The Master: Season 1 Episode 6 Fat Tuesday

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John and Max get embroiled in an illegal arms deal.

Series Index

The Master (1984)


John Peter McAllister - Lee Van Cleef

Max Keller - Timothy Van Patten

Okasa - Sho Kosugi

Beaumont - Robert Pine

Eve Michaels - Susan Kase

Cole - Mike Genovese

Sam - Floyd Levine

Willie - Mabel King

Phillips - Charles Bouvier

Old Man - Tad Horino

Fauzi - Milt Jamin

Lieutenant Kramer - Stafford Morgan

Girl - Connie Marie Brazelton

Sergeant Myers - David Dunard

Mrs. Farley - Marlo Dwyer

Harriet - Phyllis Franklin

Courier - Paul Haber

Cynthia - Julie Rhodes

Hedison - Charles A. Tamburro

Marco - Phil Adams


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Detailed Synopsis

Okasa goes to the dojo of an Old Man and tells him that he is looking for John Peter McAllister. The Old Man has Okasa prove that he is John's student by having him fight his students and when Okasa wins, the Old Man tells him that John went to New Orleans.

In New Orleans during Mardi Gras, while Max Keller is driving his van with John and Henry inside, Max reads an article linking Beaumont to criminal activities that has a photo that looks similar to John's daughter, Terry. Meanwhile, John is practicing getting out of ropes tied around his wrists, which he eventually succeeds at. At the New Orleans Daily Globe, Sam tells Eve Michaels that he doesn't want to publish her story on Beaumont. He worries that her partner's disappearance has clouded her judgement and asks her about her source, who is supposedly John's daughter. She then threatens to quit if he doesn't print her story. He agrees to print it on the condition that she gets further details on the weapons sales involving Beaumont. As Eve is walking to her car she is grabbed by Cole, Marco and Hedison. Max sees them and pulls into the parking lot and tells them to let Eve go. Cole pulls out a gun and John uses a chain to disarm him. A fight breaks out and Cole and the others leave when they hear police sirens.

Eve introduces herself to John and Max and she tells John that Terry told her all about him. As they drive away in Max's van, Okasa watches them in a car. They go to a jazz club and she tells them about her old writing partner Allen Perry who disappeared and how he was investigating Beaumont's connections in Zurich. Willie introduces herself to them and welcomes them to her club. Harriet mistakes John for someone named Leroy Hodges from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Before leaving she tells him where she is staying. John asks Eve where Terry is, but she tells him she won't find out until 24 hours. Willie tells Max and John where to find Beaumont's plantation. John and Max drive to Beaumont's plantation where a costume party is going on. Mrs. Farley praises Beaumont on following traditions and as Beaumont is walking away he sees Fauzi at the party. Fauzi demands to know when he will be receiving his weapons. Max makes a makeshift costume out of a bicorne and a pink table cloth, while John wears his ninja uniform.

Girl calls John's uniform macho. Max listens in as Beaumont makes plans for getting the weapons. He goes to tell John, but instead tells Okasa, who is also dressed as a ninja and they get in a fight which Okasa wins. John confronts Beaumont, who sends Cole after him. Meanwhile Marco and Hedison grab Max who acts like he knows someone he calls Cynthia and falls in the pool with her. They call Eve and tell her what they found out. Eve's story gets published and Beaumont tells Marco to kidnap Eve. Cole and Hedison meet a Courier who gives them an airline ticket, which is then stolen by Max and John. John sees Okasa sneaking nearby and sends Max to find Eve. He and Okasa then get into a fight and Okasa severely injures John, who escapes into the water. Max shows Eve the airline ticket and then asks her the truth about Terry. While they are talking, Cole, Marco and Hedison kidnap Eve. John stumbles into Willie's restaurant and she helps him to a couch. Max goes to the police and tells Lieutenant Kramer that Eve was kidnapped, but Kramer doesn't believe him.

Beaumont tells Phillips to access the computer to the military armory and admits to Eve that he had Allen killed. Willie bandages John up. Max tries to sneak onto Beaumont's property and is knocked unconscious by Cole. John figures out the flight number on the ticket was a code for something and Willie tells him that Sam called and told her Eve and Max are gone. Max is brought to where Eve is being held. Phillips manages to hack into the armory's computer. Sergeant Myers notices something is wrong, but then thinks everything is okay when the screen reads armed. Max gets himself free and frees Eve and they escape with John who saves them when Marco pulls a gun on them. John tells Eve to go to the police while he and Max go to the armory. Marco and Hedison drive to the armory, but are knocked unconscious by John and Max after John finds out where they were taking the weapons. John and Max go to the marina and attack Beaumont, Cole and Phillips. While John and Beaumont are on the boat it catches fire and explodes and John drags Beaumont to shore. John tells Eve that he knew she didn't know Terry, because Terry wouldn't have known anything about him. Harriet sees John and invites her sisters over to sit with him and her.