The Twilight Zone: Season 1 Episode 12 What You Need

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A bully tries to take advantage of a peddler that gives people what they need.

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The Twilight Zone (1959-1964)


Narrator - Rod Serling

Fred Renard - Steve Cochran

Pidott - Ernest Truex

Lefty - Read Morgan

Woman at Bar - Arline Sax

Bartender - William Edmonson

Woman - Doris Karnes

Man on Street - Fred Kruger

Hotel Clerk - Norman Sturgis

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Detailed Synopsis

A Bartender walks up to Fred Renard and asks him if he wants another drink. Fred tells him he is fine and when the Bartender tells him he can't just sit there without ordering more drinks, Fred threatens him. Pidott walks into the bar and frowns when he sees Fred. Pidott walks up to Woman at Bar and offers to sell her something. She asks to buy some matches from him and he stares at her and tells her what she needs is a small bottle of cleaner and gives it to her. He walks up to the bar and Lefty asks him what he has for sale. Pidott lists a few things and Lefty tells him, what he needs Pidott doesn't have. Lefty says he needs a new arm and the Bartender tells Pidott about how Lefty used to be a pitcher. Pidott hands Lefty a bus ticket to Scranton, Pennsylvania. Someone calls for Lefty on the bar phone and after Lefty answers it and hangs it up, he tells the Bartender that an old manager had been looking for him for three weeks and offered him a job as an assistant coach in Scranton. Lefty notices a stain on his only jacket and the Woman at Bar walks over to him and offers her bottle of cleaner. Fred, who has overheard everything stares at Pidott, who senses something and stares back at him.

After Pidott leaves the bar, Fred walks up to him and asks him what he needs. Pidott is at first hesitant to tell him and Fred demands he give him what he needs. Pidott then offers him some scissors. As Fred takes the elevator up to his room, his scarf catches on the elevator door. Fred almost strangles to death, before he uses the scissors to cut his scarf. That night, Fred breaks into Pidott's apartment and waits for him inside. Fred thinks Pidott can tell the future and tells him that they are going to be partners. Fred asks him what he needs for tomorrow and Pidott gives him a leaky pen. Fred notices the ink fell on the name of a horse racing at the track and leaves. The next day, Fred wins 240 dollars at the track. There is a knock at his door and the Hotel Clerk brings him the paper with tomorrow's races. The Hotel Clerk sees all of the money on Fred's bed and asks for a tip and Fred kicks him out. Fred tries to use the pen again, but it doesn't work. He finds Pidott and Pidott tells him that the things you need are only needed once. Fred threatens Pidott and Pidott tells him that the things he needs the most like serenity, he can't give him. Fred threatens him again and a pair of shoes appear in Pidott's peddler case. Fred puts them on and notices they are too small and the soles are leather and slippery. Pidott tells Fred that it is what Pidott needs and as Fred chases after him, Fred is struck and killed by a car. Later, a crowd gathers and a Woman and Man on Street ask Pidott what happened. Pidott tells them it was a hit and run and hands Man on Street a comb, which Man on Street then uses to comb his hair before a reporter photographs him.