The Room (2003)

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A successful banker, and nice guy is betrayed by everyone in his life.




Johnny - Tommy Wiseau

Lisa - Juliette Danielle

Mark - Greg Sestero

Denny - Phillip Haldiman

Claudette - Carolyn Minnot

Michelle - Robyn Paris

Mike - Scott Holmes

Chris-R - Dan Janjigian

Peter - Kyle Vogt

Steven - Greg Ellery

Party Member 1 - Piper Gore

Party Member 2 - Kari McDermott

Party Member 3 - Jen Vanderbliek

Party Member 4 - Bennett Dunn

Susan - Padma Moyer

Barista 2 - Daron Jennings

Coffee Shop 1 - Thomas E. Webster

Coffee Shop 2 - Nora Demarcky

Coffee Shop 3 - Arelle Mitkowski

Coffee Shop 4 - Frank Willey


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Detailed Synopsis

Johnny arrives home and gives Lisa a red dress as a present. Denny walks into their home, grabs an apple and follows Johnny and Lisa upstairs as they go to have sex. Denny leaves and Johnny and Lisa have sex. The next morning, Claudette visits Lisa and Lisa tells her she doesn't love Johnny anymore, and Claudette tells her that she can't support herself and Johnny bought her a car, a ring and clothes. Lisa calls Mark and demands to talk with him and she calls Claudette a stupid bitch and asks to see Mark tomorrow. The next day, Mark stops by Johnny and Lisa's apartment and Lisa flirts with Mark and tells him she doesn't love Johnny anymore and after Mark temporarily resists, they have sex. After they have sex, Mark regrets going behind Johnny's back and Lisa tells him she loves him and Mark tells her they can't cheat together again. Johnny buys a bouquet of flowers from Florist. Denny stops by Johnny and Lisa's home and asks to kiss Lisa, and then leaves. Johnny gets home and gives Lisa the flowers and tells Lisa he didn't get his promotion at the bank. He and Lisa then get drunk and have sex. The next day Lisa asks Claudette if she will be coming to Johnny's surprise birthday party next Friday and Claudette complains that Harold wants her to give him a share of her house and that she has breast cancer and is dying. Lisa then tells Claudette that Johnny didn't get his promotion, got drunk and hit her, which Claudette doesn't believe.

Michelle and Mike break into Johnny and Lisa's apartment and start making out and afterwards are caught by Lisa and Claudette coming back from shopping. Denny stops by and Lisa tells Claudette that Johnny wanted to adopt Denny and when Denny turned 18 found him an apartment in the same building and started paying for it. On the roof of the building, Denny is confronted by Chris-R who demands the money Denny owes him and then pulls a gun on Denny. Johnny and Mark see Denny and Chris-R and take away Chris-R's gun and then take him to the police. Denny admits to Claudette and Lisa that he owes Chris-R money after he bought drugs from him. Lisa calls Mark and tells him she still has feelings for him. The following day, Johnny complains to Mark that Lisa has been telling people that he hit her. Mark asks Johnny if he thinks women cheat like men and then relates a story of a woman he knew who had multiple boyfriends and when they found out, beat her so badly she had to go to the hospital which makes Johnny laugh. Denny goes to the roof of the building and he and Johnny toss a football around and Denny tells Johnny that he is in love with Lisa and Johnny says he is okay with it and trusts him and Lisa. Lisa tells Michelle that Johnny didn't get the promotion at work and then hit her when he got drunk. Lisa then tells Michelle that she is sleeping with Mark and she doesn't love Johnny anymore.

Johnny comes home and Lisa threatens to break up with Johnny and then goes to bed. In the alley, Mike tells Johnny that he left his underwear at Johnny's apartment and Claudette found them. He, Johnny and Denny then toss the football around. Mark shows up and shoves Mike too hard and has to take him to Mike's home. Lisa and Claudette arrive at the apartment and Lisa tells Claudette that she had sex with someone else, which Johnny, who is listening on the stairs, hears. Johnny then starts to bug his home to record all phone conversations. Johnny has a conversation with Peter about women and how he knows Lisa is cheating on him and asks for advice, but Peter tells him he doesn't want to get between him and Lisa. Mark arrives and Johnny tells him what they have been discussing to which Mark mentions he is dating a married woman. Johnny then tells the story of how he met Lisa while working as a busboy in a hotel and he said hi to her. Lisa arrives home with Denny and Mark and Peter leave. On the roof, Mark tells Peter that he did something awful and Peter figures out he cheated with Lisa. Peter tells Mark to stop seeing Lisa and they walk back into the building. At a coffee shop, Coffee Shop 1, Coffee Shop 2, Coffee Shop 3 and Coffee Shop 4 order coffee from Susan and Barista 2. Johnny and Mark arrive and when Mark asks about Johnny's new bank client, Johnny asks about his sex life. Mark meets up with Lisa and they have sex again. Johnny and Mark go the park and toss a football around. Mark goes to Johnny and Lisa's apartment again and as they are about to make out, Michelle arrives and interrupts them and Mark leaves. Michelle asks Lisa if she has told Johnny and Lisa tells her if she can't get what she wants from Mark she will get it from someone else. Claudette comes to visit Lisa and Lisa tells Claudette that she loves Mark and not Johnny and Claudette tells her that marriage has nothing to do with love.

Johnny comes home to his surprise party with Mark, Lisa, Denny, Claudette Michelle, Mike, Steven, Party Member 1, Party Member 2, Party Member 3 and Party Member 4 in attendance. During the party, Johnny watches Lisa with suspicion. Lisa suggests everyone go outside for fresh air and then after everyone but Mark leaves, she grabs him and they go onto the couch. Steven walks into the room while they are making out and demands to know what is going on. Lisa tells Steven she loves Mark and Steven tells her she is going to destroy Johnny. Johnny announces to everyone at the party that he and Lisa are expecting a baby. Michelle and Steven pull Lisa aside and Michelle tells her she has to be honest with Johnny. Lisa admits to them that she is not pregnant and she told Johnny she was pregnant to make things interesting. Michelle and Steven argue with Lisa and she ignores their advice and tells everyone at the party it is time to eat cake. Party Member 4 tells Party Member 3 that Lisa is looking hot tonight. Mark asks Lisa who the baby belongs to and Lisa slaps Mark. Johnny and Mark get into a short pushing match and then apologize to each other.

Later, Johnny catches Lisa and Mark dancing and another fight breaks out between Johnny and Mark. Johnny then accuses everyone of betraying him and walks upstairs and locks himself in the bedroom. Lisa calls Mark and he tells her she should leave Johnny and he doesn't like Johnny anymore. Johnny pulls out the tape he used to record every phone conversation and plays it for Lisa who tells him she is leaving him. Johnny then destroys the apartment and thrusts with his crotch against the red dress he bought her as a gift before ripping it. He then pulls out a gun and shoots himself in the head, killing himself. Mark and Lisa run into the room and find Johnny dead and Mark kisses Johnny's forehead. Mark then breaks up with Lisa and blames Lisa for Johnny killing himself. Denny runs into the room and sees Johnny dead and tells Mark and Lisa to leave him and Johnny's body. They then all gather around Johnny's body as an ambulance arrives.