The Twilight Zone: Season 1 Episode 22 The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street

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A group of neighbors turn on each other after their electrical power goes out.

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The Twilight Zone (1959-1964)


Narrator - Rod Serling

Steve Brand - Claude Akins

Les Goodman - Barry Atwater

Charlie Farnsworth - Jack Weston

Tommy - Jan Handzlik

Female Neighbor - Amzie Strickland

Don Martin - Burt Metcalfe

Sally - Mary Gregory

Male Neighbor - Jason Johnson

Myra Brand - Anne Barton

Mrs. Goodman - Lea Waggner

Old Neighbor - Joan Sudlow

Pete Van Horn - Ben Erway

Mrs. Farnsworth - Lyn Guild

Alien 1 - Sheldon Allman

Alien 2 - William Walsh

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Detailed Synopsis

On Maple Street in late summer at 6:43 P.M., a strange whirring sound and flash of light passes overhead. Steve Brand asks Don Martin if he thinks it was a meteor. Don agrees with him and Myra Brand comes out of the house and asks what it was. A Male Neighbor goes to check his outside light and finds it doesn't work. Myra tells Steve that the stove stopped working. An Old Neighbor tells Steve that her phone isn't working. Other people start to complain about having no power and Pete Van Horn says he will check to see if the power is on at Floral Street. A group of neighbors gather together including Steve, Don, Charlie Farnsworth, a Female Neighbor, the Male Neighbor, Tommy, and Sally. They discuss what could have happened. Charlie thinks they should go downtown to talk with the police and Steve says he will go downtown to see what is going on. Steve's car won't start and as he and Charlie start to walk downtown, Tommy tells him they shouldn't. He says that whoever passed overhead probably doesn't want them to leave and that is why they shut everything off. He continues that it is aliens and the Female Neighbor suggests to Sally that she take Tommy home. Steve doesn't think it is aliens and blames everything on the meteor and Don agrees with him. Tommy continues that in the story no one could leave town except the people the aliens had sent down beforehand that looked just like humans. Steve jokes that they should check to see who in the neighborhood is really human.

Les Goodman tries to start his car, but it won't start. As he walks towards the others his car suddenly starts. The Male and Female Neighbors wonders why Les was able to get his car started and Don tells the others that Les never went outside to see what flew overhead. Charlie says that Les and his family were always weird and he and the others walk towards Les and confront him. Steve tells him that the others have an idea that some of the neighbors might be alien spies. The Female Neighbor tells the others that during the night she has seen Les standing outside staring towards the sky like he was waiting for something. Les tells them that he has insomnia and warns them that what they are starting is exactly what they should be frightened of. The evening continues and Mrs. Goodman brings Les a glass of milk who is sitting outside while the neighbors stare at him. Mrs. Farnsworth tells Charlie that it doesn't seem right to be treating Les and Mrs. Goodman they way they are being treated. Steve walks up to Les and Les again insists that he has insomnia and Mrs. Goodman tells the others that it is true. Charlie warns Steve to keep in mind who he is associating with and Don tells the others that Myra has been telling people that Steve has been working in their basement on some sort of radio. Myra says it is a ham radio set and Steve chastises his neighbors for trying to find a scapegoat for what is happening. They hear footsteps coming their way and Tommy says its the monster. Don grabs his shotgun and Charlie uses it to shoot at the person. The neighbors run over and find it was Pete returning from Floral Street. The lights come on at Charlie's house and Les thinks maybe Pete was going to warn them and Charlie killed him to conceal his identity. Charlie runs to his home and the neighbors throw rocks at him, wounding Charlie. Charlie says Tommy is the alien. The neighbors start chasing Tommy and lights start coming on at other people's houses and the neighbors start grabbing weapons and attacking each other. Above the town, Alien 1 tells Alien 2 how easy it is to cause chaos on Earth by putting people in bad situations and turn on each other.