The Terror: Season 1 Episode 5 First Shot a Winner, Lads

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Francis Crozier's drinking becomes worse while the Tuunbaq continues to whittle down the crew.

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The Terror (2018-2019)


Francis Crozier - Jared Harris

James Fitzjames - Tobias Menzies

Henry Goodsir - Paul Ready

Cornelius Hickey - Adam Nagaitis

Thomas Blanky - Ian Hart

Lady Silence - Nive Nielsen

John Franklin - Ciaran Hinds

Lt. Edward Little - Matthew McNulty

Dr. MacDonald - Charles Edwards

Lt. George Hodgson - Christos Lawton

Magnus Manson - Stephen Thompson

William Gibson - Edward Ashley

Lt. John Irving - Ronan Raftery

Charles Des Voeux - Sebastian Armesto

Thomas Jopson - Liam Garrigan

Thomas Hartnell - Jack Colgrave Hirst

Sgt. Solomon Tozer - David Walmsley

Dr. Stanley - Alistair Petrie

Robert Golding - Mikey Collins

Henry Collins - Trystan Gravelle

Lt. H.T.D. Le Vesconte - Declan Hannigan

Samuel Crispe - Guy Faulkner

John Gregory - Mike Kelly

Edmund Hoar - Daniel Oldroyd

John Diggle - Chris Corrigan

Thomas Darlington - Simon Nader



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Detailed Synopsis

Lt. H.T.D. Le Vesconte and Charles Des Voeux are doing calculations on cannon bombardments and wind temperature. They return to the ship and Edmund Hoar tells James Fitzjames that Lt. Edward Little is there to see him. Fitzjames notices Francis Crozier has again not showed up for the commander's meeting. Fitzjames then tells Little that Lady Silence will be returning to the Terror and she is Crozier's problem now. Little walks to where Lady Silence is being kept and finds trinkets sitting outside her room and John Gregory tells him, the trinkets are removed every morning, but more show up. Henry Goodsir, who was sitting next to lady Silence, hears Little tell Gregory that Lady Silence is being moved to the Terror. He asks if he can come as he is working on a Inuktitut dictionary with Lady Silence. Dr. Stanley is removing the frost bit toe of Le Vesconte when Goodsir tells him, Lady Silence is leaving and asks if he can go with her. Des Voeux makes fun of Goodsir writing a dictionary. Samuel Crispe tells Goodsir they are ready to leave.

While inspecting the men, Fitzjames tells William Wentzell that his fingernails are dirty. He then chastises the crew for their lack of hygiene. Henry Collins tells Fitzjames that when Little came on board he took 16 bottles of alcohol with him from the Erebus' stores. While on the trek back to the Terror, Mr. Hornby collapses. Thomas Darlington tells Cornelius Hickey to clean up the leaking tar. Little tells Lt. George Hodgson that Hornby died on the ice and Hickey and Darlington stare as Lady Silence is brought on board. Thomas Blanky is telling Crozier about the shifting pressure of the ice on the ship when Little walks in and tells him Hornby died. He tells him Lady Silence has also come aboard along with Goodsir. When Crozier finds out the Erebus didn't have any whiskey, only rum and gin, he tells Little to go back and get whiskey from Fitzhames' own supply. Crozier tells Thomas Jopson to collect Hornby's things and when he finds out he only has two bottles of whiskey, tells Little to have whiskey by the time the two bottles run out.

Hickey tries to get information out of Goodsir by using flattery, but Goodsir doesn't fall for it. Dr. MacDonald thanks Goodsir for his help and tells him about when Captain Penny's tooth exploded during an expedition in 1839. Goodsir asks Dr. MacDonald if any of the men are suffering from black gums and Dr. MacDonald remembers reading about a case of lead poisoning. Hickey asks William Gibson questions about what the officers on ship are discussing. Hickey gives Gibson, David Young's ring which he stole and again asks Gibson to find out information. As Lt. John Irving is supervising Magnus Manson and Thomas Hartnell put Hornby's body into the hold, Manson tells Irving, he and others have heard the bodies of William Strong and Thomas Evans making noise. Irving threatens Manson who initially refuses to go down and Hickey intervenes. Sgt. Solomon Tozer is clipping Pvt. William Heather's fingernails as he explains the method of checking temperature by how long it takes sound to arrive. Tozer holds Heather's hand before heading up to the deck of the ship.

Goodsir goes into Crozier's cabin and Crozier becomes upset when he finds out that Goodsir has made no progress in finding out about the Tuunbaq from Lady Silence, but only in learning words. Lady Silence is brought into the cabin by Little and is questioned about the Tuunbaq by Crozier. Blanky recognizes the word Tuunbaq to mean a spirit that dresses like an animal. Crozier tells Goodsir to ask Lady Silence how to kill it, but Goodsir refuses to ask her. When she refuses to speak with Crozier anymore, he orders her off the ship. She asks Crozier why he wants to die and Fitzjames walks in and tells Crozier he needs to step up to his responsibility and Crozier punches at Fitzjames, who pushes him away. Crozier orders everyone out but Fitzjames and the two begin to argue about Crozier's sobriety. Blanky goes to the deck and shortly after Tozer runs towards him and says the Tuunbaq got Darlington. The Tuunbaq goes on the deck and kills another man and then attacks Blanky. Blanky climbs up the mast and yells at the men to fire the cannon at it. Hickey breaks the door down and manages to get onto the deck and the Tuunbaq strikes at Blanky's leg, gouging deep furrows into it. Blanky throws a lit lantern on the Tuunbaq, setting it on fire and Tozer has the skin on his hands ripped off as he aims the cannon upwards. Hodgson fires the cannon and the Tuubaq falls to the ground, but disappears. Lady Silence escapes from the ship and Blanky is brought to Dr. MacDonald and John Diggle helps as Dr. MacDonald cuts off Blanky's lower leg after everyone in the room takes a shot. Crozier has Fitzjames, Little, Dr. MacDonald and Jopson come into his cabin and asks them for help getting him sober and puts Fitzjames in charge for the time being. Goodsir opens a can of food and serves it to Jacko.