The Master: Season 1 Episode 2 Out-of-Time-Step

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Max and John go to San Francisco and help a dance studio who are being pressured by a protection racket.

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The Master (1984)


John Peter McAllister - Lee Van Cleef

Max Keller - Timothy Van Patten

Okasa - Sho Kosugi

Jill Pattersen - Lori Lethin

Kelly Pattersen - Shanna Reed

Jonathon Chan - Brian Tochi

Charlie Pattersen - Charles Collins

Lika - Soon-Teck Oh

Westerly - Colleen Shelley

Jerry - Dick Durock

Bodyguard - Jeff Imada

Bodyguard - Bill Saito

Lady on Phone - Andrea Gray

Patron in Bar - Jay Turnbull


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Detailed Synopsis

In San Francisco, John Peter McAllister watches as Max Keller practices walking on a tight rope. John opens a newspaper clipping with an article about Kelly Pattersen winning a breakdance marathon and standing next to her is a woman that John believes is his daughter. At the Truffles Club & Disco, Kelly is dancing for the crowd as Jill Pattersen wheels her wheel chair towards the dance floor. Max and John walk into the club and Max tells John that the dancer is Kelly. Charlie Pattersen goes to the dance floor to watch Kelly dance and then after she finishes talks with John. Charlie asks Westerly where Jill is and she tells him that she is watching old movies. As Max is trying to sneak backstage, Jerry stops him and forces him into a seat. Jonathon Chan walks into the club with Lika, Bodyguard and Bodyguard. Lika grabs Westerly, which John sees and John also notices the ring on Lika's finger. Jonathon asks her where Charlie is and after she tells him, walks away. John checks on Westerly and Charlie goes into the office and finds Jill watching a film he and her mother were in. She tells him that he can probably still dance as well as when he was young and he suggests she try walking. Jonathan and his men walk into the room and introduces himself and Lika.

A Patron in Bar tells Jerry that there is trouble at the front of the club, and while Jerry is distracted, Max sneaks backstage. He tries to ask Lady on Phone something, but she ignores him and asks another dancer for a pencil. He finds Kelly and introduces himself and starts to ask her about Terry, but she tells him that she has to meet someone and leaves. Jerry walks into the room and he and Max get into a fight in which Max throws a shuriken at him. As Jonathan and his group are leaving, John grabs Lika by the arm and stares at his ring. Lika assumes Charlie has hired John. Kelly writes down the address of Terry for Max and then picks up and pets Henry. She tells Max that Terry is hooked on drugs. When John finds out Max used a shuriken he drags him out of the club and chastises him for using it. As Max and John are driving away, they are followed by Lika, the two Bodyguards and other men. Max and John pull over behind a semi and John climbs up a telephone pole. He walks across a telephone line until he is over one of the cars following them and then jumps on the car, breaks the windshield and steals the steering wheel and the car crashes into the bay. Lika and the other Bodyguard try to run over John, but he throws a smoke bomb and escapes.

Jonathon tells his men to kidnap Kelly. John goes back to Truffles and watches as Jill wheels herself around in circles on the dance floor. She tries to walk, but after a few steps falls down. John motivates her to try again and he manages a few more steps. Charlie enters the room and John tells him that he is up against ninja and will need help. As Kelly is going to the club, she is grabbed by a Bodyguard. Max fights him and wins, but is then beaten by Lika. Max goes into Truffles and tells them that Kelly was kidnapped and Jonathon calls Charlie and tells him to pay 20,000 dollars in order to get Kelly back. Jill goes to deliver the money in an alley and Lika takes the money. As Lika and a Bodyguard drive away, John climbs under their vehicle and hooks on to it as it drives away. When Lika and the Bodyguard arrive at their destination, John scopes out the place. Jonathan calls Charlie and tells him that in order to get Kelly back, he will now have to sign the business property lien over to him. Max finds John and convinces him to let him go along to rescue Kelly. Jonathan has Kelly brought before him and forces her to dance for him. John and Max break into the building and rescue Kelly after knocking Jonathan and a bodyguard unconscious. They then use a high wire to escape. As they are leaving, Lika challenges John to a fight and John tricks Lika into striking a power box, which electrocutes Lika to death. Back at Truffles, Charlie plays one of his audition tapes for a private birthday party for himself. Charlie gets up and does some dance moves and then Jill gets up and walks to him and they dance for a short time. She sits back down and the other party members dance. Kelly tells John that the Terry she knows is not his daughter.