The Master: Season 1 Episode 5 High Rollers

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A former girlfriend of Max's is forced to help a group rob a casino.

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The Master (1984)


John Peter McAllister - Lee Van Cleef

Max Keller - Timothy Van Patten

Okasa - Sho Kosugi

Randy Blake - Art Hindle

John Craig - Edward Edwards

Tracy - Terri Treas

Shana - Sandra Kronemeyer

George Weston - Charles Boswell

Suzie - Angela Lee

James Farland - Michael Lemon

Dancer on Phone - Andrea Gray

Sally - Wendy Jewell

Choreographer - Charles Randolph-Wright

Mildred - Janet Rotblatt

Guard - Casey Sander

Matteson - Michael M. Vendrell


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Detailed Synopsis

Max Keller is at the top of a cliff when John Peter McAllister has him rappel down the cliff. Max reaches the bottom of the cliff and John is already waiting for him at the bottom. In Las Vegas, Max and John are riding in Max's van to visit with Max's ex-girlfriend Tracy when they are driven off the road by John Craig. Max checks to see if Henry is okay and John tells him that Craig had a bumper sticker from the Grand Palace Casino. At the casino, Randy Blake watches as the Guard escorts sacks of money that is being moved around the casino. George Weston uses an earpiece to tell Randy how long it takes for the automatic door to close. Shana then tells them how long it takes her to run to the elevator. John goes to look for Craig while Max goes to meet Tracy. Craig walks up to Randy who gets upset with him for being late. Tracy is rehearsing for the Choreographer when Max walks into the room and starts watching her. Randy and George also walk into the room and after her rehearsal, Randy stops Tracy and tells her that they need her to get them the key. She tells him that she won't do it and Max sees them arguing and gets into a fight with Randy and George. The Guard breaks up the fight and Tracy leaves with Max.

Max and Tracy talk and she asks him about his father. As they are about to kiss, Suzie interrupts them. Suzie asks him if he is married or has any kids. James Farland walks up to Tracy and tells her to get back to work. John finds Craig's car and searches it and sees photos of Craig and Randy from the Vietnam War. He opens the trunk and finds it full of weapons and explosives. Craig sees John looking through his car and when John walks away, tries to run him over. John jumps out of the way and lands in Mildred's car. John finds Max in the casino and tells him about Craig trying to run him over. He then gives instructions to Max and Max wins in poker. As they are walking, Mildred grabs John's arm and offers to see him later. Max steals a casino uniform and asks Sally if he can get into Randy's room and she lets him. He searches Randy's room and finds a map of the casino and takes it. Randy, George and Shana walk into the room before Max can leave. Craig enters the room and tells the others about John finding the weapons. Max runs out the room and Craig shoots at him and Randy decides to move when they rob the casino to that night. Max shows John the map and they find Tracy crying. She tells them that Randy took Suzie and they want her to get a key from James. She hands them an address where she thinks Suzie might be held.

Max and John go to the warehouse and are tied up by Craig and George who set the warehouse on fire. Tracy drops a pill in a drink before she gives it to James. John manages to get loose and he and Max escape the warehouse. Randy puts charges in the electric room of Hoover Dam, causing the power to go out including at the casino. Craig fires smoke grenades in the casino, causing more confusion and Tracy steals the keys from the unconscious James. George steals the money and he meets up with the others who escape the casino. The Guard assures the people that everything is under control. As Randy is about to shoot Tracy, Max kicks him unconscious and escapes with Tracy to the roof of the casino. Randy goes to the roof and as he is about to shoot them, Max rappels down the building with Tracy. Max and John head towards a ghost town that Tracy thought Suzie might be held at. Matteson lands in a helicopter. George ties up Shana, but Suzie gets away. John knocks George unconscious, while Max knocks Matteson and Randy unconscious. He then sets Shana free. John and Craig get into a fight and Craig grabs Suzie when he loses. He has Shana throw him the suitcase full of money, but as he is trying to escape, John does a flying kick into his back. Before leaving the ghost town, John tells Max that he always wanted to be a cowboy. John gives Suzie a ninja outfit and Mildred calls John handsome.