The Terror: Season 1 Episode 9 The C, the C, the Open C

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Lead poisoning and starvation start to take its toll on Crozier's group and the traitor camp.

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The Terror (2018-2019)


Francis Crozier - Jared Harris

James Fitzjames - Tobias Menzies

Henry Goodsir - Paul Ready

Cornelius Hickey - Adam Nagaitis

Thomas Blanky - Ian Hart

Lady Silence - Nive Nielsen

John Franklin - Ciaran Hinds

Lady Jane Franklin - Greta Scacchi

Sgt. Solomon Tozer - David Walmsley

Lt. George Hodgson - Christos Lawton

Lt. Edward Little - Matthew McNulty

John Bridgens - John Lynch

Robert Golding - Mikey Collins

Charles Des Voeux - Sebastian Armesto

Thomas Armitage - Charlie Kelly

William Gibson - Edward Ashley

Thomas Jopson - Liam Garrigan

Netsilik Hunter - Johnny Issaluk

Thomas Hartnell - Jack Colgrave Hirst

Lt. H.T.D. Le Vesconte - Declan Hannigan

Charles Dickens - Tristan Teller

Henry Peglar - Kevin Guthrie

Pvt. William Pilkington - Aaron Jeffcoate

John Diggle - Chris Corrigan

Sophia Cracroft - Sian Brooke

Magnus Manson - Stephen Thompson


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Detailed Synopsis

At the London Cultural Society, Charles Dickens invites Lady Jane Franklin to speak. She addresses the patrons and asks them to offer monetary support to send a ship to help find John Franklin.

The next day after the Tuunbaq attack on the camp, Robert Golding and Thomas Hartnell are looking at a headless body and Golding tells Hartnell that he was trying to see if he could recognize who the body belonged to. Thomas Blanky walks up to them and tells them the body belongs to Mr. Honey, a carpenter. James Fitzjames tells Francis Crozier that they can't bury all of the bodies. Crozier asks if anyone has seen Henry Goodsir and John Bridgens tells him, Goodsir would never have left willingly with the traitors. Bridgens is working on a patient, who appears to be comatose, and tells Crozier and Fitzjames that the patient is like a diary with all the entries removed. Crozier gives a speech to the men telling them they must continue and Lt. Edward Little orders the march to continue. Crozier tells Thomas Jopson to burn the dead and then tells Fitzjames to leave the supplies they can't carry in case some from Cornelius Hickey's group are in need of them.

Lt. George Hodgson is sitting on the ground when he removes one of his boots, tears off a piece of leather, and eats it. As he does, one of his teeth falls out. He sees Hickey's group and walks up to them. Hickey tells him that they have food and invites Hodgson to join them. As Crozier's group makes their way, Fitzjames collapses. He opens his jacket and blood is visible under his shirt. He is put in a supply boat and tells Crozier that the wounds are from a scar that healed six years ago. At Hickey's camp, Hodgson tells Hickey of the time he ate American ham at a wedding which was the best thing he ever ate. Hickey tells him that they really never knew what they could have been eating from the tins of food and that at this point, anything they eat only needs to serve their needs. Goodsir is examining William Gibson, who tells him that his knees feel like they have glass in them. Goodsir tells him that he will feel worse as time goes on and Hickey walks in. Hickey asks if Gibson will be able to help haul supplies and when Goodsir tells him no, Hickey grabs a knife and stabs Gibson to death. Little tells Crozier that the Tuunbaq has been sighted and is searching for them, but seems wounded. They make camp and Jopson tells Crozier that they are out of salted meat. Little offers the suggestion to leave the sick behind, which Lt. H.T.D. Le Vesconte agrees with, but Crozier refuses to leave the sick behind and tells Little that he would do the same for him.

Netsilik Hunter tells Lady Silence that there is no way that they can help Crozier's group as there are just too many to feed and haul. He tells her that they will ask for another shaman who will find the Tuunbaq so that the animals will return to the area again and she will help train him. Fitzjames offers his body as food to Crozier and the men and asks Crozier to end his pain. Bridgens tells Crozier which pain killer to use and Crozier euthanizes Fitzjames. Fitzjames is sealed in a burlap sack and Crozier tells Little to hide the body so it isn't found by predators. Golding tells Crozier, Little and Blanky that he saw the Tuunbaq and it is tracking them. Blanky tells Crozier, he wants to sacrifice himself to give the others time. Crozier refuses and Blanky shows him his rotting leg. Blanky then requests rope and forks to tie around him so when the Tuunbaq comes to swallow him, it will choke. As the group leaves, Crozier stares at Blanky for the last time. Henry Peglar collapses and Bridgens carries him to one of the supply boats. Jopson sees a seagull in the sky and the group makes camp. Sgt. Solomon Tozer tells Hickey about Crozier's camp whereabouts and how they have one of their own in Crozier's group. Thomas Armitage thinks they must be making camp for awhile and Hickey decides to make camp close by.

Hickey has Goodsir come into his tent and orders him to butcher Gibson and when Goodsir refuses, threatens to kill Hodgson if Goodsir doesn't butcher Gibson. Goodsir decides to butcher Gibson to save Hodgson and finds David Young's stolen ring, which Hickey gave Gibson. Blanky leaves the group and discovers the Northwest Passage and writes it on a map. Goodsir brings two sacks of meat and Hickey's group eats the remains of Gibson, including Hodgson. Later, Hodgson tells Goodsir of the summer he spent with some Catholic relatives and how he once went to church with them, and how he only ate, because he wanted to live. Tozer returns from reconnaissance and tells Hickey that the Tuunbaq is nearby and they should try and return to the ships. He tells Hickey that he saw the Tuunbaq eat Henry Collins' soul and Hickey decides they need a new plan. Bridgens reads from a now dead Peglar's journal and of a poem he wrote about the sea. He takes the journal and walks out of camp, and lays down. Tozer forms a plan with Armitage and Pvt. William Pilkington to head back to the ships. Crozier visits Jopson, whose physical condition is deteriorating. Golding tells Crozier and Little that he saw open water nearby. Crozier goes with a group consisting of Little, Hartnell, and Golding to scout the supposed open water and are ambushed by Tozer, Magnus Manson and Charles Des Voeux. Des Vouex shoots Hartnell and Crozier tells a dying Hartnell he did a good job. Before leaving with Tozer and the others, Crozier tells Little to lead the men south. Bridgens, who is far away from camp, looks one last time at Peglar's journal and goes to sleep. Sophia Cracroft steps out into the cold and Blanky hears the Tuunbaq nearby, laughs and is eaten.