The Master: Season 1 Episode 1 Max

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A ninja master and drifter team up to stop a corrupt real estate magnate.

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The Master (1984)


John Peter McAllister - Lee Van Cleef

Max Keller - Timothy Van Patten

Okasa - Sho Kosugi

Holly Trumball - Demi Moore

Mr. Christensen - Clu Gulager

Havilland - John Lehne

Sheriff Kyle - Bill McKinney

Mr. Trumball - Claude Akins

Mechanic - Mike Abelar

Truck Driver - Gerry Black

Man in Bar - John Di Fusco

Jim Powell - Peter Looney

Bartender - W.T. Zacha

Bar Fighter - Gene LeBell

Security Guard - Gregory J. Barnett


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Detailed Synopsis

In Illinois, U.S.A., Max Keller is thrown out of a bar by some bikers who were harassing a couple. He ties metal wires to a semi and other objects and then ties the other ends to the motorcycle tires of the bikers. When the bikers come out of the bar, Max drives his van towards them and they get on their motorcycles and chase after him, only to all crash due to their motorcycles being tied with the metal wires.

In Japan, John Peter McAllister is at his home. He frees his pet bird and is attacked by a group of ninjas. He kills them and then goes to the airport to catch a plane to look for his daughter in Ellerston, Pennsylvania. As he is about to leave, a car drives up with Okasa in it and Okasa hits John with a throwing star to the back, but John manages to get away.

Max is driving through Ellerston when Holly Trumball runs up to his van and asks him for help. She gets in his van and they drive away. He introduces her to his pet hamster Henry and a car gets behind them and starts honking at them. The driver of the other vehicle turns out to be Sheriff Kyle who turns on his lightbar and starts to shoot at the van. Sheriff Kyle crashes his car and Max and Holly get away. John tells the Truck Driver who he caught a ride with, a story about a warrior and a waterfall. Max drops Holly off at Mr. Trumball's airport and then goes to the Clover Leaf bar. Shortly after, John walks into the bar followed by Sheriff Kyle. Jim Powell calls to Max and offers to buy him a drink for saving Holly. John asks the Bartender if he knows his daughter, but the Bartender tells him to speak to Sheriff Kyle. A fight breaks out and John's suitcase gets thrown and opens up. Sheriff Kyle starts going through his stuff and Man in Bar tells Max that he heard John can take care of himself.

Max confronts Sheriff Kyle and a fight breaks out. Sheriff Kyle tries to stab Max with the samurai sword and Max is thrown out of the bar by a Bar Fighter. He and John escape in Max's van and Max tells him of a ninja he saw in Saigon. They drive to Trumball Aviation where Havilland is making an offer to Mr. Trumball. Mr. Trumball rejects his client, Mr. Christensen's, offer and Havilland drives away. Max speaks with Mr. Trumball and Sheriff Kyle drives up. Mr. Trumball has Holly hide John and Max and Sheriff Kyle leaves. John shows Max a photo of his daughter and Max offers to help him find her if John trains him how to be a ninja, but John tells him no. Sheriff Kyle and another man pour gasoline over the hangar and planes and sets it on fire. A Mechanic helps to try and put out the fire with Mr. Trumball. John goes to help Holly and Sheriff Kyle shoots at Max and his van. John puts Holly in a plane and drives it out of the building.

Christensen is having a party when Max confronts him and Max is thrown out of the party. John trains Max and then offers to help him deal with Christensen. John throws a throwing star at Sheriff Kyle's tire and then ties him up. Max turns on Sheriff Kyle's radio and forces him to admit setting the fire and name who helped him. John and Max go to Christensen's high-rise and Max knocks out the Security Guard while John climbs up the building. Okasa is also in the building and takes off his disguise, revealing him to be the Man in Bar. Max confronts Christensen again and tells him that Sheriff Kyle and Havilland have been arrested. Max throws a throwing star at Christensen's heart, killing him. John and Okasa fight and John wins and spares Okasa's life. Max tells John that Holly knows John's daughter and she is currently in Atlanta. As they are driving, Holly flies overhead in her plane.