The Twilight Zone: Season 1 Episode 21 Mirror Image

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A woman waiting for a bus starts to wonder if she is crazy when people tell her things she doesn't remember doing.

Series Index

The Twilight Zone (1959-1964)


Narrator - Rod Serling

Millicent Barnes - Vera Miles

Paul Grinstead - Martin Milner

Ticket Agent - Joe Hamilton

Washroom Attendant - Naomi Stevens

Old Woman Passenger - Terese Lyon

Old Man Passenger - Ferris Taylor

Bus Driver - Edwin Rand

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Detailed Synopsis

During a thunderstorm in November, Millicent Barnes walks up to the Ticket Agent and asks him when the bus to Cortland is going to arrive. He tells her that he doesn't know when the bus will arrive due to the weather. She asks him when he thinks it will arrive and he angrily tells her that it will arrive when it arrives, just like the last time that she asked. She says that she hasn't asked him before and he tells her that she asked him ten minutes ago. She starts to insist that it's the first time she asked and notices her suitcase is behind the counter. She looks back towards where she was sitting and her suitcase is still there. She looks back towards the baggage drop off and sees the suitcase still there. She sits down, but walks back to the Ticket Agent and tells him the suitcase looks identical to hers and he thinks she is joking with him and tells her that it is her suitcase and she checked it in. She says that it can't be her suitcase, but when she looks at where she was sitting, hers is gone.

Millicent sits back down and then goes to the restroom. She washes her hands and the Washroom Attendant asks her if she is alright and tells her that she was already in the restroom a few minutes ago. Millicent insists she hasn't been in there before and as she opens the restroom door, she looks at the restroom window and sees herself sitting down in the lobby. She goes outside the restroom and her double isn't there, but her suitcase is back sitting where it was before, but no longer in the baggage drop off. She walks up to an Old Woman Passenger and an Old Man Passenger and asks them if they saw anyone sitting where she was sitting. The Old Woman Passenger tells her that she didn't see anyone and the Old Man Passenger asks her what the trouble is. She sits back down and wonders if she is sick. Paul Grinstead walks up to her and hands her the purse she dropped and sits down next to her. He tells her that he was supposed to be in Syracuse, but the planes were grounded due to the weather and took a taxi, that then crashed.

He notices she looks troubled and she tells him about seeing things and they introduce themselves to each other. She tells him that everyone keeps on telling her that she has talked to them, when she hasn't. She continues that she saw herself sitting where she had been sitting and she isn't crazy. He thinks maybe someone is playing a joke on her. The bus arrives and as Millicent is about to get on the bus, she sees herself on the bus smiling back at her and runs away and faints. The Bus Driver asks Paul if he and Millicent are coming, and he tells him that they will catch the next one. The Ticket Agent turns off some of the lights and the Washroom Attendant tells Paul she is leaving and tells Paul, she thinks Millicent needs mental help.

Millicent wakes up and Paul tells her the bus left, but another one is coming. She tells him of something she once read about different planes of existence and that everyone has a counterpart in the other world and sometimes the counterpart gets stuck in their world and to survive, has to replace them. He tells her that he has a friend in Tully that might lend them his car. He goes to use the phone and the Ticket Agent tells him that he thinks Millicent is crazy. Paul calls the police and while he is calling Millicent goes into the restroom and starts yelling wondering where her double is. Paul invites her to go outside with him and as they do, the police arrive and take Millicent away. Paul goes to get some water and when he looks, his luggage is missing. He looks up and sees his double running outside. He chases after it, but it gets away.