The Twilight Zone: Season 1 Episode 23 A World of Difference

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An actor thinks he is the character he is playing.

Series Index

The Twilight Zone (1959-1964)


Narrator - Rod Serling

Gerald Raigan - Howard Duff

Brinkley - David White

Marty Fisher - Frank Maxwell

Nora Raigan - Eileen Ryan

Sally - Gail Kobe

Sam - Peter Walker

Marian Curtis - Susan Dorn

Stagehand - William Idelson

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Detailed Synopsis

Gerald Raigan, as Arthur Curtis, walks into his office and is greeted by Sally and he tells her that he and his wife haven't gotten anything for his daughter Tina's birthday party yet. He asks her if the Matson contracts are ready and asks Sally to change his and Marian Curtis' plane tickets. He goes into his office and tries to make a phone call, but it won't connect. He hears cut and turns around and sees he is on a sound stage. Marty Fisher walks up to him and waves his hand in front of a stunned Gerald. Gerald runs back into Sally's area and again stares in disbelief. Sam warns him that the studio won't take it anymore and tells him to wise up. Marty tells Gerald the scene they are filming and Gerald says he doesn't know who any of them are and runs away. Marty tells Sam not to let Gerald get away. Sam warns Gerald that if he has to call Brinkley then he will be fired. Marty tells a Stagehand to call an ambulance. Marty tries to calm Gerald down and Gerald insists his name is Arthur Curtis. Gerald uses the phone and asks for the number for an Arthur Curtis at 22437 Ventner Road in Woodland Hills. The operator tells him that the street doesn't exist. Gerald runs out of the studio and is almost run over by Nora Raigan.

She starts yelling at him and tells him that she doesn't care if he is fired, she wants her money. Marty tells her that Gerald is having a nervous breakdown and she thinks he is joking and she and Gerald drive away. Gerald tells Nora that his name is Arthur and he doesn't know her. Sam calls Brinkley and tells him that Gerald thinks he is Arthur, the character in the movie he is in. Gerald drives to where he thinks he must live and stops to ask directions when he sees a girl. He grabs her and calls her Tina and the girl runs away. Nora tells him to get back into the car and they drive to where Gerald lives. They go inside the house and Brinkley is waiting for Gerald inside. Gerald tells him that his name is Arthur and Brinkley tells him that if he is fired from the movie, then the talent agency is going to drop him. Gerald calls the operator and asks for the number of the Davis Morton Company and the operator tells him that it doesn't exist. Brinkley tells Gerald that he needs help and shows him a shooting script from the movie he is in that matches who Gerald thinks he is. He tells Gerald that he is mixing fantasy for reality due to his problems in life. He then tells Gerald that the studio called and cancelled the movie. Gerald drives back to the movie set and finds the set being torn down. The Stagehand tells him they are following orders and Gerald runs back to his movie set office. A sudden light comes on and Marian walks into his office. He hugs her and Sally asks if he is leaving and she gives him his plane tickets. Gerald suggests to Marian they go on their vacation now. Brinkley asks the Stagehand if he saw Gerald, but he tells him that he saw him, but he is gone. At the airport, a plane takes off.