The Twilight Zone: Season 1 Episode 25 People Are Alike All Over

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Two astronauts travel to Mars and encounter a species just like them.

Series Index

The Twilight Zone (1959-1964)


Narrator - Rod Serling

Sam Conrad - Roddy McDowall

Teenya - Susan Oliver

Warren Marcusson - Paul Comi

Martian 1 - Byron Morrow

Martian 2 - Vic Perrin

Martian 3 - Vernon Gray

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Detailed Synopsis

Sam Conrad and Warren Marcusson are watching as the rocket they are about to take to Mars is getting prepared for their journey. Marcusson remarks how odd it is that instead of enjoying things on Earth that they will miss for the next few months, they are staring at their rocket. Sam asks Marcusson if he is afraid and then tells him that he is very afraid and is scared of what they will find, while Marcusson tells him that all people are alike, no matter where they are from. Their rocket crash lands on Mars and Sam wakes up first and frees himself from his seat. He finds Marcusson injured and unconscious and gives him a shot, which causes Marcusson to regain consciousness. Sam hears a tapping noise on the outside of the rocket and Marcusson falls back unconscious. Sam continues to listen to the tapping noise and eventually Marcusson regains consciousness again and immediately wants to leave the rocket. He notices that Sam doesn't want to open the rocket door and before he dies, he again tells Sam that people are alike and whoever is out there will help.

The tapping noise continues and the rocket door suddenly opens on its own. Sam pulls out a gun and looks outside and sees a group of Martians including Teenya, Martian 1, Martian 2, and Martian 3. Martian 2 takes Sam's gun and Sam is excited to see that the Martians look like him. He introduces himself to them and tells them where he came from. Martian 1 looks in the rocket and tells Martian 2 that Marcusson is dead. Sam is surprised to hear them speaking English and Teenya and Martian 2 explain that they are speaking through a form of speech through hypnosis. Martian 2 tells Sam that they will bury Marcusson and they will repair his ship. He goes back to his ship and Teenya introduces herself and tells him that no one will hurt him. In the morning, Teenya, Martian 1, Martian 2 and Martian 3 take Sam to see his new home. He is brought to a replica of an Earth home and then told that later in time he will meet other Martians. Teenya and the other Martians leave and Sam makes himself at home. He notices that the kitchen doesn't have a mirror and one of the doors won't open. He checks the front door and another door, and they are all locked. He pulls the drapes from where the front window should be, and there is no window. A wall moves from where the front window should be and staring in at him from the other side is a large group of Martians including Teenya, Martian 1, Martian 2, and Martian 3. Sam looks down past the metal bars blocking him and finds a sign, Earth Creature in his native habitat. He realizes he is a zoo exhibit and yells out to Marcusson that people are all alike.