The New Barbarians (1983)

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A loner is forced to protect a group; of refugees from a post-apocalyptic religious order bent on the extermination of the human species.


Post-Apocalyptic, War


Scorpion - Timothy Brent

Nadir - Fred Williamson

One - George Eastman

Alma - Anna Kanakis

Shadow - Thomas Moore

Father Moses - Venantino Venantini

Mako - Massimo Vanni

Young Mechanic - Giovanni Frezza

Vinya - Iris Peynado

Mako's Friend - Andrea Coppola

Templar - Vito Fornari

Woman in Moses' Group - Zora Kerova

Amos - Fulvio Mingozzi

Woman in Moses' Group 2 - Enrica Saltutti

Marinella Troian

Patsy May McLachlan

Templar 2 - Franco Salamon

Stefano Randazzo

Man in Amos' Camp - Ivano Silveri

Whizz - Paul Costello

Patty - Stefania Girolami Goodwin

Dying Man in Car - Enzo G. Castellari

Amos' Radio Operator - Ricardo Petrazzi


Radiation Mutants

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Detailed Synopsis

"2019 A.D., the nuclear holocaust is over."

A member of Amos' camp complains to Amos that they get less food each day. Amos' Radio Operator tells everyone he has received a signal. Another member tells Amos how great it will be to be able to tell someone they are alive. Man in Amos' Camp yells to the others that the Templars are coming. Shadow orders the Templars to attack and Amos tells everyone to stay low. The Templars attack the camp and Amos is shot in the face and killed and Man in Amos' Camp is killed by Mako's Friend. Mako uses the canon attached to his vehicle to start blowing up Amos' camp. Two men run from the camp including Amos' Radio Operator and Shadow drives after Amos' Radio Operator. Shadow catches up to Amos' Radio Operator and sets him on fire with his vehicle's flame thrower. Mako chases after the other guy and cuts his head off with his vehicle's spinning blade. Shadow and Mako return to Amos' destroyed camp and Mako tosses Shadow a bible he found in camp. At the Templar camp, One rips the bible in half and blames books for the destruction of the world. One tells Shadow that Mako will take over when One dies, but Shadow tells One that Mako is weak. Shadow tells One that he heard a signal coming from the radio in Amos' camp, but One insists there is no civilization left.

A group of Radiation Mutants are picking through the remnants of a convoy destroyed by another Templar attack. One of them sees Scorpion's vehicle drive up and they hide. Scorpion finds a Dying Man in Car and asks him who attacked him, but Dying Man in Car tells him it doesn't matter anyways. The Radiation Mutants attack and Scorpion kills them all. Dying Man in Car asks Scorpion to shoot him and Scorpion does. Scorpion stops at the trailer of Young Mechanic and he and Young Mechanic challenge themselves in a shooting contest, which Scorpion wins. Scorpion asks Young Mechanic to look at his vehicle and then waits as Young Mechanic repairs it. Shadow and Mako are chasing down a van. The van manages to ram a Templar car into the ditch, but Shadow uses his spear and flame thrower to set the inside of the van on fire. Alma and the driver jump out of the burning vehicle and start to run away. Shadow impales the driver with his vehicle's spear while Mako chases after Alma. Mako's Friend throws a net on Alma and Mako starts to drag her behind his vehicle. Scorpion shoots the rope and then charges his vehicle at Mako's. As Scorpion and Mako are about to duel, Shadow gets between them and punches Mako. Shadow tells Scorpion he thought he was dead and he will have to tell One he saw him. Scorpion warns Shadow he will kill him if he sees him again. Shadow tells One they should find and kill Scorpion, but One refuses to.

