The Master: Season 1 Episode 7 Juggernaut

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John and Max help a mother and daughter stand up against a jealous ex.

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The Master (1984)


John Peter McAllister - Lee Van Cleef

Max Keller - Timothy Van Patten

Okasa - Sho Kosugi

Maggie Sinclair - Diana Muldaur

Cat Sinclair - Tara Buckman

Alan Kane - William Smith

Deputy Landen - Burton Gilliam

Steamhammer - Robert Tessier

Hellman - Stuart Whitman

Sutter - Ed McCready

Jim Powell - Hank Underwood

Carol - Patricia Wilson

Officer - Jim Barkley

Joe - Britt Leach


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Detailed Synopsis

While Max Keller and John Peter McAllister are driving in Max's van, they notice how dry the area is. John brings up how Max is constantly getting into fights. As they drive into the town of Riverton, Max promises that he won't leave through the window of a bar again. Max walks into the nearby bar and as he walks in, Cat Sinclair, who is playing pool, smiles at him. Alan Kane starts to harass Cat and grabs her arm and starts to hurt it. Max tells him to let Cat go and gets the attention of Deputy Landen, who says he is off duty. Max refuses to fight and Kane throws a glass of beer in his face and then throws Max out of the bar window. John walks up to Max, who tells him that he tried not to fight and they both walk into the bar where Kane is forcibly kissing and slapping Cat. John and Max then proceed to beat up Kane and his friends until Landen stops them. Joe and Steamhammer watch as Joe's watermelons are run over on purpose by a thug in a jeep. Max, John and Cat drive up and Steamhammer gets in the jeep and the driver drives away. Cat apologizes to Joe for what happened and John and Max drive Cat home. Maggie Sinclair pulls a shotgun on John and accuses him of working for Hellman. John tells her that Cat was in a fight and they brought her back and Maggie apologizes.

Max and John drive away and John jokes that the last time he was with a woman was when Noah's Ark sailed. They are almost hit by a semi, who runs them off the road and Max crashes the van. They are towed into town and see the same semi drive into town. Max hides in the semi trailer while John goes back to speak with Maggie. Maggie tells John that it is Hellman versus the farmers and invites John for tea. Max sneaks out of the trailer when it arrives at its destination. Maggie invites John to a meeting she and the other farmers are holding. During the meeting, Maggie tells the others about the attack on Joe and Jim Powell says he can't afford to lose his crops and suggests they give some of their profits to Hellman and Carol says they should let Hellman and Intercontinental haul their crops. John suggests they stick together and form a juggernaut and transport their crops in a convoy. Max overhears Kane and Steamhammer talking to Hellman and Hellman tells them to send Maggie a message. Max escapes by using a pole to vault over the chain link fence, but is arrested by Landen.

Maggie asks John to stay the night. Max is placed in a cell next to Sutter who recognizes him from the White Line bar fight. Kane, Steamhammer and another thug arrive at Maggie's house and start yelling for her to come outside. John walks outside as does Maggie and Cat, who has a shotgun. A fight breaks out and John beats Kane and the others until they leave. Afterwards Maggie leaves and John follows her. Hellman calls Landen and tells him to kill Max. Maggie confronts Hellman, who turns out to be Cat's father, and asks him to leave the others alone. Hellman starts to shake Maggie and John breaks through the window and leaves with Maggie. An Officer brings what appears to be a drunk into the jail and places him in the cell with Sutter. Landen opens Max's cell and tells him to leave and the drunk, who is John in disguise, breaks his cell door open and Max knocks Landen, who is distracted, unconscious and he and John leave. Joe tells Hellman the path the farmers are going to take. Max and Cat kiss and Maggie tells John how Hellman changed from when they were married. In the morning, John jumps on the semis as they leave Hellman's.

Joe tells Steamhammer as the farmer convoy starts up. Kane sets improvised explosive devices along the route the convoy is going to take. John takes out the truckers one by one and finds out from Steamhammer where the road is IED'd before he chokes him unconscious. John gets into a crop duster and pours pesticide over the convoy, hiding it from view. Kane detonates the IED's, but misses the convoy vehicles. The farmers get out and take the truckers hostage and Joe is revealed to the others as a traitor. Kane manages to escape and meets Hellman at the White Line bar. Max and John go there and throw Kane out the window and beat up the other bar patrons and John tells Hellman that Maggie says goodbye. Sutter tells them that if they joined forces with the drunk that helped Max out of jail, they would be unstoppable. At her farm, Maggie says goodbye to John and he says he will return and they kiss. Max tells Henry that it is usually him getting a kiss while John waits in the van. Cat gets into the van and tells Max that she is coming with them and kisses him and John gets into the van and they leave.