The Master: Season 1 Episode 12 Rogues

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John and Max have to face off against rogue cops as they search for the brother of one of Max's former classmates.

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The Master (1984)


John Peter McAllister - Lee Van Cleef

Max Keller - Timothy Van Patten

Okasa - Sho Kosugi

Loring - Kaz Garas

Talia Donovan - Cindy Harrell

Jerry Donovan - Paul Tulley

Robbins - Tony Swartz

Campion - Keith McConnell

Gretchen - Lynn Randall

Marcellan - Marcelyn Ann Williams

Officer Thomas - Frank Pesce

Officer Orum - George Rugge

Officer Diehl - Greg Gault

Rima - Yvonne Williams


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Detailed Synopsis

At the Rodeo Hills police academy, Loring confronts Jerry Donovan about his investigation into a string of robberies in which Loring is the main suspect. Loring starts shooting at Jerry using one of Jerry's guns, but Jerry manages to get away. John Peter McAllister trains Max Keller in how to do flips, but Max can't manage to correctly do the last flip. Max tells John about an old friend of his named Talia Donovan who used to live in Rodeo Hills and John suggests he look her up. They go to a workout studio and speak to Gretchen who critiques their physiques. Max asks where Talia is and then walks into the gym area and asks Marcellan if she knows where Talia is. Marcellan flirts with Max and then points him to where Talia is. John and Max see Loring grabbing Talia by the arm and Max tells Loring to let her go. Loring attacks Max and knocks him down and John in return beats Loring in a fight. Afterwards, Talia tells Max and John that she hasn't heard from Jerry in five days. She brings up that she has a photo of her and Max during prom. A disguised Jerry drops a note inside of Max's van, but is spotted by Officer Thomas and Officer Diehl and has to run away. Max finds the note and shows it to John and it has a name and address on it with a time to meet. Max thinks the note is from Gretchen, but Talia recognizes Jerry's handwriting.

Loring goes to Campion's Fashion Mall and is asked by Rima if he has an appointment. He tells her that he is there to see Campion. Campion asks if Loring has caught Jerry yet and then tells him that he wants out of the agreement. Loring tells him that they only have two more thefts to do and then they will quit, but Campion tells him that he can't fence all the items he gives him. Max and John go to the location on the note, which is hosting a party and Gretchen, who is at the party, flirts with John. She tells John that the host is Robbins. They meet Robbins who mistakes John for someone that he acted in Italian westerns with. A group of four men wearing ski masks arrive outside the house and are about to rob the place when John starts to fight them. Max goes outside and helps him fight off the robbers who run away. Dispatch calls for an officer to respond to the scene and the van with the robbers pulls up next to Loring and Thomas, and Diehl get out and Loring tells them to get get into their police cruisers. Loring questions John and then leaves. John and Max figure out that Loring and the other officers are involved in the robberies and John tells Max to search Jerry's apartment. At the police academy, John confronts Loring and tells him that he is going to follow him wherever he goes.

Max and Talia go to Jerry's apartment, but Thomas and Diehl are already in it. A fight breaks out, but Thomas and Diehl manage to escape. Officer Orum calls John and tells him that he is a friend of Jerry and to meet him at the police simulation course later that evening. While searching Jerry's apartment, Max finds an invoice from Campion's Fashion Mall with initials and dates. John goes to the police academy to meet Orum and is ambushed by Loring, Orum, Thomas, Diehl and some other officers. He defeats them all and then escapes before Loring can shoot him. Max goes back to the workout studio and Marcellan flirts with him again. Max finds Talia and shortly afterwards John walks up to them. He tells them that Loring is definitely involved in the robberies.

They steal Campion's keys from his locker and break into his store. They find crates full of stolen goods and Jerry walks into the store. They start putting the crates into Max's van, but are spotted by Orum, Diehl and another officer. The officers pull their guns on them and a fight breaks out, but John and Max knock the officers unconscious. Max drives away with John, but before Talia and Jerry drive away, Loring drives up and takes them hostage. John meets with Loring and makes a deal to trade the stolen items for Talia and Jerry at the Edgewood building, Max and John drive to the Edgewood building and Max knocks Thomas and Diehl unconscious while John fights Loring and Orum. Max frees Talia and Jerry while John finishes his fight with Orum and Loring. Back at the workout studio, Jerry thanks Max and John and Max tells Talia that he promises to go the class reunion next year if he gets to dance with her. They hug and Marcellan gets jealous. Gretchen shows John her martial arts students and John knocks them all in the pool and smiles at Gretchen.