The Master: Season 1 Episode 8 The Good, the Bad, and the Priceless

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John tracks his daughter to a modeling agency in New York City.

Series Index

The Master (1984)


John Peter McAllister - Lee Van Cleef

Max Keller - Timothy Van Patten

Okasa - Sho Kosugi

Cat Sinclair - Tara Buckman

Karl - Colby Chester

Kendal - Oliver Clark

Rosetti - Johnny Seven

Gina - Janine Turner

Simon Garrett - George Maharis

Campbell - Joseph Chapman

Jerry Osborne - Arnie Kleban

Cabbie - Nick DeMauro

Model 2 - Kathleen Kinmont

Model 1 - Kari Lloyd

Palmer - Mike Moroff

Lopez - Michael A. Salcido

Drake - Larry B. Williams

Thug - George P. Wilbur


Character thumbnails with links to profiles

Detailed Synopsis

John Peter McAllister, Max Keller, and Cat Sinclair are being driven around by a Cabbie in New York City. The Cabbie asks them if they have ever been to New York City and John tells him that he was there in 1938. He takes them to 612 East 43rd Street where Terry last worked as a model. Simon Garrett is giving direction on how he wants his clothes. Model 1 flirts with him and he flirts back with her. He goes to his office where Kendal and Rosetti are waiting for him. He tells Rosetti that he wants Terry to be at his fashion show at his estate, but Rosetti tells him that Terry has already turned him down. Kendal tells Simon that they are installing his companies security system, but this time their heist can't be done. He says trying to steal the Crown Jewels of England would be too high of a risk, but Simon insists they continue with their plan. Campbell tells Rosetti on the phone that Terry isn't available for Simon's show. He then hands the phone to Gina and tells her to tell Rosetti that Terry isn't interested. Gina then tells Rosetti that Terry will be at the show. John, Max and Cat walk into the agency office and when Jerry Osborne sees John, he says he is perfect for his Pit Stop deodorant advertisement. John tells him no thank you and then shows Campbell a photo of Terry. Campbell tells them that she just signed with the agency, but he doesn't have her phone number and she is very secretive. He tells them to speak with Gina who may know where she is.

John calls and leaves a message for Gina, who is doing her makeup to appear like Terry. Karl tells her trying to go undercover as Terry is too dangerous, but she says they need to find out what Simon's new target is. At Simon's Summer Fashion Show, Simon sees Gina and notices she looks different. Max goes into the changing tent and asks Model 2 if she knows where Terry is. Model 2 tells him that Terry just walked towards the house. While at the show, Jerry sees John and tries to show him the advertisement. Simon introduces himself to John and tells him that the recognizes him from somewhere. John tells him that he is looking for Terry and Simon lies and says she didn't show up. As Rosetti is watching the security cameras, he sees Gina searching through Simon's house. Gina finds a model of a room and is then chased by Rosetti. A Thug pulls a gun on her and John and Max start fighting the Thug and other security. John tells Gina that he is her father and she runs away. Rosetti pulls a gun on John and Max after Simon uses one of John's weapons on Max and Simon tells John and Max to leave. Gina tells Karl that she needs to get back into Simon's house to figure out what the model was of and suggests they use John to help her get back in.

At Rusterman's restaurant, John meets with Gina and introduces her to Max and Cat. During dinner, Gina and John tell each other about themselves and Gina asks John to help her break into Simon's house so she can recover photographs of models he drugged and raped. Kendal shows Simon, Rosetti and Palmer on the model the plan on how to steal the jewels. Gina tells Karl that she feels bad for tricking John. Max tells John that tomorrow he is leaving with Cat and Henry and tells John to keep in touch. Simon is called on the phone and told that Kendal left town. He then decides to use John to steal the jewels and remembers where he saw him, during a martial arts demonstration. John tells Gina that he will help her and as she is about to tell him that she isn't Terry, Rosetti and Palmer try to run them over. Max tries to help them, but is knocked unconscious by a thug. Palmer grabs Gina and puts her in the car and then he, Rosetti and the thug drive away. John meets with Simon and Simon tells him about the plan to break into the Manhattan Museum of Modern Art to steal the jewels.

Lopez is manning the security cameras at the museum as Max and John sneak in. They knock Sampson unconscious and use their ninja skills to get past security systems including using mirrors to block the laser security system. Drake walks into the security office and Lopez tells him something overloaded the laser system. John and Max steal the jewels and escape in Max's van with Cat. John calls Simon and tells him to meet him at the pier. Simon and Rosetti arrive and Max demands to see Terry or he will drop the jewels in the ocean. They take Gina out of the car and Max is confused. He hands over the jewels and Gina is released. Rosetti pulls a gun on Max and a fight breaks out and Simon escapes while John and Max fight Rosetti and the thugs. John goes to Simon's house and fights and beats him using traditional weapons and martial arts. Gina apologizes to John and says she hopes he finds Terry soon. Jerry goes up to John and shows him the advertisement design of someone similar looking to John, but John declines and tells him he never dresses as a cowboy.