pulls a gun on Max and Laura and calls him and Patrick losers. John then knocks Paul unconscious. Later, John says goodbye to Laura and Patrick admits to Ryan his involvement in the kidnapping. Max tells Patrick that the fake bonds that supposedly had Patrick's signature were forged. Patrick then pours out a bottle of liquor and he and Max hug.