The Snake

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The Snake


The Snake is a King Cobra possessed by the spirit of Satan.

During the events of Jaws of Satan (1981)

Trainman goes into the train car with the Greyhounds to check on why they are barking and the door suddenly closes behind him. The lock breaks on the box holding the snake and it attacks the Trainman, who falls out of the train. The door to the other train car opens and Carnie Kid's snake slithers up to him and bites him in the face. The train then suddenly stops. As a Farmer and Farmer's Son are collecting wood, the Farmer is bit by a rattlesnake. Farmer's Son runs over and kills the rattlesnake as The Snake watches. As Dr. Maggie Sheridan is undressing, a snake slithers in her bedroom. She takes a shower and as she crawls into bed, the rattlesnake slithers onto her bed. She calls Paul Hendricks and The Snake appears to order the rattlesnake to slither towards Dr. Sheridan. Paul breaks into Dr. Sheridan's house and uses a snake tong to grab the rattlesnake and then shoots it. The Snake appears at the funeral of Evelyn, who it killed after she was trying to warn Father Farrow and starts to chase Father Farrow and The Monsignore. The Snake ignores The Monsignore and chases Father Farrow into an empty grave. As Father Farrow is trying to climb out of the grave, he grabs a rod iron fence and a portion breaks off that is in the shape of a cross. Father Farrow holds it in front of him as a weapon, and The Snake is repulsed. A Biker runs Dr. Sheridan off the road and pulls out a gun and orders her out of her car and as he is about to sexually assault her, The Snake appears and the Biker runs away and Dr. Sheridan gets into her car. The Snake shatters her window, but she manages to get away. Sheriff Tatum drops Paul off at the cave and Paul finds The Snake, but slips and falls unconscious. Father Farrow walks to the caverns and calls out to Satan and finds Dr. Sheridan on an alter with The Snake above her. Father Farrow moves Dr. Sheridan from the alter and takes her place. Paul regains consciousness as Father Farrow speaks Latin while holding the cross and The Snake erupts in flames.

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