The Terror: Season 1 Episode 7 Horrible from Supper

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Hickey recruits a group of deserters.

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The Terror (2018-2019)


Francis Crozier - Jared Harris

James Fitzjames - Tobias Menzies

Henry Goodsir - Paul Ready

Cornelius Hickey - Adam Nagaitis

Thomas Blanky - Ian Hart

Lady Silence - Nive Nielsen

John Franklin - Ciaran Hinds

Lt. George Hodgson - Christos Lawton

Sgt. Solomon Tozer - David Walmsley

Lt. John Irving - Ronan Raftery

John Morfin - Anthony Flanagan

Lt. Edward Little - Matthew McNulty

Thomas Jopson - Liam Garrigan

Henry Collins - Trystan Gravelle

Thomas Hartnell - Jack Colgrave Hirst

William Gibson - Edward Ashley

Robert Golding - Mikey Collins

Thomas Armitage - Charlie Kelly

Magnus Manson - Stephen Thompson

John Bridgens - John Lynch

Pvt. William Pilkington - Aaron Jeffcoate

Koveyook - Vinnie Karetak

David Young - Alfie Kingsnorth

John Lane - Edmund Short

Thomas Farr - Mate Haumann

New Seaman - David Zoltan Miller

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Detailed Synopsis

Magnus Manson climbs into the desk of a ship as David Young is asking Thomas Hartnell a question. Lt. George Hodgson calls for the next in line and New Seaman walks up and asks for tips for a first timer at sea. Hodgson then tells the sailor, to report to duty in a month.

April 22, 1848, James Fitzjames complains to Francis Crozier that some of the things the men are bringing are impractical. Manson asks William Gibson if he thinks the first land camp is up. Thomas Armitage tells Robert Golding they would know by now if there had been a Tuunbaq attack on the first group. Cornelius Hickey seems unconcerned about the Tuunbaq, which elicits a comment out of Sgt. Solomon Tozer. John Morfin drops the crate he is carrying and Henry Goodsir sees his physical condition and asks him if John Bridgens has seen him today. Gibson has the idea to abandon the others and to leave on their own, which he tells to Hickey, Golding, Tozer and Armitage. He also thinks they should see if others would like to join them in their desertion. Crozier tells a group that is staying behind that they are leaving supplies that should last them through the winter. He tells the group, that if the ice thaws, to head towards King William island and hug the shore. He tells them to sail on if they don't see any sign of the land expedition by September 1st. John Lane tells Crozier that he and the others would rather die under English blankets than in the foreign void. Crozier dismisses them and tells Thomas Jopson to find his assigned sledge. Crozier writes one last item in the log book, he and Thomas Blanky do one last walk through the ship and Blanky relates the history of the ship and they then leave.

Lt. John Irving gives the word, and the group starts their march through the Arctic. Hartnell tells Crozier that they are definitely following Lt. Edward Little's group's tracks. The boats used to carry the supplies continue to get stuck in the snow and Morfin's condition continues to deteriorate. In the evening, Goodsir asks Henry Collins how he is doing. Collins tells Goodsir that he hates the smell of grease and ever since carnival, he can't stop thinking of the smell of burning flesh, which makes him hungry. Collins then cries on Goodsir's shoulder. Goodsir talks with Crozier about not eating the canned meat, but Crozier says they must until they can hunt. Richard Wall serves dinner and Hickey notices Goodsir pull Lady Silence away from the food line. Tozer and Morfin are scouting ahead when they find something. They take Crozier and Fitzjames to see what they found, the remains of Fairholme's sledge party, killed by the Tuunbaq. The crew meet up with Little's group, who have already set up camp. Tozer walks up to Crozier and Little and suggests arming additional personnel including Armitage, Samuel Crispe, Manson, Teeley, Coombs and Hickey. Crozier rejects the idea and when Tozer leaves, Crozier tells Little he rejected Tozer's request based on some of the names he listed.

Goodsir does an autopsy on Jacko and during the night, Morfin collapses and asks Goodsir to kill him. The rest of the camp wakes up and Morfin takes the rifle from Pvt. William Pilkington and points it at Crozier. Fitzjames orders Morfin to lower his weapon and Morfin shoots towards him before being shot dead by Tozer. Goodsir goes to his tent and cries and Lady Silence walks in and hugs him. Crozier questions Hartnell about the night Lady Silence was abducted and Hartnell tells him, Armitage was also involved. Jopson tells Crozier that Neptune is missing. Crozier tells the other officers that the cans are tainted with lead and Morfin is buried. Crozier promotes Jopson to a lieutenant and he is congratulated by the others. Hickey has a meeting with Hodgson where Tozer is present, and invites him to join the group of deserters and offers him meat from Neptune. Irving, Hodgson, Armitage, Hickey, Thomas Farr and Pocock are out scouting for animals to hunt when Irving suggests they split up. Irving's group crests a rise and spot a group of Netsilik hunters. Irving goes to speak with them and Farr points out to Hickey that Crozier was right. Irving speaks with Koveyook and tells him that he and his group are starving and Kooveyook offers him fresh meat. Irving gives Koveyook his spyglass and then goes back to where Hickey and Farr were when he notices them no longer on the ridge. He finds Hickey half naked over the dead body of Farr and Hickey stabs him to death.

In the past. Morfin comes onboard and next up is Hickey, who is revealed to have taken the place of New Seaman, the real Hickey.