The Twilight Zone: Season 1 Episode 11 And When the Sky Was Opened

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Three astronauts return to Earth and begin to wonder if they belong in the world.

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The Twilight Zone (1959-1964)


Narrator - Rod Serling

Colonel Clegg Forbes - Rod Taylor

Major William Gart - James Hutton

Colonel Ed Harrington - Charles Aidman

Amy - Maxine Cooper

Bartender - Paul Bryar

Nurse - Sue Randall

Medical Officer - Joe Bassett

Nurse - Lisabeth Field

Woman at Bar - Gloria Pall

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Detailed Synopsis

After returning from a flight into space on the X-20, Colonel Clegg Forbes passes by Nurse and another Nurse while in the hospital hallway. He asks if Major William Gart is in his room and as he walks away, the second Nurse asks if he was one of the space pilots who crashed and the first Nurse tells her it was Forbes. Forbes goes into Room 15 and asks Gart how he is doing. Gart notices Forbes is acting weird and Forbes tells him that something has happened. Forbes asks Gart some questions like when he left the hospital and with who. Gart tells him that he didn't leave with anyone Forbes has Gart read the headline from the paper which lists two pilots as part of the X-20 mission. Forbes has Gart go over the details of what he remembers again and then tells him that there were three pilots, Forbes, Gart and Colonel Ed Harrington. Gart tells Forbes that he doesn't know anyone named Harrington and there were only two pilots. Forbes tells Gart what he remembers from the day before.

He remembers him and Harrington being discharged from the hospital and Harrington giving Gart a hard time about being stuck in the hospital. Harrington picks up the paper which had the headline listing the crash having three pilots. Harrington and Forbes then leave and go to a bar. They sit next to Woman at Bar and the Bartender recognizes them and offers to buy them drinks. Woman at Bar asks Forbes what its like in space and Harrington suddenly goes into a daze. He drops his glass of beer and tells Forbes that he just had the feeling like he didn't belong on Earth anymore and he might disappear. Harrington goes to use the pay phone to call his parents and afterwards calls Forbes over to him. He tells Forbes that his mother answered the phone and said she didn't have a son named Ed and his father said he didn't have a son either. Harrington tells Forbes that he has the feeling that maybe they weren't meant to come back on the flight. Forbes walks over to get Harrington a drink and notices the newspaper now says there were only two pilots. He turns back to where Harrington was and Harrington is gone. Forbes asks where Harrington's drink is and the Bartender tells him that he came alone. Forbes runs to his quarters and there is a knock on the door. He opens the door and Amy walks in. She angrily tells him that she waited at the bus stop for him to pick her up for hours. He looks for the telegram he sent her that mentioned Harrington, but it now only mentions himself. Amy says she doesn't know Harrington. The phone rings and the general doesn't know anyone named Harrington either. Forbes thinks he is being pranked and runs back to the bar. He breaks in and doesn't find Harrington.

Forbes ends his story to Gart, but Gart tells him he still doesn't remember Harrington. Forbes tells Gart he knows Harrington isn't an illusion and runs out of the hospital room screaming. Gart runs after him and tells the Nurse that someone needs to help Forbes. She tells him that she doesn't know anyone named Forbes and Gart picks up the paper and sees the headline now only list one pilot. The Nurse goes to get a Medical Officer to get help and when she finds them, there is no evidence or memory of Gart.