The Master: Season 1 Episode 13 A Place to Call Home

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John and Max help an orphanage mistreated by the locals.

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The Master (1984)


John Peter McAllister - Lee Van Cleef

Max Keller - Timothy Van Patten

Okasa - Sho Kosugi

Mark Richards - Jock O'Mahoney

Kim Anderson - Susan Woollen

Greg Richards - Hunter Von Leer

Mr. Daniels - James Gammon

Thug - Gary Pagett

Bobby - Kane Kosugi

Mike - Doug Toby

Price - Murray MacLeod

Clerk - Larry B. Williams

Sara - Tish Smiley

Alison - Alison Boston

Thug 2 - Ed Anders



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Detailed Synopsis

While Max Keller and John Peter McAllister are changing a tire on Max's van, they see Mike running away from Greg Richards and some thugs. Greg starts shooting at Mike and Max and John drive between Mike and Greg and Max asks what is going on. Greg tells him that Mike stole from Mark Richards' store. Mike denies stealing and John and Max fight Greg and his thugs until they run away. Max and John take Mike home and tell Kim Anderson what happened. She introduces herself to them and invites them to dinner. She tells them about her orphanage and how the townsfolk don't like her and the children. While they are talking, Bobby says hello and Kim asks Max and John if they will drive her into town for supplies. In Phoenix, Arizona, Mark yells at Thug for not getting rid of Kim and the orphans. Alison tells Mark that Price is there to see him. Price tells Mark that there is no legal way to evict Kim and Mark comes up with an idea to cause enough damage to Kim's property so that she couldn't pay her bills.

John, Max, Kim, Mike and Bobby drive into town and Kim goes to register Mike into the July 4th race, Bobby takes John to the general store and Max tries to talk to Mike about his poor attitude. At Beck's, Mike tries to buy supplies, but the Clerk refuses to sell him the items under Mark's orders. When Kim tries to register Mike in the race, Mr. Daniels calls her kids delinquents and hints that Mike might try and cheat. Greg sees Max's van and he, Thug and Thug 2 go inside Beck's and get into a fight with John, Max and Bobby. Max and John win and John makes the Clerk get the items Kim needed. Thug and Thug 2 plant a bomb in Kim's barn and then hide. Mr. Daniels goes to Kim's youth center with a group of townspeople including Sara and tells her that she can't bring her kids to town. Sara says that she doesn't want her daughter mixing with Kim's children. Mr. Daniels grabs Kim's arm and John grabs Mr. Daniels' arm and crushes it. Mike and Bobby go into the barn and Thug 2 tells Thug that he didn't intend on killing kids. Thug detonates the bomb and John, Max and Kim run to the barn. They help Bobby from under rubble and see Thug and Thug 2 running away. John chases after them and a helicopter lands and picks up Thug and Thug 2. John jumps onto the helicopter and Thug starts shooting at him and John is forced to jump off.

Max shows Mike the lock box he found in the barn and demands to know why he stole it, but Mike walks away. Kim and John walk into the room and John uses a shuriken to open the box. They find thirteen dollars and an arrowhead inside. Kim asks Mike why he stole the lock box, but he doesn't tell her either. Max and John drive to Mark's office building and break inside. They crack open a safe and find a land deed that says that Kim owns 2,000 acres, more than what she thought. They are caught by Thug and Thug 2 and while they are leaving Max finds a Geiger Counter and realizes the arrowhead in his pocket is radioactive. They tell Kim about the deed and about the arrowhead being radioactive. Max asks Mike again why he stole the box and Bobby tells him that it was for him to get an operation. Mike tells Max and John where the mine is that the arrowhead came from. Greg drives to the mine and tells Carson to shut the mine down. Max puts on a miner's helmet and as he is walking towards the mine, Carson warns him that they are shutting down the mine. John also sneaks into the mine and they find the mine has uranium. Greg blows up the mine entrance and Mike goes to the mine and finds Max and John and shows them another way out. They get into a fight with Thug, Thug 2, Carson and the miners and then drive away in Max's van. The Thugs and miners give chase in their vehicles, while Greg chases them in a helicopter. John blows out the car tires. Mike makes it to the race on time and Max and John go to Mark's office. They fight Mark, Greg and Thug 2 and win. Mike wins the race and Mr. Daniels congratulates him. Back at her house, Kim tells John that they are going to take Bobby to a heart hospital in Denver. Max tells Mike that he has to set a good example for the rest of the kids. Bobby then demonstrates his martial arts skills on John.