The Sect (1991)

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A school teacher is embroiled in a Satanic sect's plan to create the anti-christ.


Horror, Supernatural


Miriam Kreisl - Kelly Curtis

Moebius Kelly - Herbert Lom

Kathryn - Maria Angela Giordano

Frank - Michel Adatte

Dr. Pernath - Carla Cassola

Claire Henri - Angelika Maria Boeck

Martin Romero - Giovanni Lombardo Radice

Mr. Henri - Niels Gullov

Damon - Tomas Arana

Jonathan Ford - Donald O'Brien

Samantha - Yasmine Ussani

Steven - Paolo Pranzo

Truck driver - Richard Sammel

Second truck driver - Ralph Bola Mustapha'

Sara - Erica Sinisi

Mark - Dario Casalini

Pickpocket - Fabio Saccani

Male nurse - Vincenzo Regina

First midwife - Giovanna Rotellini

Second midwife - Chiara Mancori

Woman of the sect - Carmela Pilato


Large Stork

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Detailed Synopsis

In south California in 1970, Mark and a friend are firing stones at a clock at their camp. Sara tells Jimmy not to go far while a group of motorcycle riders watch the camp. Jimmy starts to cry when he sees a snake, and Sara asks Mark to check on Jimmy. Mark finds Jimmy and sees Damon walking towards the camp. Damon asks Mark for some water and Sara offers him some eggplant stew. The camp eats dinner and during the night, Mark, Sara and the rest of the camp are murdered by Damon and the people on the motorcycles. Damon then cuts off Sara's face and offers it to Satan. He walks up to a limousine and tells the passenger that he and the members of his sect are ready, but the passenger tells him that it is not yet time.

In Frankfurt, Germany in 1991, Woman of the sect stares at a painting of Mary. Martin Romero gets out of his car and stares at Woman of the sect, who recognizes him. Martin tells his wife that he is going to walk home and follows Woman of the sect. She goes home and when she opens the door, Martin pulls her inside. He asks her why she disobeyed and then stabs her to death with a knife. A Pickpocket is riding the subway looking for people to steal from. He sees a gold chain sticking out of Martin's coat pocket and when he pulls it out, the chain is entwined around Woman of the sect's heart. The pickpocket drops the heart and the other passengers see it and start screaming. Martin picks the heart up and starts running and is chased by the police. He is detained and tells the police that it is right to kill traitors and he is just a pawn. He then grabs a gun from the police and shoots himself in the head.

Moebius Kelly wraps a package and then lets his bird free after telling it that it is time before catching a bus. The news mentions the murder of Mary and talks about Jonathan Ford who has been waging a judicial war against different sects of Satan worshipers. During a news conference, Ford says that the murders are part of an international bloodthirsty sect. Moebius starts to have a coughing fit and then applies eye drops. He gets off the bus and is almost hit by Miriam Kreisl who swerves and crashes her car to avoid hitting him. A crowd gathers and Moebius gets up and Miriam offers to drive him to the hospital. While they are driving, Moebius tells her that he doesn't want to go to the hospital and she offers to let him rest at her house. They go inside and and Moebius tells her that he used to live in a house like hers. Miriam picks up Rabbit and tells Moebius that she lives alone. He tells her that she isn't ready and is psychologically unstable. He grabs her hand and tells her that she has to claim her birthright. He tells her that he doesn't want to die yet and asks her to take him to the bus stop. Kathryn calls Miriam and Miriam tells her that she has company. Miriam walks back into her living room and Moebius is sleeping. During the night, Moebius opens his package and walks into Miriam's room. He puts a beetle on her face, which then goes up her nostril. Miriam has a dream where she follows Rabbit to where a children's cry is coming from. She walks into a meadow where there is a large tree with wind chimes and a man tied to the tree. She starts to free him and is attacked by a Large Stork, which pecks at her neck.

Miriam wakes up and finds Moebius choking. She drives to Dr. Pernath's house and as she does, Moebius gets up and walks to the basement. When Miriam arrives at Dr. Pernath's house, Frank tells her that Dr. Pernath is not home, but he is also a doctor. They get into Miriam's car and drive back to her house. Moebius removes the lid to a well in the basement and throws the contents of the package into it, while Rabbit watches him. He closes the well and collapses and puts a shroud over his face and chokes himself to death. Miriam and Frank run into the house and when he starts sneezing, tells Miriam that he hates rabbits. They walk into the basement and Miriam tells Frank that she didn't know about the extent of her basement. They find Moebius' body and Frank shows Miriam the shroud Moebius had. An ambulance arrives and a Male nurse asks where Moebius is and removes Moebius' body. While they are transporting his body, Moebius' journal falls to the ground. Frank flirts with Miriam before he leaves. In the morning, a blue stringy substance starts coming out of Miriam's pipes. Miriam follows Rabbit into the basement and finds the well and a woman in her basement. Miriam notices she is hiding something and pulls the shroud Moebius used from the woman. Rabbit changes the channels on the television until it stops on a news report where Ford is interviewed and says Moebius disappeared in 1979.

