The Monsignore

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The Monsignore


The Monsignore Farrow is a Catholic Bishop in Eutaw, Greene County, Alabama. His nephew is Father Farrow.

During the events of Jaws of Satan (1981) played by Norman Lloyd

Father Farrow goes to see The Monsignore and The Monsignore tells him the Bishop came to speak with him about Father Farrow, who is apparently not well liked in the parish. Father Farrow tells The Monsignore about what Evelyn told him and The Monsignore tells Father Farrow, his father didn't die in the war, but committed suicide. He continues that while researching family history, The Monsignore found a history of violent deaths every third generation since O'Farough, who was a follower of St. Patrick. O'Farough was known to have burned the shrines of the Druids and destroyed their sacred oaks, until the Druid High Priest put a curse on O'Farough. The Monsignore tells Father Farrow that he must have faith and Satan wants his soul. After the funeral of Evelyn, Father Farrow's cross falls from his necklace and The Monsignore shows him a book written in Gaelic consisting of a Farrow family history. He tells him there was an ancestor named Timothy who was a Priest and third generation son who died a natural death, and apparently killed the demon that was in the form of a snake. The Snake appears and starts to chase Father Farrow and The Monsignore. The Snake ignores The Monsignore and chases Father Farrow into an empty grave. The Monsignore eventually collapses and dies from a heart attack.