The Master: Season 1 Episode 3 State of the Union

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After stopping in a small town for a motorbike race, John and Max stay to help a union organizer.

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The Master (1984)


John Peter McAllister - Lee Van Cleef

Max Keller - Timothy Van Patten

Okasa - Sho Kosugi

Chad Webster - Cotter Smith

Carrie Brown - Crystal Bernard

Ralph Carter - Ritch Brinkley

Hog - Mickey Jones

Harold - Davis Roberts

Annie - Ellen Crawford

Waitress - Sandy Edgerton

Ricky - Rick Najera

Asian Girl - Julie Ow

Man - Steffen Zacharias

Girl - Debbie Christoffersen

Man on Dock - Henry Wills

Seaside Shanty Patron - Ted White


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Detailed Synopsis

Max Keller is running in the sand when he gets back to his van and finds John Peter McAllister already waiting for him. Max notices John doesn't even seem winded, and John tells him that he is tired, but has learned how to lower his heart rate. They drive to the Clearwater Dirt Scrambles Annual motocross championship race. Max, who is a competitor, tells John that it will be easy money and asks him to watch Henry for him. Hog and Max get into a fake argument and then hug. Hog insults John's perceived strength and John crushes Hog's hand as they shake. Max says hello to Carrie Brown and Chad Webster tells her that he doesn't like Max's face. She then angrily tells him that he may own the cannery, but the racetrack is the place his dad's money doesn't own. The race begins and during the race, Chad tries to make Carrie crash. Carrie wins the race, but as she crosses the finish line, Chad hits her dirt bike and after she crashes, runs her legs over. Max invites her to dinner, but Carrie tells him no. At the Clearwater Cannery, Carrie puts a leaflet up for a union organizing meeting at the St. Simeon Church. She hands a leaflet to Harold and Annie. Ricky asks Carrie out, but she tells him maybe, if he goes to the meeting and signs a petition.

Max and John drive to the cannery so Max can look for a job. As they are sitting in their van, John notices a crate being lowered precariously over Man on Dock. The crate falls onto Man on Dock and John uses a large shuriken to cut the rope and it topples into the water. Max asks Carrie out on a date again and she tells him to meet her at the Seaside Shanty. Carrie goes into Ralph Carter's office and yells at him for the company having old and unsafe equipment. She brings up getting a union and he warns her about starting a union and she talks about her missing brother. Chad walks into Ralph's office and tells him that he wants Carrie fired, but Ralph warns him that if they fire Carrie, no one will work for the cannery. During the night, Max finds John laying on the ground with no pulse. Max starts to do chest compressions on him and John wakes up and tells him that he was just using his mind to slow his heart rate down. At the Seaside Shanty when Chad sees Carrie walk in, he tells Waitress that he doesn't want her to serve Carrie. Max and John arrive and Max goes to meet Carrie. John goes to the bar and Chad tells him that he wants him and Max to leave town. The Waitress tells Carrie that she was told not to serve her and Max orders a double order of what he wants. A fight breaks out between Max and the locals that includes a Seaside Shanty Patron versus Hog and his club. Max is thrown out of the bar and John uses a smoke bomb to escape with Carrie.

Max, John and Carrie leave in Max's van and she tells them how her brother and others disappeared after causing trouble at the cannery. They drop her off and the next day at the cannery, everyone ignores Carrie and Annie tells her that the workers were told she was trouble. Chad tells Ralph that they have to kill Carrie. Carrie tells Max that no one wants to talk to her and Chad tells Carrie that she is fired. At the union meeting, a Man worries what Chad will think if they form a union. Asian Girl says she can't afford to give up her pay and Girl says she can't afford to lose work since her husband is sick. Max gives a motivating speech and Asian Girl stands up and says she will sign the petition and others follow suit. At the hotel, Chad and a group of thugs attack John and he manages to get away when Max rides up on his dirt bike. Chad and his thugs chase after Max and John and John makes both of Chad's jeeps crash.

Max and John go to Carrie's house and when she answers the door she shows them how someone tore her house apart and wrote no union organizer on her wall. John and Max drive to the cannery to look for evidence and find files on people including Carrie's brother who were taken to Old Point. The security guard calls Chad and tells him that Max was at the cannery and Chad, Ralph and the thugs attack Max and John in the van and shoot at it. Max crashes the van and Ralph tells Chad that John is dead. John's body is put in a jeep and Max manages to run away. Max manages to get to Carrie before Chad does, but they are captured before they can leave. They are taken to Old Point cemetery where graves are dug for them. Chad point the gun at Ralph and John suddenly wakes up and grabs Chad and throws him in the grave. A fight breaks out and Chad, Ralph and the thugs lose. At the cannery plant they hold the union vote which passes. John and Max say goodbye to Carrie and Max tells her that he will see her next year at the motocross championship.