Nadir sees Scorpion driving and follows him. Mako, Mako's Friend and Templar decide to go after Scorpion themselves, and Mako tells them they should take over from One and Shadow. Scorpion and Alma have sex in a clear plastic illuminated blow up tent. Alma tells Scorpion she was separated from the rest of her group when they were attacked, but thinks they are all dead. Scorpion tells her, he fights to survive and not because of any hope of finding civilization. The next day, Scorpion and Alma are surrounded by a group of Templars led by Mako. Scorpion gets out of his car and starts to run and shoots and kills Templar. As Mako is chasing Scorpion, Nadir appears and fires an explosive arrow into the ground, opening a hole that Scorpion jumps into. Scorpion jumps onto Mako's vehicle and they start to fight. Scorpion pushes Mako off of the vehicle and Mako is run over by it. As Templar 2 is about to shoot an explosive at Scorpion, Nadir shoots Templar 2 in the neck and causes his head to explode. Scorpion tells Mako's Friend to take Mako's body back to One as a warning. Scorpion and Alma stop at a lake to get water and so he can clean a wound. Nadir shows up and approaches them and after he sees Alma is wounded, tells them he saw a caravan awhile back that might be able to help them. Mako is immolated next to Mako's Friend, who is to be punished for going against One's order. Shadow yells that they should find Scorpion and kill him, but One refuses again. As Mako's Friend starts to burn, Shadow shoots him.

Father Moses tells one of his followers not to give up. Woman in Moses' Group 2 gives Father Moses a cup. Patty calls out to Father Moses and tells him she picked up a signal in Morse Code and the members of the camp, including Woman in Moses' Group run to the radio. Scorpion, Alma and Nadir go to Father Moses' camp and he agrees to help Alma. Scorpion wonders why Father Moses didn't want anything in return and Nadir tells him they believe in a god. Alma is brought to Whizz and Scorpion and Nadir warn Father Moses that the Templars are near. Whizz bandages up Alma and she tells Scorpion she is going with Father Moses' group. Vinya takes Nadir to her room and gives him some wine. She tells Nadir about their sect and then they have sex. A Templar sees Father Moses' camp and Scorpion tells Nadir that he is leaving. As Scorpion is leaving he is spotted by some Templars who chase after him. He manages to kill some of them before he is encircled by One, Shadow and a large group of Templars. Scorpion is brought to the Templar camp and sodomized by One. A Templar rides into camp and tells One about Father Moses' camp and he, Shadow and most of the Templars leave. Nadir leaves Father Moses' camp and sees the large group of Templars heading towards it. In the morning, three Templars start to drag Scorpion behind one of their vehicles. Nadir arrives and kills the Templars and brings Scorpion to Young Mechanic.

The Templars arrive at Father Moses' camp and Whizz tells Alma to come with him. Nadir tells Scorpion all he had to do was ask for his help as he patches him up. The Templars destroy Father Moses' camp and kill most of his followers. While Young Mechanic works on improvements, Scorpion trains in drawing his weapon. One is smoking a joint and listening to a poetry audio tape when Shadow tells him he sent some Templars to find out why they didn't return after killing Scorpion. Nadir tells Scorpion he is going to help him and Young Mechanic shows Scorpion a new giant drill attachment he made for Scorpion's vehicle and a bulletproof material. One calls Father Moses and his people idiots and walking corpses and tells them there is nothing left in the world. The Templars sent to check up on the Templar base crash their vehicle into Father Moses' camp and Shadow yells it's a trap when he notices they are dead. Scorpion and One face off and Scorpion reveals his clear bullet proof armor. A battle erupts between Scorpion, Nadir and Young Mechanic versus, One, Shadow and the remaining Templars. One runs away while Shadow taunts Scorpion and threatens to kill the remainder of Father Moses' people. As Shadow is about to shoot Alma, Father Moses jumps in front of her and is killed. Shadow starts to kill the rest of them and is shot in the face and killed by Scorpion. Scorpion then gets into his vehicle and drives after One, while Nadir and Young Mechanic kill the remaining Templars. Scorpion catches up to One and uses the new drill Young Mechanic made for him to drill a hole into the rear of One. Nadir asks Scorpion where he is going next and Scorpion tells him somewhere he isn't. Vinya asks Nadir if she can help him and he motions her to come with him. Alma walks up to Scorpion and Young Mechanic puts his hand into Scorpion's.