The Master: Season 1 Episode 9 Kunoichi

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John and Max travel to Washington, D.C. when a friend of John's sends him a letter asking for help.

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The Master (1984)


John Peter McAllister - Lee Van Cleef

Max Keller - Timothy Van Patten

Okasa - Sho Kosugi

Brian Elkwood - Jack Kelly

Allison Grant - Kelly Harmon

Ron Gordon - Rick Hill

Police Detective - William Campbell


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Detailed Synopsis

In Japan, Okasa spars with a student. The student passes the test and Okasa tells them that they are ready. In Washington, D.C., John Peter McAllister and Max Keller are driving when John tells Max about the first time he met Brian Elkwood. Brian is at his mansion when he tells Allison Grant about another extortion letter he received from John. Allison is surprised John would send that kind of letter, but Brian tells her that people change. They walk inside and Ron Gordon tells Allison about ninjas. Ron tells Brian that there is a mole that is leaking information, but Brian assures him that they will figure out who the mole is before the upcoming summit meeting. Max carries Henry around with him as he travels around D.C. John sees a group of men grab Allison and fights them and they run away. Allison calls John by his name, which surprises him, and she tells him that she works for Brian and was on her way to see him. Over a drink, Allison tells John that Brian is in danger and when she mentions all the letters John sent to Brian, he is confused and says Brian was the one that sent him a letter. She invites him to Brian's party that night. At the party, Okasa watches as John and Allison enter Brian's property. Brian sees John and angrily asks Allison what is going on. He tells John that their friendship ended when he sent the first threatening letter and tells John to leave.

Okasa goes into Max and John's hotel room and finds John's suitcase full of weapons. Max walks in and he and Okasa fight. Okasa wins and leaves with one of John's knives. Max gets into his van and follows him. As Allison is driving John back to his hotel room, she apologizes to him and John realizes someone is tricking him and Brian. John tells Allison that he is going to go back to speak with Brian and Allison drops him off. Max follows Okasa to a house and Okasa shows Ron the knife he stole from John. Max goes into the house and overhears Okasa and Ron talking. Ron gets a phone call and tells Okasa that his student called and they are stepping up the assassination to that night. A security man attacks Max, but he is able to get away in his van. Two security guys then follow Max. John breaks onto Brian's property and finds all the letters he supposedly wrote. Brian catches him and John convinces him that he didn't send the letters. Brian tells John about the mole, meanwhile a ninja breaks into Brian's house. The lights go out and the ninja throws a smoke bomb at Brian. John fights the ninja and the police arrive and the ninja escapes.

A Police Detective then arrests John. Max, who is still being chased, manages to get away. The Police Detective questions John and tells him that he knows he is suspected of terrorist activities in Japan. John calls the hotel, but Max doesn't make it to the phone on time and so calls Allison. He tells her that he is in prison and to tell Max what happened to him. Allison finds Max and tells him that John is being transferred to a Federal prison. Max rescue John from the transport van and they escape in Max's van. Max tells John about Okasa being paid to murder Brian. They drive back to the house where Max followed Okasa. John grabs Okasa and threatens to break his neck and asks when the next assassination attempt on Brian will be. Ron tells them where they were going to kill Brian and the ninja shoots the gun out of Max's hand and reveals themselves to be Allison. John and Max are then tied up. John swings towards a light bulb and breaks it. He then uses a piece of the broken bulb to cut himself free. At the piano concert, Ron shows Brian to his seat. Allison sneaks backstage and Max goes inside the concert hall. Okasa sees him and knocks him unconscious. As Allison is about to shoot Brian, John stops her and Max grabs Ron and tells Brian that Ron is the mole. John unmasks Allison and Brian salutes him. Brian apologizes to John and then thanks him.