The Master: Season 1 Episode 4 Hostages

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John and Max get embroiled in a hostage situation.

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The Master (1984)


John Peter McAllister - Lee Van Cleef

Max Keller - Timothy Van Patten

Okasa - Sho Kosugi

Mallory - George Lazenby

Alicia Clayton - Jennifer Runyon

Control - Monte Markham

Serena - Randi Brooks

Castile - David McCallum

Senator Clayton - Robert Dowdell

Masterson - Robert Hoy

Palin - Wolf Muser

Third Hostage - Haskell V. Anderson III

Forbes - Stephen Andrews

Terrorist/Waiter - Hal Burton

Terrorist/Waiter - Hany Ghorra

Terrorist/Waiter - Fiona Guinness

First Hostage - Kiva Lawrence

Terrorist/Waiter - Mike Muscat

Second Hostage - George Schardt

Terrorist/Waiter - Dino Scofield

Terrorist/Waiter - Dick Warlock


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Detailed Synopsis

Max Keller is flying an ultralight plane while John Peter McAllister is giving him direction. Max sees a car driving erratically down a curvy road. Max flies close to the car and tells Alicia Clayton to reach out to him and she manages to climb onto the plane before her car crashes. He tells her to let go when he gets near John and John catches her. A car stops nearby and Okasa watches John with binoculars. Alicia tells Max that the brakes went out on the car and she invites them to a party her father is having for a European Summit. At a terrorist compound, Serena and Castile plan their hostage taking operation while Terrorist/Waiter and Terrorist/Waiter look on. At the garden party, an agent says hello to the guests. First Hostage tries to talk with Alicia, but Alicia walks away so she can look for Max. Palin tries to flirt with Alicia, but she tells him to leave her alone. Senator Clayton asks Palin if he doubled security and Clayton tells Masterson that he has nothing to worry about. John tells Max of when he met someone on Honolulu during VJ day. Mallory sees John and recognizes him. He walks up to John and accuses his pupils of becoming political assassins. Okasa shows up at the party and pulls out a shuriken and is seen by Mallory. Suddenly a helicopter hovers overhead.

Terrorist/Waiter, Terrorist/Waiter, Terrorist/Waiter, Terrorist/Waiter and some other Terrorist/Waiters pull out weapons and disarm the security. John kicks a Terrorist/Waiter in the back, but a Terrorist/Waiter shoots his gun at John as a warning. The helicopter lands as does another and Okasa manages to get away. A group of hostages are taken including Alicia, Clayton, Second Hostage, Third Hostage and the First Hostage. Okasa throws a shuriken at John, but it misses. John then throws it and hits a Terrorist/Waiter in the back with it. Clayton is able to escape, but the Terrorists leave with the other prisoners. Max runs towards one of the helicopters and is grazed in the hand by a bullet. Mallory fires a homing device on one of the helicopters and drives after it. John and Max are arrested and John is questioned by Masterson. Control tells Forbes that he wants to know how the Terrorists were able to infiltrate the party. Masterson tells Control that 10 hostages were taken. Clayton asks if there is any word from the kidnappers and Control walks away and tells Masterson he thinks Castile is involved. Mallory tracks the helicopter to a property for lease. The hostages are brought into a room and Second Hostage tells Third Hostage that the windows are barred.

Castile calls the California State Building and Forbes answers the call and then calls Control over. Castile tells him that political prisoners must be released or the hostages will be killed. Control wants to do an air raid, but Mallory thinks Castile will kill the hostages. Control tells Mallory that their only other chance is to use John to get into the compound. As John is getting ready in his motel room, he is attacked by Okasa. John then uses a smoke bomb to escape. Max tells Henry that he was released, because they had no evidence against him. Third Hostage gets food for the others. Palin reveals himself to be aligned with the Terrorists and tells Alicia that no one is coming to help her. Max drives towards the compound and starts flying in the ultralight plane while John and Mallory climb up the wall. Mallory is spotted by Serena and Castile and Forbes is also revealed to be working with the Terrorists. John chokes out a Terrorist/Waiter, but is knocked unconscious by another. Alicia is taken away by Palin to be executed. Serena catches Mallory and tells him that he was betrayed by Forbes and Palin. Masterson tells Control that the raid forces are ready and Control tells him to start the raid. John gets free and Max saves Alicia as she is about to be raped by Palin. John finds Max and Alicia and tells him to get a vehicle ready to rescue the hostages in. John frees the hostages and Castile tells Serena to start the executions while he taunts Mallory. Serena and Max get into a fight and Max knocks her unconscious with a smoke bomb. John saves Mallory and then knocks Castile unconscious. Max leaves with Alicia and the hostages while John and Mallory climb down the compound wall. Mallory thanks John and the assault team arrives. Max kisses Alicia and then leaves with John.