During school, Miriam sees Claire Henri waving at her from the window. She tells Samantha that Claire is waiting to pick her up. Miriam looks at the drawing that Samantha is making and it looks like the beetle that climbed into Miriam's nose. At the end of school, Kathryn chastises Miriam for letting a stranger into her house. As they are talking, Miriam sees Samantha and Samantha tells her that Claire is gone. Miriam and Kathryn drop Samantha off at her house and Mr. Henri tells them that no one has seen Claire. He invites them into his house and Samantha calls Miriam into Claire's office, which is filled with drawings of the beetle that crawled up Miriam's nose. Mr. Henri tells Miriam that the beetle was Claire's latest find and Miriam suddenly collapses. Mr. Henri calls for help and his maid, who is the same woman Miriam found in her house, brings some water. Kathryn drops off Miriam at her house and invites her to come stay with her. Kathryn finds Moebius' shroud and it attaches itself to her face. Miriam helps her take it off and then goes to give Kathryn some water. She comes back and Kathryn drives away. Kathryn drives to a truck stop and flirts with Truck driver and he takes her into the trailer of his vehicle. Second truck driver and Steven go into the trailer and find Truck driver stabbing Kathryn and tells them Kathryn told him to.

Miriam goes to look at her fish and finds it dead from the blue sticky water. She takes a blue water bath and hears a message from Moebius telling her that he left his journal. Frank calls Miriam and tells her to go the hospital. She goes and finds Dr. Pernath trying to stabilize Kathryn. Kathryn flatlines and when Miriam goes to look at her body, Kathryn tells her that it is all her fault and tries to strangle her and then slits her throat. Miriam tells Frank about the message Moebius left on her answering machine and Frank takes her to the hospital mortuary to prove Moebius is dead. Frank finds a coffin with the name tag unknown and starts to open it, while Miriam waits outside the room. Frank opens the coffin and finds bits of human remains. They go back to Miriam's house and Frank gives her a sleeping pill. Members of the sect gather, including Damon and Dr. Pernath, and Damon shows her the tools used by the American branch, which allows face transfers. Rabbit watches as Frank finds and goes through Moebius' journal. Frank goes into the basement and accidentally drops the journal into the well. He goes into the well and sees the shroud and hears voices outside. He follows a tunnel that leads outside and watches as Claire's face is removed from her body during a ceremony. Claire's face is put on Moebius' and Moebius comes to life. He sees Frank and warns the others and as Frank is climbing back up the well, Rabbit attacks him and Frank is attacked by the shroud.

Miriam wakes up and finds her bed full of larva. She runs to the door and Frank attacks her with a knife. She runs back into the house and starts growing a large growth on her neck. Miriam gets into her car and drives away and Frank jumps through the window and attacks her and the car crashes and starts leaking gasoline. She runs back to her house Moebius is in her living room. He tells her that the sect were the ones who take care of her when she was growing up and got her the teaching job and house. Dr. Pernath injects her with something and she wakes up in the basement. The Large Stork flies up from the well and proceeds to rape Miriam while puncturing her neck growth. Afterwards Dr. Pernath cleans Miriam's wound and tells her that she is about to give life. Moebius tells Miriam that the well under the house is a doorway to Hell. Miriam is lowered into the well and screams. Damon tells one of the sect members to kill Frank and as he is about to kill Frank, Frank causing the gasoline to ignite, killing them both. First midwife and Second midwife help Miriam through the birth and she is given the option of joining the sect. Most of the sect leaves the house and Miriam pushed Dr. Pernath into the well, killing her. She takes the baby boy from Moebius and Damon rides after her and catches fire and explodes when he rides into the fire from the car accident. Miriam plunges her and the baby boy into the fire and Moebius jumps into the fire to stop her. The fire department arrives and puts out the fire and Miriam is miraculously unhurt, while Moebius and the baby are burnt to a crisp. She figures out her baby boy protected her from the flames and stares into the sky.