The Twilight Zone: Season 1 Episode 13 The Four of Us Are Dying

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A conman uses his ability to change faces to convince others, he is who he isn't.

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The Twilight Zone (1959-1964)


Narrator - Rod Serling

Arch Hammer - Harry Townes

Virge Sterig - Phillip Pine

Johnny Foster - Ross Martin

Andy Marshak - Don Gordon

Trumpeter - Harry Jackson

Penell - Bernard Fein

Mr. Marshak - Peter Brocco

Detective - Milton Frome

Maggie - Beverly Garland

Man in Bar - Bob Hopkins

Ramon - Sam Rawlins

Penell's Bodyguard - Pat Comiskey

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Detailed Synopsis

Arch Hammer checks in to the Hotel Real. He changes the appearance of his face as he shaves in front of the mirror. He looks at a newspaper clipping on the death of Johnny Foster and walks to a club. Inside, Maggie is playing the piano and singing. She finishes her song and Man in Bar grabs her and asks her to have a drink with him. She tells him she wants to drink alone and heads to an empty table. Arch changes his face to the appearance to Johnny and sits down next to a shocked looking Maggie. She asks if he is a ghost and he tells her that someone else was driving the car and wearing the same suit. He tells her that he didn't tell anyone, because he wanted to get away from his old life. He tells her that he is leaving town and heading to Chicago and invites her to join him. She says that she loves him and he tells her to meet him at the train station at 12:06 am. As Arch is leaving the club, the Trumpeter in the band recognizes him as Johnny and calls out to him. He follows Arch outside, but by the time he reaches him , Arch has changed his face back to his original one.

Arch goes back to his hotel room and looks at the newspaper clipping about the murder of Virge Sterig. He changes his face to appear like Virge's and goes to Penell's apartment. He pushes aside Ramon and Penell is surprised to see him. Arch as Virge accuses Penell of double crossing him and having him killed. Arch takes an envelope full of money as his cut of the job Virge did and as he is leaving, Ramon walks in with Penell's Bodyguards. They chase after Arch and he runs into an alley. He sees a poster for a fight with Andy Marshak on it and changes his appearance to mimic Andy's. He confuses Penell's Bodyguards and they leave him alone. As Arch, disguised as Andy, walks out of the alley, he is confronted by Mr. Marshak. Mr. Marshak accuses him of getting a woman pregnant and then abandoning the woman and baby and tells Arch that he hates his guts. Arch pushes him away and returns to his hotel and then changes his face back to his original one. A Detective comes to his room and places him under arrest for a bunco charge from Detroit. While they are leaving through the revolving doors, Arch changes his face back to that of Andy's. The Detective is confused and goes back inside the hotel and as Andy is walking away, he is again confronted by Mr. Marshak, who this time has a gun. Arch tries to convince him that he isn't really Andy, but is shot dead by Mr. Marshak. As Arch lies dying, his face changes to that of Johnny, Virge and Andy's and back again.